Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to create Momentum in your life NOW!!

 Recently someone stopped by my AOL room and asked when their work situation would change from part time to full time. Immediately I was pushed by spirit back to April of this year, and asked if they had been part time since that month. She said that she had moved to an apartment at the end of April, and that nothing in her life seemed to be going right since. She chose the apartment because it was cheaper, and it just seemed to be the right thing for her to do at the time.

What creates a lack of momentum and how do you change the pattern or frequency of dense energy that stops forward production?

The more that you tell yourself there is a problem the more you will continue to get yourself deeper into the vortex you call your personal hell. A major cause of stagnation is becoming detached from your spiritual center. This spiritual energy center is where creative, intuitive and knowing are processed. If this energy point is interrupted it will cause chaos and force you to become off balance in your conscious being.

The above individual stopped their forward movement once they made the decision to take the cheaper apartment fearing perhaps that they would not make enough to have something more to their liking they created the illusion of not having enough which throughout the year became their reality. What is important to note here is that there was a choice made an event if you will which led up to the outcome. 

Nothing is devoid of consequence. She went on talking about how difficult living in the area was, how she always lacked for money, and how miserable she was, and when I said she put herself into that situation based on her free will she was upset, and tried to rationalize how she was without options.

If you only look at your situation with the intent of enforcing how much of a problem it is then you will not break the energy cycle. If you use words like don't, can't, won't have __________ you enforce this to the universe. If you avoid underlying social, personal, and physical signs then you will enforce the situation to continue. If you constantly avoid being in the now and seek out the “what if factor” you will be dissatisfied in the outcome every time. Finally, if you have an agenda that is so far off your personal center it forces you to go around in circles instead of creating harmony then you need to re-evaluate your spiritual aim.

If you have found yourself at a crossroads with your current life choices you may want to consider a different perspective. Momentum requires energy you need to remember your entire body is made of energy particles all vibrating at different tones. This energy can create thought that can make your body feel lousy or amazingly in touch. You have a choice you can take a deep look at your thought processes and discover how much garbage you’re feeding on with regards to your thoughts. Are you surrounding yourself with images, and sounds which create your mental imprisonment, or are you focusing on things which create balance?

Are you telling yourself that nothing you do will ever make your life improve, or are you seeing the situation as a turning point? "Problems" are necessary for progress. They tend to force you out of your comfort zone and make a choice. Do you choose to say I won't, can't, or do you seek out guidance and knowledge to assist you in making progress?

If you have a certain goal in mind finding only obstructions instead re-evaluate. Place the idea in your head that you already have finished your goal. How has obtaining the goal changed your life? What will it do if anything for the betterment of others? Part of the reasoning behind why you have not achieved the current desire is that you may be unconsciously stopping the progress. Why? You may feel that you are not good enough for it, or you may know in your spiritual core that ___________ is truly not what you need to create peace within. Once you have discovered what is driving you to make the choices you do, you will see a clearer path.

If you truly are at that proverbial crossroad, and you really are seeking change outside of chaos you must be honest with yourself. Stop the mental drama of I must have things a certain way according to popular media, peer group, or self talk that denigrates your soul body. Stripping away the layers of self doubt, illusions of darkness, fear, greed, anything that clouds your spiritual center will allow for a higher soul vibration.

Your soul vibration what truly makes you unique and create a knowing that you are on the right path has been clouded by all of the negative input from the time you were first conceived till your current heartbeat. The illusion you have been under is that you can not change your path. This negative seed was given to you as a "gift" since you would never really appreciate how amazing your life could really be until you experienced sorrow, fear, dread, loneliness, desperation, and then finally becoming awakened. It is when you "Know" these things that you can emphatically, unequivocally, compassionately respond to others.
The steps to becoming aware of what road you should be on come truly from within your own core. You must step outside of your illusion of the have not's and walk in the light of your path that one that resonates with I WILL ACHIEVE

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  1. Outstanding article! It is through articles such as this that we all gain a deeper understanding of our own lives. With the way our country and economy has been over the past 10 years or so many people experience the very same thoughts, feeling, and transitions. this article proves to us all that we have far more control over our lives, and that we just need to take control over what we feel has been lost. Thinking positive is not a way to ignore our problems and issues, it is the very thing that can, and WILL change our current situations!

    Thank you Jackie for another outstanding perspective in which we all can find guidance in.



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