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Practical Paranormal Presents: Ghosts and Paper Hearts 9/30/12

Electrician, Father Paranormal Investigator and lead singer of the Band Ghosts and Paper Hearts America's Paranormal Rock group Brendan Shay
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Have you ever wondered what we become when we die, or perhaps wonder where our loved ones whom have gone before us Linger? Ghosts are all around us searching ,seeking us out as much as we search them. This was the question once asked by Benny Darkness (Brendan Shay) Vocalist of Ghosts and Paper Hearts.

Avidly involved in the paranormal field Shay , has been researching the after life since he was a child, events and experiences led him down a road that he can not now turn back from. The last five years Shay has been investigating claims of the supernatural for his own interest and for those whom have called for help and answers. That is how this name came about “Ghosts and Paper Hearts” .

It stems from a dream that Shay had one night and it has haunted him ever since. In this dream there was a women in a field with a single dying tree that was covered with white paper hearts. The women haunted him for two years and then one day was no longer seen.

Shay was joined by his best friend, Guitarist and Vocalist M. Careless (Mason Reta) as they began to write songs together one rainy February day in 2010. Shay and Reta where not new to the music scene having played in Bands together for over the last decade. This time it was different, they began taking a darker look at the world as Shay told stories of some of his haunting experiences.

The idea was formed to take some of these stories and put them to song, to write about what he had seen , heard and the stories behind some of the word’s most haunted places. Thus began Ghosts and Paper Hearts Journey. Soon after it’s formation Shay and Reta released a five song demo that caught the interest of a local Drummer Nik Knytemare (Nick Barnhart). Barnhart too was not new to the music scene having played in Akron, Ohio based band “The Brink”. Barnhart living in Columbus, Ohio at the time became the Drummer and backbone of Ghosts, giving a unique sound that Shay and Reta had never heard before.

Soon after they found Spike (Matt Early) on Bass to complete the Haunted ensemble and soon Paper Hearts began their musical journey to spread the voice for the dead.

Since their formation in 2010 Ghosts and Paper Hearts have released a full length album entitled “Consequences of my Downfall” in April of 2010. Also in Spring of 2012 They released an E.P. “Speak with the dead”an appropriate title to go along with it’s first track Digging Graves, which is a perspective of the dead speaking to us that they are listening and wanting to be heard.

Ghosts and Paper Hearts have opened for acts such as The MISFITS, The Ataris, BobaFlex, Adema, Michale Graves. As well as many other outstanding acts. They play all over the mid-west including many paranormal events.. They are the Co-headliners for Scarefest 2012 (Largest Paranormal Horror convention in the US.) In 2012 they also signed to Haunted Entertainment a talent agency for all things paranormal based.

Ghosts and Paper Hearts are a band about the super natural, they have been termed the “Mid-West Ghost Core” with a sound likened to that of AFI, Rise Against and 30 seconds to Mars. They can be found haunting anywhere look for them at a venue near you.

Listen to Ghosts and Paper Hearts      Ghosts & Paper Hearts Music 


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  2. This is a nice article on ghosts and the paranormal. Good to know there are still some great psychics out there.



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