Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paranormal N More with David Baker

TUESDAY May 30, 2012
7pm PST  10pm EST

Please join us for this amazing show with David Baker, Spiritual Medium, Radio Host of Beyond The Gate Radio and Author: Spiritual Garden.

I am a Psychic/Medium and Radio Host/Producer of my

show: Beyond the Gate Radio, about the realm of the

unexplained, Psychics, Mediums, Ghosts, Bigfoot, UFO's,

Tarot, Astrology and much, much more. I have the ability to

connect and communicate with deceased loved ones in the

spirit world.

I am the author of "The Spirit Garden, A Medium's Journey".

The story of my life and what it was like growing up psychic

and how I discovered I was a medium.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Paranormal N More with Lauren Porter

Listen to internet radio with The Paranormal N More on Blog Talk Radio

Join us to listen to our interview with guest Lauren Porter, Founder of S.H.R.O.U.D a paranormal team based in New Jersey. It will be a very a very fun, entertaining and educational show you won't want to miss!

Lauren Porter is S.H.R.O.U.D.'s team leader and founder. Born to the parents of American Indian, Caucasian and Black American backgrounds, at an early age was blessed with the gift. It was at the age of three, her gift was confirmed and later went on to self-develop. Not knowing to either be terrified or turn away due to not understanding her gift, she decided she ultimately needed answers. One day at the age of eleven, her decision to not to be afraid came at that was the beginning of putting her gift to good use.

Having prophetic dreams, confronting and removing negative entities and shamanic healings are just some of the gifts she has. She is there for people who need her help but the most important thing for her is to let people know that it is okay to ask for help. By developing S.H.R.O.U.D., people will know of whom and where to ask for help.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paranormal N More with Laura Redmond & Marcia Mack

Laura Redmond & Marcia Mack - Paranormal Investigators
Listen to internet radio with The Paranormal N More on Blog Talk Radio

Hosts Russ & Sandy Wells with Co-Host Jackie Chin
Join us for this great show with Laura Redmond - Event Coordinator for PKC (Paranormal Kicks Cancer) and Paranormal Investigator plus the amazing Marcia Mack also a paranormal investigator....both this wonderful ladies are getting ready to kick off their new ghost tours in the outskirts of love to share their paranormal experiences as well. It will be a great night so you won't want to miss out.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Paranormal N More with Donna Stewart 5-15-12

DONNA STEWART founder of Psi of Oregon Paranormal Team

 (We are formerly Dark Moon Rising Radio)

Join us for our debut show as The Paranormal & More with hosts Russ & Sandy Wells with Co-host Jackie Chin.

Our guest tonight will be Donna Stewart who is an amazing lady who is the Founder of the Psi of Oregon Paranormal Team, Host of Psi Fi Radio and the Director of S.O.P.H (Southern Oregon Project Hope) and don't let us forget the awesome annual Zombie Prom for charity.

You won't want to meet this great show as we discuss all of Donna's great projects, the paranormal and any upcoming plans or projects she may becoming involved in for the rest of 2012.

Our Haunted Lives With Nicole& Angel Ortiz guest speaker Jackie Chin

Tuesday May 15, 2012
 Show time: 8:00-10:00 pm EST
The Connecticut Soul Seekers are a highly respected team in the paranormal community. They have assisted local media including WTNH Channel 8 news, DoingItlocal, The Wall Street Journal and have been featured in the Republican American. They have appeared as guests on many notable radio internet shows including SWAT Radio, Paranormal Eh and the Ghostman and Demon Hunter show which stars Extreme Paranormal's own Nathan Schoonover and Shaun Burris.
Promoting unity in the paranormal community CT Soul Seekers has formed many working relationships and friendships with other reputable groups such as CPEAR,CPRS and Beacon Falls Paranormal Society.Co-Founder Nicole Ortiz has written several articles on the paranormal in her "Our Haunted Lives" series which has been published on Ghostwatcherz and Paranormal Eh. You can also view the articles on this site.CTSS also lectures with their sister group CPEAR. The two teams work closely in all aspects of the field including educating the public on the paranormal.
The two groups are also committed to charity work and have made considerable donations to assist families in need during the holiday season and throughout the year, as well as local animal shelters. The Connecticut Soul Seekers are also avid participants in Relay for Life a cause which is very near and dear them having lost close friends and family to this horrific disease.The Connecticut Soul Seekers and CPEAR are huge supporters and promoters of unity in the paranormal community. The two teams have once again joined forces and have begun work on their latest project in forming Paranormal Unity Productions which will bring Our Haunted Lives to local television!
So come join us as we talk all things Paranormal


Friday, May 11, 2012

Paranormal N More New Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio

From the creator's of  Dark Moon Rising Radio a new kind of paranormal talk radio show where you can laugh, learn and make new friends through paranormal unity.

Join us for our debut show back on the air with our incredible Hosts Russ and Sandy Wells and our fabulous Co-Host Jackie Chin. Our show will consist of amazing paranormal guest interviews, spiritual topics, conspiracy theories, UFO research and so much more.

Our Co-Host Spiritual Medium Jackie Chin will have a special segment on each show called "Practical Paranormal" where she will express her thoughts and idea's about spiritual and paranormal will be an incredible segment. She will be also offering readings' from time to time for our listeners.
Tonight we will be discussing many topics that we are interested in and passionate about so don't miss out!

Listen to internet radio with The Paranormal N More on Blog Talk Radio

Thank You to both Sandra Wells & and my Photographer Bill Brock for making my segment banner simply AWESOMENESS ;-)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Got Ghost?

This Radio Is Used By Northern Michigan Paranormal and Many Other Paranormal Groups Worldwide!
Scans AM and FM Frequencies At a Slower Rate Than the Radio Shack Hacks. No popping Sounds That The Others Have.
PLL Synthesized Tuning System. Built In Speaker. 19 Random Presets. 90 Minutes Auto Shut Off.

Scan Is Constant. No Random Stopping.

Battery Power Indicator.

Stereo / Mono / Speaker Switch.

My Favorite Station.

Removable Belt Clip.

Scan Frequencies Either Direction Up or Down.

Auto Seek Station ( Modified For Ghost Box Functionality )

DBB Tone Enhancement For Headphones.
Deep Bass Boost.
Comes With 2 AA Batteries, Earphones, and FM Antenna.

Can Still Tune And Use As A Regular Radio!

FM Frequencies 87.5 - 108 mhz

AM Frequencies 520 - 1710 khz


Width 2.5"
Height 4.2"
Depth 1.2"

Listen to a sample recording

What Do You Think It Says?

Here Is Another Sample Recording That We Did On An Investigation That you can hear


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