Monday, March 5, 2012

From A Ghosts Point of View

Written by: Sandra J. Wells
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author's note (I wrote this article some time ago before my first book came out….giving readers a look at the world of what ghosts might tell us about their existence.)

I have asked myself  “Why do you become a paranormal investigator?” The living would tell you that becoming one is quite easy, just pick up a camera, recorder, and find a place you want to investigate and there you go but it is not that easy. There is so much more than what you can understand about our existence.

I have encountered many people who call themselves paranormal investigators or ghost hunters. They come and go using strange devices trying to capture a photograph, sound or my voice. There are many different categories I would place these people into. There are some of you people who seem to think that by screaming at me with fowl language and insults that I will respond to you in a cordial manner. Would you? This is not only disrespectful but it angers me to the point that it makes me want to lash out at you or anyone with you. I am no different now as a ghost than I was as a person. Think about this, what would you do if someone was screaming in your face? The normal living persons reaction would be to get angry, right? Then why would you think that I would react any differently. I am not sure about any other ghost like myself but I would appreciate if a lot of you would stop using strange rituals to get rid  of us.

The second type of people I have encountered are so scared of me that they run every time I try to talk to them, freak out when I manage to show myself or run screaming from the building because I touched them to let them know I was there. How do you ever expect to get any answers, we (ghosts) will continue to be the “Unknown” if you will not accept our ways of communicating with you. Your fear of us is the wall that stands between us because you are too frightened to accept that we are not as complicated as you make us out to be. Last but definitely not least are my favorite type of people who are a privilege to communicate with. These are the “Real” paranormal investigator.

A “Real” investigator is someone who has thought out what the afterlife may be like and continues to change and grow within the research they do. They treat me with respect and truly understand that I am not here to try and frighten or harm them. . My limitations of not being in a physical form often gets in the way of talking to you. Plus, the fact that you can not see me makes it much more difficult for us to interact as I would like. Some of you sit quietly in a room and allow me to approach peacefully in a quiet manner, you give me the time needed to speak so that you can hear my voice and what I have to say. I do not completely understand your equipment as yet; but I am learning, I am often frightened by these new gadgets that you seem to be using now but I know they are not meant to harm but to acquire proof that I am with you. I will try not be afraid of those things so that I am more easily available to you.

One last thing before I go, there are some in my world that are not as nice as me. They lived their lives as unsavory people and continue this same personna even in our existence. Please understand that most of us start out here with much confusion, frustration and fear. We attempt to learn our limitations of this new life that we are living without a physical body. We are in despair, lost and in fear you people who treat us badly. Do not let this lead you to misunderstand that we all are evil. Our energy that you encounter is of a person that used to be not of some horrific creature ready to pounce on you at every moment. Thank you for listening to my story….(by a ghost)

Sandra J Wells is a Free Lance Writer, Author, and Motivational Mentor

Sandra is an accomplished free lance writer of published articles that are featured on popular paranormal blogs. She is also a published author of three fiction books currently and in the process of writing her fourth book that will be a non-fiction project. All of her books are available everywhere online (i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.) in both the printed and E-Book market. Sandra has three years experience as a radio host and will be soon launching her new show “The Brass Ring” that falls under the category of Spiritualism.

Motivational Mentoring is one of Sandra’s favorite passions. She feels helping others motivating them to change their way of thinking about themselves and their lives is important for the spiritual well being.

Sandra is also a Spiritual Energy Advisor who has the ability to communicate with spirit and read the energy of both the living and spirit. Researching and investigating the paranormal is one of her enjoyments in life. She has been exploring the unknown for about thirty years with her husband and says she will continue to do this research as long as she is able.

Sandra was born in Southern Illinois but has lived most of her life in Washington State with her husband of thirty two years. She is the mother of one beautiful daughter and three amazing granddaughters who are all her blessing from God.


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