Friday, August 6, 2010

The colors of life: a study in auras

Before I begin talking about the different color’s that one can find in an aura I will give a brief discussion on what auras are.  Auras are energy in its purest form that appear around the body of a living entity and can be seen as individual colors. These colors can extend in a healthy subject at least 7 feet in any direction. Each color has its own frequency and variations within that hue. The more pronounced the color is the stronger its vibration; and one can say the healthier the organism. When a color is faded it could indicate trouble spots within the living organism.

Auras can easily be detected with computer programs, those who are sensitive to energy work, and children usually from birth to around age 5 before their mental intellect begins to form gaps in what is possible and what is not. Ever see a baby just stare at a person not looking really at the face, but just above or beyond? They are viewing the colors around the person who has entered their space. If they coo and caw with this person that means they are attracted to their energy and would feel safe and secure with that person. If however, you notice that the baby is distressed more than a bit mildly; listen to that little one there is something wrong.

I have listed a number of different colors that one may see within an aura each displays its own characteristics, but in your personal experience you may understand the qualities differently. What is important to remember is not that you have different understandings, but that you are able to have the ability, and once developed you can use it to assist others in personal healings.

One more thing about auras before I continue: these colors are meant only to be indicators of present emotion, or physical state they can change rapidly, and it’s important to not use them as a diagnosis tool on any level by themselves.

This aura color has many different meanings, so you should always look at the physical and character features of the person whose aura you are reading. The color is rare among healthy people, so you should carefully check the aura for any (even slight) tones of other colors to be completely sure that the aura is white. If your aura is white it means that your nature is very pure. If you see white sparkles in the aura it means that your angels are near you. It can also mean that you are pregnant or soon you will become pregnant.You are using drugs or other damaging substances which seriously affect your health. You can be greatly influenced by distraction, and should soon decide on where you stand on the spiritual level. Remember that your body is made of three very important constructs: Your mind, body and spirit lack of attention to any part could result in stressors that could have been avoided.


If there are three or more rainbow colors in your aura, this can mean: You are a natural healer. Your energy is pure and strong therefore you are capable of healing other people. That may also mean that you work as a healer. This is your first incarnation on earth. You have not had any other lives before the one you are living now.


This aura color indicates that you are very joyous but stubborn person. You do not like to be told what to do and freedom is the most important thing to you. You try not to become attached too much to anyone and you are emanating joy, generosity and energy. If yellow appears as a thought in your aura (above your head), it means that you just had a joyous thought.


The gold aura color means that you are enlightened and have divine protection. This color shows that you let you Higher Self work through you. You always act for the highest good of all. This color is a symbol of wisdom, spirituality and intuition. If you notice a yellow halo above the head that means that you are a spiritual teacher. It also means that you have activated your third eye chakra to the fullest degree.


This aura color means that you are a good communicator and understand how to manage finances. You are persistent in everything you do, enjoy your life and are optimistic about the future. You are proactive and always look at the bright side of life. You are creative and you can express your feelings perfectly into words. People who have such aura are also perceived to be powerful and sometimes intimidating.


Such aura shows that you have the ability to control people and you are a powerful personality. You are capable of inspiring people and you get easily excited. This color also indicates good health, energetic and determined personality. You are very creative and you are not afraid to try out something new and dangerous/exciting. You like to communicate with different kinds of people and you may be overeating when you are stressed. You may also have some other addictions.


This aura color means that you are a creative person that could work as an actor, painter, decorator or entrepreneur. This color also signifies intelligence and perfectionism. You have a great attention to detail and you like to see tangible evidence before making decisions or believing in statements presented to you.


Red aura color means that the person is materialistic and does not believe in non-physical aspect of life. Such person sees other people as separate from him/her. To such person looks are important. A person with red aura may find themselves currently stressed over finances, family, or some other life issue. If they stay in this red zone they may physically act out their aggressive state. When someone has a high level of red they tend also to be overly dramatic, unforgiving and nervous. Some of these characteristics can be easily brought back to balance if they can find an outlet.


