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Psychic Attacks: The Art of Re-balancing your Psychic Energy

Psychic attacks and curses can occur either deliberately from another person's desire to do harm or inadvertently sent from the subconscious thoughts and feelings deriving from resentments, anger and/or rage.

When someone is experiencing a curse or psychic attack, they may feel as though they have lost their center, their ability to focus is impaired or they may feel like energy and power are leaking out from their body causing them to feel drained, usually from the third chakra around the navel or lower Tan Dien (second and third together) but also from the fourth or heart center where the leakage may feel like grief, sadness or depression.

The person under attack may have a run of 'bad luck' with strange, unwelcome occurrences happening frequently or their timing may be off causing them to miss out on important events. They may experience people avoiding or staying away from them or they may see agreements or pacts that they've made with others dissolve or be abandoned or broken for no apparent reason. Sometimes negative energy intrusions will manifest in the form of nightmares, strange obsessions or as uncontrollable emotions, persistent phobias or recurring fears.

Each of us sends out various degrees and qualities of energy into our environment via our thoughts, emotions, intentions and feelings. When these energies are negative, what we 'send' out there becomes a negative influence in the energy fields of other people or life forms including pets and plants usually in a non-conscious way. As people, we can easily make each other sick often without realizing it.

We will define curse as a negative force that is deliberately or ritually sent to the receiver/victim's energy field from the mind and will of another person for the purpose of weakening them, making them ill, making them off balance, confused or disoriented or otherwise doing them some kind of harm either mild or severe.

We will define psychic attack as similar to a curse but of lesser potency; a negative force that is sent into the environment of another via hateful thoughts, resentments or anger but without an accompanying ritual. This kind of energy is often charged with strong negative emotions and the person who is feeling and sending these negatives will often imagine doing harm to the others name or reputation, health or well-being, adding more potency to the attack by doing so.

Negative influence is defined as the 'spilling over' of ones own toxic emotions into the environment and personal energy field of others in a non-conscious or unintended manner. This is usually the case in personal relationships or families where one's partner's or relative's negative psychic and emotional energy is causing others to feel drained, sick or otherwise disoriented and off balance. I have observed frequently that many people with heart problems in particular are simply absorbing too much negative energy from another family member without the knowledge or skill to discharge or cleanse their energy field.

What is often the case is where both partners are locked into a battle of control or of wills, throwing negativity into each other with the intention of throwing the other partner off balance, making them feel vulnerable and/or dependent and therefore more susceptible to emotional control or manipulation.

Of course we can also 'curse' ourselves with worry and resentment with how much we hate this or that, this person or thing. All we are really doing in that case is pulling whatever it is we hate or worry incessantly about into our energy field with our repeated negative attention to it. In no sense can a resolution occur under these circumstances unless it simply comes about of itself in spite of us or as 'divine intervention'.

In order to receive or be victimized by negative energy from any of these sources there must first be an opening in one's own energy field, a place for the negativity to enter. If there is no entrance way such as a victim or 'poor me' mentality, then nothing 'bad' can come in to affect us no matter what others may be throwing out.

From a Taoist perspective it is imperative to stabilize our Chi field by sealing our leaks first, closing any portals to these kinds of influences. When the sealing of leaks becomes a regular practice, then any negative forces that may have been sent toward us will gradually lose their potency to influence us since there will be nowhere for them to enter, in that case they will rebound or 'boomerang back', returning to their original sender-owner with unpleasant consequences.

One way to seal your leaks is to use what is called, the 'tortoise breath', this is done by breathing as slowly as possible from the belly, until you feel your Chi field become more compacted and 'solid'.

Breathe as slowly as possible in an inaudible manner for several minutes, up to a half-hour or so, a couple of times each day, especially a night. It is a good idea if you feel that you have been cursed to do the tortoise breath right at bedtime and in the middle of the night when the negative forces are strongest. It’s also a good idea first thing in the morning when awakening from sleep.

You may also retain the breath in for up to 10 seconds each time to increase the effectiveness of this practice. After awhile you will feel your Chi field begin to 'solidify', and a new strength will come into you.

As a yogic discipline, breath retention or kumbhaka is one of the most direct means of effecting changes in consciousness. Breath retention invigorates us by filling the whole body with life energy or prana. In particular, breath retention stabilizes the mind and in turn seals our leaks while stimulating and forcing the kundalini shakti to enter the central channel. This will help to purify us and keep our energy field free of external negatives.

The tortoise breath is also one to use when there is a lot of anxiety or fear energy that needs to be dispersed. What the breath does is that it condenses our energy field and allows us to feel that which is essential to our being.

Taoists say that when doing the tortoise breath it is a good idea to get in the fetal position with arms and feet crossed creating a closed circuit in order to compact and condense the energy field in a more effective manner. But any comfortable lying down or sitting position will do as long as feet, hands and arms are touching or crossed.

