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“…You only got 86,400 seconds to turn it all around or throw it all away gotta tell them that we love em while we got the chance to say Gotta live like were dying…” Kris Allen

Time is a conceptual reality whereby many feel that they can save it, spend it or use it as some form of payment. It is from nothingness that time occurs. This nothingness is where we all began, and the idea that we can even begin to describe this nothingness is fruitless. Yet, we trap our minds into this concept of time.

There are all sorts of devices to “mark the passage” of time. For the most part we only look at these devices when we are waiting for an event to occur; either hoping the event will happen, and life will be better, or pass by us while we remain unscathed.

There is something though that I have noticed about this idea of time as of late; it is to a specific portion of time during the mid morning and the late evening it is the specific time of 11:11.

To many this time will have absolutely no meaning it’s just seen as a number set on a digital display, however to others the number grouping will being to “show itself” more and more frequently. Normally, as we go about our day, we are not drawn to the clock unless we are expecting a call, have an appointment, or are expecting some other event.

It is not at these times that I suggest this 11:11 is important. It is the frequency in which you are distracted from what you are normally doing only to see this display on your watch, or other digital device. In other words the frequency at which your inner knowing distracts you for a few seconds to see something by which would otherwise not be of substance to you.

From my own experience this number grouping started to make a pressing involvement in my life about a year and a half ago. At first, I just dismissed it as coincidence as I neither knew its significance nor what sort of impact it would later have on my life.

I try to take such matters with a pound of salt, and try not to jump immediately to some sort of mystical reasoning for the happening, but as with many what eventually occurs is the idea to do some research on the numbers so off to Google I went.

I found many different avenues regarding 11:11 phenomena, and was amazed at how many people actually found this to be a part of their life as well. Some were on the way left side talking about aliens and space ships while others were more referential to shifts in our paradigm of time. That is to say what we think as time and what really IS.

Now you can be a skeptic and just think that this noticing of 11:11 is just something that I trained myself to look for, or you can try a different avenue and perhaps take the notion that something either outside of myself, or deeper within is trying to make me pay attention. Call it a spiritual awakening, a reality check or just a change in current perspective.

In order to get a basic understand of numbers first lets look at how the number 11 first into the grand scheme of things. This number represents what is called a master number (highly charged, difficult to handle, requires time, maturity, and great effort to integrate into a persons’ mental and emotional understanding).

It is linked to traits of transcendental knowledge, adversity and strength. This number represents the best and the worst of humanity and reminds me of the yin and yang symbol. It is concept of everything all occurring at once. You cannot understand great joy until you understand great suffering. It is only until you have witnessed and become immersed on both sides of this proverbial coin that you finally get life’s true meaning.

From an astrological perspective this number is like combining the long term and often prophetic vision of Sagittarius with the humanitarian efforts of Aquarius. To learn about the number eleven is to learn about peace. Numerology number eleven is about learning to both bring peace to other people and find inner peace. In addition to learning about peace, those studying the number eleven will find that that this number is associated with daily tests on the concepts of honesty and integrity.

This idea that there is something to the number sequence 11:11 now may start to make more sense to you as you find yourself noticing these 11’s. If for some reason you do no begin to notice perhaps like many other ideas it’s not for you, however if you do find yourself being pushed to see it come let me know we can chat about it further.

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