Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Personal Note From Bob

Dear Jackie,

Because so many of you have asked, I am happy to give you a Certificate of Approval (Badge) for being listed on Best Psychic Directory (BPD). You can see it (and download it) below. Wear it on your website proudly. You can also get it on the directory's website in 3 sizes : Click here for Certificate.

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Most people don't know this, but I only approve a fraction of those who apply to be listed on BPD. And everyone who remains there does so because you deserve it. We constantly monitor public feedback, search for broken links, and, as you might know, my assistant Jen helps you to keep your pages updated. Recently we added the newest SSL certificate so that our visitors feel secure.

I hope you don't mind me saying that I'm so very proud of you. The fact that you serve my directory visitors with unmatched ability, experience, training, and compassion makes me beam with pride. I truly care for our visitors who come to us searching for a reading. And it makes me proud to know that you are extending that care when they choose you for their readings.

Finally, many of you have worked side-by-side with me, Melissa, and Jen for years now. It feels like a huge family. I am most grateful to you for that. I also appreciate those of you who support the site with a Featured Listing. I know you do it for the extra exposure and benefits, but I know many of you also love supporting what we do here.

Melissa and I wish you joy and peace during this holiday season.

Much love,
Bob & Melissa Olson

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Honestly, I am so tired of people going oh there is energy showing on the meter it must be a demon. Or, ohhh this source seems pissed let's call it out and poke it with a cross.
Most energy that is of a spiritual nature is just residually left imprints of those who lived and worked in the area. Just like a raw imprint of fresh laid energy lines for electricity there will be an impression that can be detected by monitors or pendulums.
Once the energy field of the human body leaves it collects itself into a ball (the most simplest shape) and it either moves into another dimension or stays in a familiar area. There is nothing mystical about the process. If the person has led a mostly decent life they have a fairly easy choice to either go where their loved ones are or stick around till they decide to be somewhere else.
For those who have lived a tortured existence their travel is harder to determine once they die. Much of where they think they should be has been taught to them throughout their lives and they may decide that there is nothing for them to go to. These spiritual bodies can stay in a loop of confusion for decades without finding peace. They are still not what I would call a demon.
The ones who cause massive deaths and chaos and then die for whatever reason still have to make a choice as to where their energy body will end up. If they have no set path they can and usually do stay in a chaotic loop that can attract more chaos and encourage continued patterns of destruction among the living. These areas are very dangerous to those who are dealing with torment of any kind. I do believe it is the physicalness of the energy itself that can draw people to it who are easily swayed, or deeply curious about the darker paths of energy work. Those who have died in this manner or caused death to happen are still not demons.
It is in my knowledge to this point that demonic entities were here long before the planets were formed. They despise anything created and wish to not only extinguish all life forms, but also destroy everything in its path. I do not believe that demons are qualified to a religion, or that there are any real distinctions except that there seems to be some sort of hierarchy as with all energy beings. There are also places on the Earth where this type of energy is very prevalent. As with all things there will be a certain percentage of people who will be attracted to inviting or hunting these extremely denser energies.
Most of the spiritual events that I have come across are those who were still attached by emotion, or disbelief that they infact are dead. Once given the opportunity to move on they usually do without further issue.
Not everything though is always picture perfect and there will be situations where if you are not prepared to take on a spiritual situation and you decide you're going to do it anyway expect that things may not go the way you think they should. Just because the energy is probably not a demon does not mean it will simply go away without first causing a few disruptions. Which leads to my next statement; never mess with things you do not understand.
Often times people will resort to lighting sage and throwing holy water at an energy source that is bothering them. It's not like the movies, or tv and often doing something like that can lead to unnecessary problems later. Trying to balance a situation without knowing the reasoning behind the tool is just as bad as trying to fix a car without ever learning about how they work.

Do your research talk with people who know about the area, take notes about the suspected imbalance of energy and most importantly learn what it is that you are dealing with to properly quiet the situation.


