Saturday, July 9, 2011

What are Empathic Energies?

Empathic energy is a knowing discerned by a psychic in response to energies either necessary or unwanted in order to understand the current information surrounding a paranormal event. This sensation is generally addressed in the psychic’s physical body and can disrupt their flow of concentration and or personal energy. Taking on the energies of an object, person’s living or deceased, or an environment should be looked upon with great regard. If the psychic is trained in the matters of energy displacement they can alleviate the unwanted sensations easily. However, to the novice it may appear that it is interesting, enticing, and can lead them astray.

Not all empathic energy is deemed from a denser base (demonic, possession oriented.) It can be gentle like that of a loved one passed. The energy can produce in any area of the 5 physical sensations taste, sight, touch, hearing and smell. It can be very peaceful and give you a gentle feeling of comfort, or it can honestly scare you so bad that you run for your life. It is important when doing paranormal research to always have someone with you in case you encounter this type of activity.

It is important for anyone who works in the field of paranormal energies to educate themselves on all processes of receiving information. It is not enough to simply recognize the ability, just like aspirin it can either help you, or physically hurt you. Educating yourself on how your aura fields works, what EMF transmissions do to create a pull on personal energy, and what tools you have at your disposal regarding spiritual warfare are all aspects of being a responsible psychic/medium.

All things are made up of energy, and if someone is taught how to go beyond the limitations of the physical senses; they then realize that everything is multi-dimensional. They come to realize that all energy is simply layered upon itself and is only perceived by that person’s level of personal experience. Each person can go through an experience their outcome what they take from it will always be different simply because of their perspective. The energy left behind is what the psychic experiences and can be associated with the deceased’s spiritual D.N.A.

Every human has its own D.N.A. signature which envelopes the physical, mental, and spiritual body. As the individual experiences life its aura (energy body) collects tiny pieces of every individual it has ever met. Think on this as tiny thumb prints left behind. If the experience is pleasant then an image will be gathered of happiness. If however, the experience was disruptive, or disturbing then the image will be one of sadness or pain.

Now that you have an understanding of how empathic energies work; I am going to show by way of example how you can be affected by someone so completely that you may find it upsetting. There was a client who recently came to me I whom I shall call Denise. Denise met someone who she felt even before she said a word to him instantly connected to her. This feeling was so completely encompassing that she believed it was her destiny to be with him.

Mark (not real name) was a married man who by his actions became very uncomfortable with his marriage and decided that he was interested in trying for something different. Not long after meeting Denise they began having a relationship. Once things became physical Denise felt that there was such an enormous connection that perhaps it was meant for Mark to be with her, and for him to leave his past behind. She felt that he could “wake up” and have a good healthy relationship with her and she was determined to make it work.

However, as things often turn out in such matters Denise was finding that Mark was pulling away from her instead of towards her. No matter what she would say to him, what she would do he still would not commit. During all of this time her empathic state was such that she could feel when he was upset, happy, hurting physically, knew where he was in location to her, and after realizing that he was not going to turn around his life, she decided to pull back from him.

Denise, a Reiki Master, made it known to Mark that if he did not clean up his act, quit abusing himself mentally, and recreationally, that she would leave. She did this in a well thought out letter stating everything that was on her mind. She would also do reiki sends to him at least 3-4 times a day. This kept the empathic ties to him, and at first she did not mind because she felt at least if nothing else she could still feel him.

Moving forward in time Denise was now at a point where she wanted to pull away even more, but her confusion was now more towards how she would be able to disconnect from him since there was such strong energy ties to him. I told her first and foremost she needed to quit sending energy to him so many times a day. If she wanted to send to him 2-3 times a week was the most that she could. Also, to get a picture of him with a small tea light (burns 4 hours) light the candle (this connects your prayer request to spirit) hold the picture of him between her hands and say a prayer that ask for his spirit to realize his full potential. This must be done without personal gain, free from personal desire, hopes or dreams.

This ritual releases his spiritual energy from her, sets her mind free, and lets her regain her personal power to make different choices and allow new energy to come to her in the forms she requests. Sometimes in life although energies feel as if they are necessary to have in your life they must be looked at with eyes wide open and without the heart involved.

If you find that you are in need of releasing living, or spiritual energy contact me and I will do what I can to help you.

God bless you Denise and Mark too. May you find your personal power and peace in everything you do.

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