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Orbs... Dust or Ectoplasam?

Morpheus:   “You take the blue pill, the story ends; you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”  –The Matrix
A personal story sent to me by Judy in Illinois, 2005:

"...At my mom's for a family gathering after my father died there was about 10 of us at the time. I spotted orbs near the ceiling of my mom's living room & I said I think Dad is here. They asked why and I said because I see orbs near the ceiling.  they all made fun of me which is normal because they never believe me. My neice happened to have her camera which was digital. She then took a picture where I saw them and sure enough there were 3 orbs. Everyone got all freaked out & asked how I was able to see them. I responded with I don't know how or why all I know is that it just IS. "

Author Note:  Thank you Judy for your personal accounting much appreciation ;-)

The following article will attempt to showcase different rationales regarding the creation of “orbs” unexplained circular formations found in many paranormal pictures and videos.  Everything has a vibration, or a frequency and the shape of a solid, color, or substance is reflective of this concept called frequency.  Another anomaly being reported is that many times these captured orbs take on the effect of color.

Science tells us that our bodies run on an electrical current which drives our central nervous system, and our heart. If for some reason our heart fails to beat properly; it can be shocked back into a sinus rhythm that is acceptable for continued viability.  So what happens when the physical body no longer can sustain life? One theory is that the “soul part” leaves the body and journeys on to another dimensional realm.

Our perception of what makes a viable life source is clouded by what we can view with the human eye.  What if you suspended your current view point and follow me in another direction for a bit to see how deep the rabbit hole might actually go. 

Once the life force leaves the body it collects into its simplest form; that of a circle or “orb.” Just as in life it has a DNA signature, along with your personality and emotional traits. You are now however in the spiritual realm and have adapted to a new dimensional set of rules.

Your new form is comprised of 3 layers they are as follows: 

1.        Etheric Body:  This is the thickest part of the newly formed orb and acts as a containment vessel for the other less dense layers. Think of it as skin for the spiritual body.

2.       Ecto Layer:  This is the next layer and is comprised of Ectoplasm.  Think of this layer as the central nervous system.

3.       Energy Matrix:  This is where awareness is centralized.  Think of this layer as the brain.

A bit of Science

Based on what we learned in science we also learned that there is a “full spectrum of light” both visible and invisible to the human eye.  Colors which come before the color red are considered to be in the Infrared, and vibrate around 1100 nanometers (nm).  Those which proceed past the color violet vibrate around 300nm. The entire spectrum of visible light vibrates at frequencies between about 400nm to 800nm.

•Violet: 400 - 420 nm
•Indigo: 420 - 440 nm
•Blue: 440 - 490 nm
•Green: 490 - 570 nm
•Yellow: 570 - 585 nm
•Orange: 585 - 620 nm
•Red: 620 - 780 nm

While we humans cannot see within infrared or the ultra violet areas of the light spectrum with our eyes, animals and insects can. This may account for why animals have been reported in the past to seem to react to spectral entities and ghosts.

Application of Light and the Paranormal

It is hypothesized that since everything vibrates at various rates that entities, spirits, ghosts, and orbs may be more visible in other areas of the light spectrum than the normal narrow range of light visible to humans.  Apparitions are comprised of energy and since they vibrate at both the high and low end of the scale depending on their strength it would be easier to capture them on photographs, or video.

Ghosts and other variations of spiritual matter are believed to be comprised of energy which may vibrate at either a higher or lower signature than what we can view with the naked eye.  Therefore by using a camera or a recording device that can record in the infrared spectrum the likelihood an image can be rendered.

Some “orbs” resonate with such frequency as to emit concentric rings; if you were  to shed your physical body you would most likely look like this to a sensitive.

Orbs move at such incredible speeds that only with a digital camera which flashes at 1/52,000 of a second can we freeze frame them enough to see their light body. As their bands slow down, they ionize, actually “eating” our atmosphere, and create a cloud, or misty shaped plasma form, commonly called an apparition.