I must say that I was blown away by Jackie's style of reading ..I would say her spreads are getting to the core of issues that we have in our lives and we seek for Guidance from someone we have never met before to help us, make sure that were on the right path. I will say that she has INTEGRITY, she cares for everyone that she reads .I'm astounded by her accuracy ,and how in depth she will go to make you feel at ease with what she sees, to help you understand ,how you should proceed next n life
Jackie gave me a great phone reading recently. Extremely on target with her insights. She was very kind and funny. I recommend Jackie!
She is very insightful and intelligent. She is the real deal and gives great advice. If you are looking for a reading, look no further! Myself, some friends, my mother, and my niece have all been blown away by her gift!
Jackie is very honest in reading , first one for me on the phone .Jackie was right on money . She took her time and explain every thing in detail,top notch reader.
Jackie was the most thorough psychic I have ever spoken with! She calls you a few min. before appt. time to explain, in details, how she works. Not pushy. She's go till the end of the reading, regardless of how much time is left. Very honest and lovely to talk to. Intuitive. Her price is great too; you really have nothing to lose. Hope positive predictions come true. Highly recommend her, mainly if you are skeptical. Thank you for your attitude and patience. You are gifted and honest.
At 47 years old I can say I have had several readings over the years. Never have I had one that took my breath away.....until Today. The accuracy of the reading was something I can't put into words. Everything was relevant to me and my life and I would highly recommend Jackie Chin to anyone looking for an authentic reading. I will never go to anyone else. Jackie Chin now has a lifelong follower. Her accuracy is truly amazing.
Jackie's reading quite honestly amazed me. She was spot on with everything she read and the detail was such that she obviously wasn't giving a "blanket reading" that could apply to any number of situations. She saw some things which she said were unusual to her, but made perfect sense to me in context to my life. I would enthusiastically recommend her readings to anyone
Jackie Chin was AMAZING!It was funny that my daughter had been on my mind so much the past few days and the reading that come through was for her.I got the answers I was desperately seeking about her safety.Some of the material was hard to hear even though it's the same concerns I had had for several days now.Jackie was tactful and gentle yet direct. She also picked up my emotional state even though I had not said a word yet.I had won a reading from Jackie Chin.What a wonderful gift.Thank you.
Jackie was very patient and understanding. She took her time a dealt with each of my concerns. She was very concerned about my well being as my 30 min reading extended to 45 minutes. I would recommend her to anyone who is at a cross road in life.
I just had a reading with Jackie and she is amazing...... very insightful and hit spot on with what is currently (and has been) going on in my life. Jackie went on about some avenues I should look at.... things that I've always thought about without me mentioning them which in my book is no coincidence. I highly recommend her.
I just had my second reading with Jackie - I did both readings over the phone, but the energy with Jackie is so tangible that I felt like I was right there with her. She let me know about the good energy sequence I have coming in my life right now - and explained everything patiently and in a way I could understand. I love working with her and can't wait to have a reading with her in person !
Jackie's readings are very good, swift, and accurate. You will get to see the sorts of pitfalls and opportunities coming up soon in your life. She points out trouble spots and helps you know where to focus your energies. Top notch reader!
I had my first reading with Jackie, and I say first because I will be calling her again! I loved her, I am so impressed, she was very accurate and did not rush through the reading, she made sure she addressed all my reasons for the reading. I have never had a reading like hers before, love that she wanted only yes or no answers from you. I would definitely recommend her!
Had a reading with jackie and she was dead on, helped me with alot of things going on in my life, definitely will go back in the future
Jackie was so awesome! She was careing and sweet. She picked up on everything without any personal info. Her advice was great and Jackie explained everything to me I got off of the phone with a peace of mind. Thank you so much!
When I consulted Jackie, she could tell how nervous and distraught I was, but she immediately put me at ease with giving me insight into my situation that was factual and onpoint. I would highly recommend that if you need spiritual guidance to contact her. She is caring, nurturing, compassionate and does not try to sugar coat things to make you feel better. Thank you so much Jackie
Jackie is so nice and helpful. So far, after my reading a week ago, a lot of what she said has happened. I received a large amount of money from school and my professor is changing our classroom just like she said. I can't wait for what's next!
I had a reading performed by Jackie and being skeptical I was amazed and surprised by her accuracy. She was able to answer questions of mine without me even asking first. As for the questions I did asked, she was right on the money! Thank you Jackie.
I am very overwhelmed with gratitude, for Jackie's caring/concerned nature while doing my reading. Before I spoke with her I felt as if I was without clear direction,and thinking, I know she definately has a true gift. I have to say she did confirm some painful truthes , however with her caring nature she left me with renewed hope that I will make it through the stumbling blocks, and I feel like she treated me,(even though was my 1st reading with her ) like a trusted friend. Thank you!
The reading I had with Jackie was fantastic, and accurate. I'm a return customer, and trust Jackie since she has never failed me.
This was what I had been longing for. Some psychics give you the run around but Jackie didn't do this. It was so wonderful to have a reading done by her and now, I feel more prepared, empowered, and confident to continue my journey. Thank you so much.
I had a phone reading today with Jackie & was very happy with her accuracy. I began having readings at 18 y/o and I have to say Jackie is one of the best. I sought her out due to some troubling decisions I need to make. She picked up on them right away and proceeded to give a detailed description of my current situation. With the majority of my input only "yes or no".. She was straight forward and gave me powerful insight as to what the outcome would be. I fully recommend her !!
Amazingly accurate reading with Jackie!! She is very insightful, kind, and an amazing person! I feel so relieved and almost peaceful after talking to her. She is straight to the point, and "KNOWS" what she is talking about when doing the reading. Happy that a friend led me to her! Highly recommended to won't regret it!!
I agree with the reviews. Jackie is an excellent reader. She is very honest and straightforward. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear.
My initial consult with Jackie was the best experience I've ever had with a psychic. What made the experience different? She took the time to explain how the consult process would play out. Jackie methodically shared her insights and offers an opportunity to discuss them, so you have a context for her comments. Her personable demeanor puts the listener at ease; she works diligently to address the key reason for the consult; Jackie's not a "clock watcher". I recommend her highly.
Jackie is one of the best psychics that I have talked to. I had several readings with her and I definitely recommend her. She is very gifted, kind, very compassionate, generous, Accurate and straight to the point. She is amazing and very insightful – besides that she told me things that I have not even mentioned to her. She makes sure that all questions are answered. After a reading with her I feel so much bette. I really thank you Jackie for being there for me and I always love talking with you
Jacki was extremely professional, courteous, and helpful. Her reading was very accurate and I would definitely recommend her.

