Thursday, July 3, 2014

Contact Jackie Chin for a Reading TODAY

Nationally known paranormalist, author, spiritual teacher, Jackie Chin uses her gifts to enlighten and encourage those who are seeking solutions for 20+ years. Her reading style is straight to the point and completed with utmost compassion for the client.

Working as a psychic has enabled Jackie to counsel clients through difficult times.When she is able to offer information to those who are hurting and seeking answer, she feels accomplished. Jackie never takes credit for the ability to obtain answers it is something she believes everyone can do, but not everyone is able to sit still and listen. 

Many of her clients come to her as either a last resort, or simply because they are curious to see the process in motion. How is it that this ability works? Is it a trick to make the client only feel like they are getting something they need? She is not interested in tricks or high prices she too is seeking answers.  Why is it that she can touch the lives of those whom she has never met?

Through many years of years of study Jackie has come to the conclusion that we are all connected through an ethereal vortex of space and time.  Each one of us is created in the same DNA sequence and are composed of the same atoms, neurons & electrons. The only thing that sets us apart is perspective.  It is in the individual’s experience that this difference is appreciated. 

How can she touch someone whom she has never met? You see she works off the individual’s vibration or self-signature.  Each person you have every met either in the physical or simply by communication leaves an imprint. Being able to focus attention on this vibration and knowing what to look for is part and parcel of how she is able to make these personal connections.

If you are interested in a reading she may be contacted at and or you can contact her via cell 330-824-1286.

Reading prices have not changed since 1996 as she is more concerned with allowing everyone no matter what ability to pay to have affordable, accurate information without being taken advantage of.

$25.00   half hour

$45.00   full hour


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