There are “orbs” that are deceased humans. Infrared is the astral plane where we go immediately after death until we travel through the vortex tunnel to the light for a life review. This is also where we go in our astral bodies when we have an out of body experience.
With regard to this topic I find that there are many reasonable explanations on both sides of the fence and that it is only with further research the answers will be found. Up until just about a week ago my personal experience with “orbs” was zero. Honestly I had not had interest in such matters giving it little or no thought as I tend to deal with what I can sense about a situation. If something interesting showed up in a photo I would examine it till I was satisfied and move on to the next event.

Anyone who knows me will tell you though that my life changes with my perspective and that “Spirit” always has a sense of humor with regard to my life. I recently posed for some pictures inside a local mall which will be later super imposed onto yet another photo.  We needed some white walls to work with so I found a section of the mall that would be perfect. 

The section where this photo was taken there was no above lights and no lights from the side either. The camera lens was cleaned before the shot and there was nothing flying around, or water vapor least present.

There are multiple “orbs” in this shot. Comments on what you think would be appreciated. I really find the whole thing interesting seeing as though I have never had a picture turn out like this either of myself or anyone else ;-)

Be Well in All Things, Jackie Chin

Further studies:

Friday, April 13, 2012

Concurring Your Fear in Turbulent Times


On April 12, 2012 six large earthquakes struck the world in a matter of 24 hours.  Three 8.0 magnitude earthquakes in Sumatra: 8.9M, 8.7M, & 8.2M.  Then a 6.5 occurred off the west coast of Mexico and a 6.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Oregon. There have been epic storms, droughts, mass animal die offs, strange migrations, massive sink holes, unexplainable sky events, & tensions regarding 2012. It is not unreasonable to become tense in light of these occurrences’; however living in fear is not a viable option.  The following is a plan to help you walk through your daily life and help free your mind from fear that may be lingering and distracting you from living with conscious purpose.

Maintain your connection to Spirit

First and foremost remember that you have a spiritual body as well as a mental and physical one. If you’re ignoring your spiritual body your mental body will take over and fear will reside. You can help yourself by a daily practice of prayer, meditation, consuming positive affirmations and/or other reading materials. Spend time with those who devote time to creating peace and inner harmony through lectures, spiritual retreats, or other venues.

Be Compassionate

 Most are born with an innate sense of compassion a natural desire to help those who are in an emotionally unsettled state of mind (fear, anger, despair, sadness).  It is important to remember that you must maintain compassion for yourself as well; knowing when to leave a situation is an important & much needed lesson to learn.  

When it is reasonable to do so being a beacon of reason and light can help those who cannot currently help themselves. Make sure that you continue to maintain your inner peace while assisting others as they can have a tendency to become a mental drain if they require a lot of time. Once you get to the point where they can do for themselves move on with your life.  

Intention Means Everything

Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve ... " ~ Napoleon Hill

If you focus on what you want to see happen, then the chances increase that you draw into your life what you are envisioning. Think this concept is nothing but wishful thinking? Then think on this example that I frequently use with my clients: Go back to a time when you kept hoping that “something” would not happen. How much time, energy and focus did you place on this one event?

Remember now the fruits of your labors did it cause the event to not occur? Most likely the undesired situation happened anyway. WHY? It could have happened simply out of “circumstance” however, it may have been induced because you spent so much intentional time focused on “it.”

Focus, intention & desire need to be defined clearly for the ability to move in a positive direction. You may not be able to change undesirable events, but you can move your focus towards allowing compassionate, desirable future outcome.

  Limit contact with media

Although you should stay informed, the media’s sensationalism can be both addictive and deceptive. In order to stay in a positive place and effectively work with the other criteria’s of maintaining a healthy balanced state of mind stay informed, but do your best to limit your exposure to written and broadcast media.

In educating yourself you can maintain a healthy attitude in the face of turbulence.  Please understand that you are not required to assist anyone in order to move forward, but it is something that you can consider in the case that you may start to feel a desire to do something for those who are not quite there yet in their spiritual awakening.

 Now on to something fun

How to create an energetic grid

Select 3 crystals or stones of the same kind. Size does not matter; i.e., they can be very small or very large but they must be the same kind so have the same type of energy. You should select the type of crystal or stone based on the energy that is most often associated with it. (NOTE: I always recommend including clear quartz because it can be programmed to be whatever type of crystal or stone that you want it to be, and you can change that programming at any time if your needs change).