If your aura color is pink it means that you are a perfectly balanced person. You are very spiritual but you also love earth and live in the now. This color is not common and it is usually only temporary color, it cannot stay for a long time.


Green aura color signifies relaxed attitude and ability to heal. People with green auras emanate peace and it is very relaxing to be in the company of such people. People with dominant green auras usually love everything related to nature and they love being outside most of the time. They feel connection with nature and they instinctively know how to grow plants.


This aura color is very powerful and it shows that the person is spiritually advanced. This is the aura color of leaders and visionaries. People who have this color of the aura enjoy helping others prosper in all areas of life. Their passion is to help people find their life purpose and make them more aware of the spiritual side of them. Such people have big goals that some would consider impossible to achieve. They also have a very creative side of them therefore they are usually involved in work that requires creativity and imagination. Such people have strong intuition and they are usually born with psychic abilities.


People whose strongest color in the aura is lavender are the ones who have very vivid imagination and they also have some psychic abilities. They are usually less active and more immersed in thinking about their goals and imagining how they can accomplish their goals.


This aura color means that the person is abundant physically and spiritually. Such person never worries about money because it seems that he/she receives money at every turn. This color (when it is very shiny and large) can also mean that the person has made the full connections with the source that created everything in the universe. They are generally open to those who are spiritually minded and do not close their minds off to religions who have similar views. Connection to the divine is their main concern. Teaching others how to also bring up their levels of consciousness also is extremely important to those who possess silver in their aura.


If your main aura color is blue then it means that you are a very in touch with your emotions. You may emotionally react to any small expression directed towards you and you tend to cry about small things. This color also indicates that you like to help others and are compassionate towards people. You like to be around people and you are usually relaxed and sure of your ability to live a good life. You are very well aware of the Christ consciousness, and to those spiritual guides who show divine mercy. You have great compassion for those you don’t even know because you fully understand that we are all connected all with that very same life force. If the blue you are showing at the time goes electric in color you are very close to channeling an entity. This is something that is as easy as dressing in the morning. Because of this you need to learn how to protect your spiritual space, and learn discernment that is to know when a spiritual entity is benevolent, or malicious.


This aura color shows that you are the person who is very active and have a lot of energy. You have the power to influence masses and you are good at multi-tasking. You like many different things and you have a short attention span. Therefore things can quickly bore you and you cannot concentrate on one thing for a longer period of time. You would excel in management and leadership because you are good at organizing and explaining complicated things in simple terms.

Dark Aura Colors Meanings

Mustard (dark yellow)

This color can indicate that the person is suffering from pain (emotional or physical). It also indicates that the person is angry at someone and cannot forget about the incident that made him/her angry.
This color is often seen in students who are struggling with their studies, financially or in other ways.


This color indicates that the person is very strong in their personality; they believe that nothing comes to them without blood sweat and tears. They have more likely come from a very hard life growing up, and they have taken on heavy burdens. The good character feature of people with brown auras is that they keep confidences and are worthy of top clearances in matters of military, or other highly secretive societies.


If your aura is grey it means that you are a very simple person. You are usually very calm and wise, and are generally counselors, spiritual leaders and those who are brought in to calm explosive situations. Having grey in your aura will allow you to see things as they are, and aid you into being in the NOW moment. Meditating can help to bring you to this level and the more you gain control of your thoughts and actions the closer you become to being enlightened.


Such aura color is very rare. Many people have been told that this is a negative color, and that the person who holds a black aura can be a psychic vampire, this is utter nonsense. This person has learned how to control their aura is very insightful. They have learned that not everything is as it seems and they have also learned that simply because something is thought only to be healing it can also be used to harm. Most times they are not interested in taking, but giving of their time to those who are willing to learn the old ways. They possess little patience for people who are only interested in doing for the immediate and not the long term. They can be very endearing friends, but do not cross them for they have long memories. These people can go into situations of high stress and succeed no matter the consequence. They always do things for the greater good, and may come off in social instances as being inept, but I assure you they are watching everything and are fully capable of engaging when their interest is peaked.


