Friday, September 7, 2012

Practical Paranormal Presents: Core Phenomena Research 9-9-12

Join me and my 2nd guest CORE PHENOMENA RESEARCH on September 9th 2012 ZTALKRADIO.COM from 10-11 EST.

Core Phenomena Research 
from left to right, Liza, Josh, Lani, Bri, Margi, and John

We are a paranormal and supernatural research team located in eastern Pennsylvania, but not limited to that region. Our mission is to assist the owners of private residences and businesses, when requested. Research and data collection are accomplished with modern technological methods. We will present any and all findings to the client in a timely manner. We do not promise to "get rid" of anything, we only attempt to prove that something is present. Utilizing our diverse talents within the team, we then try to assist in attacking the problem at hand. We have done this successfully for 2 decades now operating within different teams across the state and independently. EVERYTHING IS DONE IN A CONFIDENTIAL MANNER.

By conducting our research, we are also trying to prove that we are more than just our "bodies", and that consciousness does transcend death. We understand what it feels like to deal with such things as we've been on the receiving end.

We perform many open public para-tainment venues, especially during the haunting season of August 1st to November 1st, but our main goal is assistance of people and families that need help due to issues beyond their scope of understanding. This is why we like to say that CPR is the "paranormal research team with a heart."

Our members are as diverse as our methods, and all come from different backgrounds. One of the things that set us apart are the combination of science and spirituality. Mainstream science doesn't see this as a necessity, though realistically you can't divorce the two and still come up with complete results. Science is a part of what we label "spirituality", and spirituality has a base in what we call "science." It's all one and the same.

Our name is a bit strange, but is an acronym. C.O.R.E. stands for Coalition Offering Research Ethics". With us, what you see is what you get. No data manipulation and no sensationalism. If we, as researchers, don't push forth the idea of realism within something that's already viewed as a pseudo-science, we'll never start to be taken seriously by mainstream science!

CPR is currently in the process of filming a DVD to be released in 2013 of the research of Skytop Lodge in Canadensis, PA. Skytop is notoriously haunted, and CPR is doing Hallowe'en weekend tours there during Skytop's Spoo-tacular for the 4th year in a row. We are proud to be affiliated with such a lodge and all it's grandeur and beauty! The theme for the DVD was custom-created for us by the incredible gypsy-punk band "This Way to the Egress" online at
John - Case Manager and on-field team leader. Brought up Christian, but a converted wiccan/pagan. Just coming to terms and starting to understand his gift of clairaudience and how it is able to be utilized on cases. John, with the assistance of the team, is currently compiling a book tentatively titled "Haunts of Eastern PA".

Liza - Videographer, historical researcher, founding member, and documentarian. Brought up agnostic, but converted to shamanic wiccan. Liza, alongside of John, have been researching the paranormal together for over 20 years in one aspect or another. They also put out a bi-weekly wiccan faith podcast called "What's With Witches Podcast" available on iTunes and hosted on Podomatic.

Josh - CPR's audio recording and review specialist. Brought up Jewish but now is simply self-termed "open-minded". Josh is also a musician, which gives him the edge with his audio knowledge and program association for his assumed team assignment.

Margi - New age specialist, (works and assists in running a shop in the Poconos called "Planet Earth Gallery", which is a new age shop.) Margi was brough up jewish, but is now open-minded, not unlike her son Josh. Being our beloved team senior, Margi was a child of the 1960's and a flower child.

Brianna - Brought up catholic, and having been through haunting issues of her own, Bri is our team empath. She has had previous experience with another research team as their official "blogger", and has been researching the paranormal for most of her life having such an intimate association to it.

Lani - Lani was brought up protestant, but is open-minded to all we do within the team. Lani works mostly with the IR cam, and review. He and Bri are a couple, and have been through issues in their own home that give them insight to helping others with situations of the same nature.


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