I have been doing healing work for decades both in person and online for 100's if not 1,000's of people. I have use my healing abilities in hospice for children & adults, veterans, AIDS clinics, strangers in parks, churches, homes, workplaces and for friends and family. I have listened to countless lectures, read books, watched programs of accounts with regard to healings and different techniques around the globe. Most try very hard to stand out so that they can be on the "bright & shinny new list." Charging enormous amounts of money for their "wisdom" all the while touting that they have finally found the answer for what troubles you. Some say the information comes from aliens, others from the Earth itself. Defining the how and why a personal healing happened within my course of experience use to be my main goal. Till I finally stopped with the how and why's and just said I am glad it did. I have worked on all sorts of "Believers" as well as atheists. There have been a large list of skeptics along the line. Many who said there is no way in hell I could have possibly did what I did, but well, there is a noticeable difference in how they felt and the knowledge they gained as a result of my working with them. Everyday that I can help facilitate a better direction for someone in physical or mental distress is a good day. I do not take responsibility for their healing as I tell them they are in charge of their direction. Their body knows when it is time to seek a new frequency and once that happens they will find the one they relate best with in order to make that healing possible. Simple means with low maintenance and cumulative results that stop the desire to constantly seek outside sources of reassurance and peace of mind.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Working on some research here. Do you have a 1st person paranormal situation that you would like to discuss with me for possible print in a future book?