Simple Technique to viewing auras
By developing a sight for aura you will be able to check both physical and mental health.
You will also be able to understand your general attitude towards life and spot any negative character features (e.g. greed or hatred) you may have. Once you develop this different kind of sight you will even be able to read auras of other people, like those of your friends or relatives.

It will also help you understand people and determine their intentions. You will be able to see which person likes or loves you and which holds negative thoughts towards you. The moods and intentions of people can also be felt from the vibrations they emanate.

I knew about the techniques of seeing auras and a couple of months ago I decided to start practicing my aura sight. I developed a simple technique of seeing auras and I was able to see the auras of non-living objects straight away. After a couple of days I started seeing my own aura. Although some websites and books offer complicated ways of seeing auras, it is not that hard to develop this ability.

Here is my technique of seeing auras:

Start with bright objects. Bright objects have stronger colors; therefore their auras are much easier to see than the auras of subtly colored objects. It will be useful for you to firstly see the auras of such objects to get a general idea of how the aura looks like.

To see the aura you should be in the area in daylight rather than one which is lit by an unnatural light.

Take a red book or some other brightly colored object and hold it against the wall. The book can either touch the wall or not, it does not make any difference.

Now look at the edge of the book and keep looking at it without putting any focus on it. Let your eyesight ease up and just calmly look at the edge of the book and a background.

Let your sight become blurry

If you can, start looking at no particular object. This way you will achieve blurry eyesight and it will soon change to another type of sight which will show you the aura.

If you start seeing the objects nearer or further away from you than they really are, this is also a sign that very shortly you will start seeing the aura, just keep looking in the same way.

The less you blink the better. The more tired you are, the more likely you are to see the aura. Also firstly you will only see a very narrow strip of the aura, but with practice it will expand.

You can make this narrow strip expand by transferring your look from the object you are viewing to that strip of the aura and the background. But remember, do not focus your sight on anything in particular because the aura will disappear from your sight.

With practice you will also be able to turn your head to look at some different part of the aura without it disappearing. This will help you see current illnesses or potential diseases in the body. They will show up as dark patches in the aura.

However when you see different colored patches above or around the head, these patches can also mean that the person has very intense thoughts. The color of these patches determines the nature of the thoughts.

When you can spot auric colors of the objects fairly quickly, then you can try seeing your own aura, animal aura and other people's auras.

Although it is advised to start seeing person's aura by looking at their third eye chakra (between the eyebrows), I found it much easier to see the aura by looking at a hand or a leg because you can then look at the edge of your hand and you can also see the background. In other words, your sight goes in between the edge of your hand and the background. Therefore the aura shows up easier.

However, the aura is stronger (larger) around your head, so you can try both ways and see which one gives you better results.

Tips for seeing auras

When you try to look at other parts of the aura you should do so by maintaining your blurry sight rather than a focused sight. If you focus your sight whilst looking at other aura parts you will lose the sight of the aura. Also you will notice that your sight will try to tune the aura out and it will take some time to quickly and continuously see auras because your sight is not used to it. If you see your aura as a thin white strip, you may be seeing your etheric body rather than the aura. To determine that you can put your fingers in front of each other, around 5cm apart.

If you look at your fingers and you see that many white strips are touching each other from both hands' fingers, then you are seeing your etheric body. With continued practice you will be able to see the actual aura. The brighter the person's aura, the more positive and stronger (physically and mentally) the person is. people with strong auras can focus clearly and they are confident in the direction their life is moving towards.  Do not be surprised if you spot an aura of the person that has two colors which are going through each other and have different intensity areas. My aura happens to be pink/purple.  When you do see more than one color it simply means that the person is working on a few different levels at the same time. 

The best way to see the correct color of your aura is in daylight against a white wall. I know that some people use black background but I did not try this. If you look at your aura in the area lit by an unnatural light or against colored walls you may see a changed aura color. This is because the aura color will be changed by the aura of the colored background or unnatural light.

When you look at your own/other people's auras, keep in mind that bright clothes can change aura color too. The less colored clothes you wear the more realistic aura color you will be able to see.



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