    • All-purpose – clear quartz (ask the crystal to serve whatever purpose you need)
    • Healing – aventurine, malachite
    • Love – rose quartz
    • Protection – citrine, hematite, black tourmaline (obsidian is not recommended due to the “volcanic” nature of the energy)
    • Psychic abilities – sodalite, lapis lazuli, amethyst
Place the crystals and/or stones in the shape of an equilateral triangle (or as close as possible) around the area that you wish to protect and/or empower. (NOTE: The crystals and/or stones do not need to be placed on the same level. Additionally, they do not need to be visible.)

Stand on the outside the triangle and between 2 of the points on the triangle (see picture below). The feet indicate that you can stand on any side of the triangle (i.e., only 1 side is needed).

Ask your guides to help you to empower this grid. If you are trained in Reiki or other healing modalities, you can also call on your healing guides to assist you.

Begin pulling white light/energy down through your crown chakra and let it flow down your arm and into the palm of your dominant hand. Then direct your palm toward the crystals and/or stones as described below:

Start by crossing your dominant arm across your body (i.e., start to your left if you are right-handed or to your right if you are left-handed) and direct you palm/hand toward the crystals and/or stones in that corner of the triangle.

Move your palm/hand toward each of the crystals and/or stones in a clockwise direction until you have completed 3 complete circuits and have returned to where you started (i.e., you will finish with your dominant arm crossing your body).

Stay with each corner of the triangle for as long as you are guided to do so, but a few seconds per corner is usually all that is needed.

Thank your guides for helping you to empower this grid.

 How often should you re-grid?

 You can re-grid as often as you wish. However, if the area is subjected to negative or toxic energy, then re-gridding will be needed more often. There are many different methods you can use to determine when an area needs to be re-gridded. Just a few of these include:

If you are sensitive to how energy “feels,” then re-grid whenever you feel that the energy in the space isn’t quite as positive as it used to be.

If you are not as sensitive to energy, then I recommend re-gridding whenever you think about it because this is often your guides “whispering in your ear” that it’s time to re-grid.

If you are skilled in the use of a pendulum, you can ask if the space needs to be re-gridded.

For example, given my home is generally a very positive area, I tend to re-grid once a month. However, when I used to work in a very stressful office, I would re-grid my office on a weekly basis (or more often if I felt it was needed).

Other times when you should consider re-gridding:

You should re-grid if the crystals and/or stones are moved because this breaks the energy circuit you’ve created.

You probably should re-grid if you have rearranged furniture.;

You probably should re-grid if you have had a significant disruption in the energy within the space (e.g., visitors in your home for an extended period of time).

 Additional information about creating energy grids

If you are guided to do something in a way that differs from the directions above, please trust that guidance (e.g., using your non-dominant hand, starting with a different crystal, moving in a counter-clockwise direction).

Although the area inside the triangle is the most powerful area in the grid, you can ask your guides to broaden the protected and empowered areas to areas outside the triangle (see next bullet for suggestion).

While doing the gridding, you may choose to recite a prayer or mantra of some kind. Any prayer or spiritual saying is fine. For example, when I create my grids, I repeat the following phrase: “I empower this grid and the surrounding area with Christ’s white light.” This phrase becomes a rhythmic chant as I continue around the corners of the triangle.

You can use more than one type of crystal and/or stone in each corner, but I do not recommend using more than 3 different crystals or stones per grid because the energies involved may begin to interfere with each other. For example, you might place 1 citrine in each of the 3 corners for protection, 1 rose quartz in each of the 3 corners for love, and 1 amethyst in each of the 3 corners to increase psychic communication.

If you are trained in Reiki, then you can grid from a distance using the Distance Symbol.

You can grid the entire house or you can grid each individual room within the house. If you grid the entire house, one suggestion is to bury the crystals outside the house so that a larger portion of the empowered space covers the house and so the crystals or stones are less likely to be moved.

However, if using this approach to gridding a large building, either (a) you will need do the actual gridding from a distance using Reiki or  (b) you will need to do the gridding after dark so no one observes you and wonders what you are doing!


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