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Jackie Chin - Professional Psychic Advisor

Nationally known paranormalist, author, spiritual teacher Jackie Chin uses her gifts to enlighten and encourage those who are seeking solutions for 20+ years.  She has been invited to many online radio shows such as: Beyond the Gate with David Baker, Knight Talk Radio with Colin Knight & PSI-FI with Donna Stewart.  Jackie’s reading style is straight to the point, and done with the utmost compassion for her clients.

Working as a psychic has enabled Jackie to counsel people through very difficult times in their lives. When she is able to give information to people who are hurting and seeking answers, it makes her feel terrific. While she knows that she is not the source of the answers (the answers come from a greater consciousness which she is able to tap into), it gives her peace to be of assistance. Jackie has found that clients often contact her after they have repeatedly tried, and failed, to get answers from other people.

When clients contact Jackie, she has them think about specific questions which are immediately affecting their lives. Usually those concerns have a lot of energy behind them. It is as if they have a high energy or a spark to them; like a lit match. Once the question is asked, Jackie goes backwards in time to examine the initial spark of energy. Everything has a beginning and an end. People know their past and their situation. They also know that Jackie doesn’t know anything about them so once she gets information about what initially occurred, they relax and Jackie can move into their current energy and retrieve their answers.

Jackie doesn’t hear voices. She "knows." This knowing is different from seeing images because when she gets a "knowing" message, she doesn’t see an image attached to it. However, images sometimes do appear during readings. She may see people who the clients are talking about, places where they have been or places where they are going.

Jackie loves working with skeptics. These people have questions which they think Jackie can’t answer. Once they discover that she can do the reading, their attitudes change and Jackie feels wonderful. Skeptics help her keep doing what she loves doing.

During her life, Jackie has seen many deaths, helped people cross over with Reiki, and counseled clients about these issues. She knows that there is life after death, but she believes that each person has their own idea about what death will be like and this influences their experience of the afterlife.

In fact, Jackie’s family often has house guests which are not biologically alive. As long as they are not frightening anyone, they are welcome to stay. Sometimes the family allows them to join events and makes a space for them at the table. Her family has decided not to turn them away unless there is a reason to do so. At some point, the ghosts may decide to go into the Light and be with their own families. However, if they left Jackie’s family, she feels that a part of her family dynamic would be forever changed.

Each time Jackie gives a reading and hears from someone on the other side, she is pleasantly surprised. She is mystified that we can actually talk to those who have crossed over. They are still very involved with our lives.

Jackie believes that people who are in touch with spiritual energies already understand that there are many Earth changes which are affecting our personal lives and the life of this planet. If people continue to worry and not take action, things will get much worse. She thinks that the people who are aware of this situation should form groups and teach others how to connect to the life source by prayer, meditation, and energy healing. As long as these people are doing positive spiritual work, it will magnify for the good of the planet. Each color, thought, and living thing has a healthy vibration. It is up to those who understand this concept to teach others how to build up their vibrations and heal themselves. Once they have learned how to do that, they can give back to the planet.

Online Inquires

By Phone 330-824-1286 Please let the music play and then leave a message with contact information please be sure to make your caller ID visible.

Reading Rates: $15.00 for 15 minutes,$25.00 for 30 minutes,and $45.00 for 60 minutes

E n V y 2 6 0 1 [2:05 P.M.]: Thank you so much every time when I feel like Im not sure what Im doing I know I can come to you and be guided
E n V y 2 6 0 1 [2:06 P.M.]: and not be told crap that I want to hear.
 Jctiny4 [7:56 P.M.]:  the reading you have given me,,has been so helpful and has taken a lot of worry and stress off of me,,TILIte is great,,,

Stenotopia [8:31 P.M.]: just wanted to say thanks for checking in ... i truly feel you are highly skilled. I'd definitely love to have another reading in the future

Stenotopia [8:31 P.M.]: i'll recommend u to my family

Cinesina [7:07 P.M.]: Jackie thank you for being a great listener and guide. you have guided me with your gifts through some dark moments and bright out the light at the end of the tunnel for me. thank you for being a special gift from God and a special friend to me. Thank you, Carmela


  1. Jackie is such a wonderful angel in my eyes. She helped me and guided me in my reading about a couple of problems I have in my life. She has such a love for her work and her clients. She is very knowledgeable with the use of stones and Reiki. She is GREAT! I will be recommending her to all my friends and relatives.
    Thank you Jackie. I wish there were more out there like her. She truly is a blessing to those that have been touched by her readings.

    Judy S

  2. Jackie, You really touched on what my situation was. I am going to take your advice, thank you.




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