Friday, June 22, 2012

Practical Paranormal Presents: Sharon Kincaid

Practical Paranormal Presents: Sharon Kincaid

Sharon Kincaid is the founder of Southern Atlantic Paranormal based out of Lexington SC. This group has been together since 2000. They believe in unity among the paranormal field and do whatever they can to allow others to join in with them when ever they can. She is a Ultrasound Technologist by day and a paranormal investigator by night. She had her first paranormal experiences at an early age and from those experiences has made it her quest in life to help others understand what is happening to them.

She and her group do whatever they can to educate the public about the paranormal and how they can work together in a coexisting life. Sharon enjoys speaking at paranormal conferences all over the US. Her topic of discussion is sometimes concerned controversial consider she speaks about fraud in the paranormal field. She is also studying demonology since 2010 and has put her heart and soul into learning all she can. She felt that God was guiding her toward this field of study so that she can aid in the fight against light and dark.

Sharon also is a co host on PSI FI Radio on blogtalk radio. Right now the show is on break both her and the host Donna Stewart. She is working on a book now for three years and is hoping to get it finished soon. She has so much to share to the world she might not get it done anytime soon.

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