Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Power of Spiritual Energy

I am sure at some point you have heard the word aura and have learned to associate it with some sort of energy which surrounds all living things.  If you are new to this term please seek out the article entitled (colors of life).  We know that DNA is something that makes us who we are in a unique sense, but you also have something called Spiritual DNA that which surrounds your outer body and extends 7 feet in all directions if you are in perfect health.

Spiritual DNA is pure energy unconfined able to be pulled inwards or pushed out at the will of the individual who understands its purpose.  My understanding of exactly how this energy works came in a quite unexpected way.  In 1996 I attended a health and wellness expo in Cleveland, Ohio, and it was here that I learned yes, indeed the aura is alive and controllable.  There was a woman who had brought a Karlian Photography machine and there were at least 50-60 people that had lined up to have their picture taken. 

As I stood there watching the activity I overheard the woman telling a friend of hers “Look at all the people here who just came to see me and use my machine I am going to make so much money!” Now mind you it was not what she said, but the manner in which she said it.  The words seem to say I’m preying on suckers.
I turned to my husband and said you know there has to be a way to show her that she is not in control of this situation.  I decided that I was going to show her a thing or two.  When it came time for me I told the lady that I still wanted the picture when it came out, and to not be alarmed when she saw it. She looked at me like I was nuts and said “of course you will receive your picture, and yes I know they are all different on some level.” Smiling I sat there and waited for my picture to develop.

When the picture became developed the woman who pulled it out of the camera immediately took it to the woman who owned the instrument.  That woman came to me and yelled “You broke my machine! How did you do that?  Why would you do that?”  She was enraged her anger showed others there at the event that she would turn on a dime if someone messed with her income and all that money she felt she righteously deserved.  I looked at her and said “I did not break your machine.  I am merely showing you that you are not in charge, and there are other factors going on here that perhaps you might at some point want to learn more about if you can stop yourself from thinking only on the monetary.”

What disturbed her so much about the photo?  It was evident that it was me in the picture, but there was no color around me whatsoever. There was only darkness.  What did I do?  I managed to pull all my energy with intent inwards, and it worked.  I had proven to myself that this energy existed and that it could in fact be controlled just by intention.

I also told her that if she merely just sent up another individual and took their picture she would see I did not break her machine.  The next person was a male they took his picture and hesitantly waited for it to develop.  After a few minutes his picture indeed exposed the wonderfulness of his true colors. I would be next again to take another picture. Once mine developed this time they could see the bright pinks, purples, greens and orbs surrounding me.

Energy is alive and once you touch something either by photo or physical touch you leave a part of who you are at your spiritual core be it goodness and light, or of a denser energy thereby charging an item.  A recent case in 2011 involved just such an item.

This is “Ann” from Ohio’s story: 

A confused youth I will call “Ann” started off down a path of curiosity with regard to the paranormal which led to opening of Ouija Boards, invocations to lower spirits and receiving an item that was for lack of any other word “cursed.”  The individual she obtained the necklace from was steeped in chaos and looking for someone who was just innocent enough that he could control. Ann, although interested in was not someone to be controlled.  So he decided to use a charm from his grandmother on a necklace and offered it to her as a token of his affection.

Once she began to wear the necklace her mood changed she became even more unmanageable for her parents, and thus began her downward spiral. Ann became withdrawn, moody, disenchanted with her friends, family and schoolwork. She started mutilating her body by cutting, and quit eating normally.  Her parents were even more concerned as she started to explore her sexual side in ways that were shocking.

The event which finally caused the family as a whole to reach out came about 2 ½ weeks later.
Ann was in her bedroom listening to some music and trying to get some rest.  When from her curio cabinet she heard some noises and watched as the cross she was given turned and fell over face down.  Immediately after the doors on her tall boy dresser began to open and slam shut, along with the closet door.  What happened next though would send her running out of her bedroom to her sister’s room.  Ann was being choked to death and had the marks from a hand across her throat, and a scratch along the base of her spine. 

Her sister, Kari, screamed in terror and went to get their mother who then called a relative to get some assistance to clear the home, and release her daughter from dark energy.  Once I was called I told them to vacate the dwelling and to go someplace where I could meet with them to do an interview.  My husband and I are expert in distinguishing physical, mental and psychological aspects of a case, and were interested in what had occurred prior to all of the disturbances.

As we spoke to each of the family members we found that much of what started the downward trend was based on emotional displacement.  Feelings which are kept bottled up and not addressed can lead to kinetic energy, and be released in a forceful manner, and/or blended with current residual energy within the domicile. Many times young people do not understand that they can affect objects by their personal energy movement, and it can lead to fear and misunderstanding. 

Confusion coupled with ongoing physical, or emotional stressors can build up an energy source of its own and when fused by thought can cause a traumatic situation resulting in what scientist in the quantum field call entanglement theory.  A partical of one sort is meshed with another to cause a direct spin correlation.  In this spin energy is fused together and it creates a separate reality something which would be thought of normally as impossible becomes possible.  Once the thought particle ceases to be fused with the object they both return to a restful state.

The way that I helped this young person return to her state of balance was to do a series of prayers, reiki, and spiritual counseling.  Changing her energy pattern was first and foremost after which she could begin to think more clearly and work on ways to help herself back to her spiritual catholic roots.  It is important to speak to the client in a manner which they feel led to she prayed, cried and let out such emotional release that she was almost to the point of exhaustion.

There were other family members who were also directly involved I remind them of the love that they have for each other, to pray together, and to allow for the freedom to voice their personal concerns in a loving compassionate manner.  Secrets dissect families and fear always divides. Learn this lesson well so you do not have to endure the pain in your own family.


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