Thursday, September 20, 2012

Practical Paranormal Presents:The Hannah House 9-23-12

The Hannah House

Join me Jackie Chin and my 1st Hour guest Joe Garavalia from the Hannah House from 9-10 EST on  ZTALKRADIO LIVE LISTEN & CHAT
The Hannah House is located on the south side of Indianapolis. Our story begins in 1858 when it was built by Alexander Hannah and was considered a 20+ room mansion in its day. Hannah was a prominent figure in the Indianapolis community and was also part of the California gold rush. He married Elizabeth Hannah in1872 when he was 51 years old. It is said Elizabeth miscarried the couple's only child.

According to local legend, the Hannah House was utilized as a passage for people on the Underground Railroad. Hannah took strong opposition again slavery and offered those seeking freedom a refuge with food to eat and water to drink. If anyone were to perform work on his behalf, it is said Hannah paid them as he didn't believe in having slaves. One unfortunate night, a group of servants were sleeping in the basement of the home when an oil latern was accidentally tipped over. Its oil soaked the hay covered floor and flames ignited. While some of the courageous men, women, and children burned while they slept, others died of smoke inhalation. When Hannah discovered what happened - and fearing retribution for assisting with the Underground Railroad, he buried the bodies in the basement of the home. In doing so, he not only hid the secret of his participating in the Underground Railroad, but also the identities of those he buried.

Upon Hannah's passing, the home sat vacant for 4 years and was then purchased by the Oehler family. Descendents of the Oehler's remain the sole owners the property today. However, the home is now run by a group of volunteers dedicated toward restoring and preserving this historic landmark. The home is now in the process of obtaining federal 501(c)3 status to qualify as a non-for-profit organization to continue educational and historical signifigance.

To help us keep the house active, we offer the house for events such as weddings, parties, and get-togethers. We provide different events throughout the year to the community such as an Easter Egg Hunt in the spring, Civil War Reenactment in the summer, and host the annual Paranormal Meet and Greet. Our largest fundraiser is the commercial Haunted House during the month of October. We receive the most amount of volunteer support during this event and could not, I survive without the efforts of our amazing volunteers that help pull this off. Of course - we do also offer paranormal overnight investigations for those that are interested.

As for me, I've been in the paranormal field for about 6 years, but have taken more of a "behind the scenes" role as of late. I like to consider myself a "free-lance investigator." I became involved with the Hannah House in 2011after learning volunteers were needed. Since then, I have met some amazing people and enjoy hearing the different stories people share of the house throughout the decades.

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