Message me here or send your story for potential selection to 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Jackie Chin is getting ready to launch her newest book: "Practical Paranormal" 2017

Do you love paranormal true accounts? Do you want to read a book that teaches you how to balance your mind, body and soul without the new age bullshit?This book has taken more than a decade to complete and is an accurate accounting of my personal progress in the area of mindful-wellbeing.

If you are tired of having voids into deep personal growth and are done with the new age try this or that read #PracticalParanormal coming soon 2017.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Road Map to Wellness: Using tarot and Clairvoyance to heal

Clients often tell me that I am very pragmatic when doing their readings. Getting to the heart of the matter as fast as I can so that the individual can get on to being more capable of moving through their life is an ongoing goal. Providing a roadmap  of sorts allows them to make decisions based on clear and concise information. Choices they have made throughout their life either create a balanced sense of being or one of chaos and loss.

The way that I start the process is to use tarot cards something that I find usually relaxes the client as they have something tangible to look at while I am going through their life.  I will shuffle the cards then tell them when the time is right that they just say their first name. Once that happens I stop the shuffle and lay them out. When I am finished doing the lay I tell them all they can say at this point is yes, or no nothing else.  In doing this they can see if I am indeed where I need to be to talk about their situation, or if I am not the one to do their reading.  If I have made a successful entry then I discuss what I see and the client then can either talk about what is there on the table or go on to their first question.

From there I take them through areas of their life that are working, what is not, what they need to get rid of and what they would do well to draw near.  For each individual the process is different in that they get to decide where the read is taken.  Once that is done then I use my clairvoyance to help them go deeper into getting the answers that they need.

A large part of my work is helping the client decide if a relationship either personal or social should continue. When there is a personal relationship in question I often use this method of showing them how an individual is draining their emotional and sometimes physical energy.  Think of a regular ladder with 12 rungs.  Each step implies how far the client has progressed in life.  For example if they have made mainly good choices, they are stable in their life and are mostly happy they can be anywhere from level 5-8 on that ladder.  If not then they are much lower or sometimes not even near the ladder.

Being emotionally and physically well does not always suggest that the client will chose well with a partner.  Many times what they end up finding someone who is not at their same level, but because they see so much potential in them they push for a good outcome.  As the relationship develops they will find that their initial expectations are not met. Consistently expecting different outcome only forces frustration and a sense of moral defeat till they become emotionally or physically ill.

At this point I show them how they can unemotionally evaluate their future decision to either stay in the relationship or leave it in the past.  I tell them that they consist of 3 essential elements mind, body and soul or consciousness depending on their choice of awareness.  

The process goes as follows I have them think about their object of affection and I ask them when you think on them does your mind immediately flood with positive images and ways to help that continue, or does it wander off to something else?  Your body when you are with that person do you feel physically rejuvenated, or drained.  And lastly, when you are with this person do they leave you with a sense of being able to create and expand your potential, or do they leave you with a sense of self doubt and failure.

Each one of these elements is dependant on the other.  If your mind is weary you will start to become unable to focus on things which require you to concentrate.  Continuing stress will lead to headaches and if left untended will then start to affect the body. The more distractions and loss of self continue the greater the push away from soul center, or creative consciousness.  It is imperative that the client make an honest assessment of their life as it stands in order to achieve the peace of mind they desire.

My approach to aiding the client is very eastern in development.  I have found that it is better to get to the core of the matter than to simply put a bandaid on it and hope it will get healed.  I know from personal experience that to push away the hurt and do things to just simply make the life noise quit only makes it silent for a while.  Facing the fear is difficult at best, but the end result means you get to regain parts of yourself that will aid in your future well being.


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