Along with this, imagine a golden white light descending from the heavens into your crown, sun and moon chakra's. Breathe this light all the way down into your lower abdomen and navel, usually the sites most affected by the negative psychic energy. Feel this prana charged light neutralizing, dissolving and banishing all negative psychic influences.

The crown chakra is located at the center, top of the head, the sun or sixth chakra is in the forehead center, and the moon chakra is directly behind and across from the sun center on the inner pathway within the brain.

Intentionally created thought forms and negative emotions can attach themselves to their 'target' only if there is a similar thought or emotional structure within the intended victim; like attracts like. So the best way to be protected from these influences is to seal our leaks, heal our energy bodies and breathe in divine light and love energy thereby removing our 'attractors'.

Any thought or feeling structure that we hold within acts to attract more of the same to itself within our energy field so that the more we imagine, hold and receive divine light and healing energies to ourselves the less we are available to being attacked or influenced from outside agents or the negative intentions and thought/feeling clusters of others.

When dealing with a possible curse or psychic attack it is important first of all to:

1. Stay out of blame as "blame attracts more of the same".

2. Stay out of self-pity sentiments like 'why me?' Which is blame turned inward. Yet it is important to understand where the influence is coming from and how we may have participated in its creation. Self-pity in particular only draws more toxic energy to us in order to confirm and reinforce our condition of feeling victimized.

3. With appropriate bodily movements, like hands pushing out from the lower tan dien or belly, say, "I send all negative influences and bad energy back to their source and creator". Then imagine cutting an invisible cord at the belly where we are likely to be connected to the source of the negative energy and see it like a rubber band that snaps back to wherever it originated from.

4. Then say, "I am unaffected and immune to all negative psychic influences", doing a wide and expressive sweeping and clearing movement with hands and arms, then see the negative influences dissolve and disperse before they reach your energy field. You may need to do this many times before you feel relief or a sense of safety.

5. Imagine and feel yourself surrounded by a golden divine white light that acts to protect you and seal you off further from all unwanted influences.

6. Don't get into arguments or heated debates with anyone. Any form of resentment or anger will keep your energy body open to the forces you are trying to protect yourself from.
Instead cultivate being fierce, which is focused, intense awareness that has no anger in it or inclination to do harm. This acts as a powerful protective shield around your energy body or Chi field.

7. Deny permission for any and all negative influences to enter your energy field or affect you "in any way, at any time, by any means, for any reason", using words like, "no", "away" and "out now" with a commanding tone of voice, exaggerated gestures and fierce attitude.

8. Finally rest in thankfulness and gratitude, feeling and knowing that you are protected, safe and free from all adverse energies, malicious oppositions, curses and negative influences.
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The Art of Deception: A Course in Demonology

Picture a little boy with golden hair, the bluest eyes, and a voice straight out of heaven.  He comes up to you touches your hand, smiles and says my name is Tommy and I love you then he disappears.  You are not sure what exactly you saw you think it may have been a sweet departed new house guest, but in fact you have just been drawn into the gates of hell unaware.

Demons are perfectionist at the art of creative deception, they know that if they manifest in their true form automatically that they will scare beyond reasoning their prey so they tend to appear as being innocuous. Demons have only one mission gather as many souls to their side as possible before they run out of time. They are subtle, knowledgeable about their victim and prey on their fears, and frustrations.

Demons have been here since the dawn of humanity their one goal to remove the light which guides, confuse their victims, separate, and cause as much chaos as possible. To do that they need to understand what exactly motivates their charge what are their personal demons? Are they walking with the light burning inside them? Are they doubtful that anything is really in charge? Are they angry at God? Is there some personal tragedy fueling guilt, anxiety or depression? Are they curious about the occult?

The fact that they know what drives a person’s personality and rationale gives them a slight upper hand, however if you educate yourself on how they gain access you can at least be knowledgeable and take charge if you or someone you care about comes in contact with unclean spirits. 

First and foremost NEVER engage by means of channeling, summoning, or otherwise inviting entities from a Ouija board.  This device is a tool which has been guised as harmless toy, as I mentioned before demonic energy disguises itself under the notion of being risk free. Once a board is taken into the personal environment of the questioner they have taken that first step down a very perilous road.

Once the board has been activated the first answers will appear very non-threatening.  Eventually the participants will ask questions which are simply irresistible; who are they speaking to, and are demons real? No matter what the boards reply they have now entered into a portal and engaged.  

How else can a demon become attached to you personally? 
How well do you know those whom you call your friends?
Do they follow the sorts of ideals you do, or are they walking a separate path? 
Do they knowingly have spirits that “follow” them around? 
Are they engaging in any sort of craft that is not of the light? 
How are they personality wise?   
Are they controlling, overbearing? 
Do they give you a sense of just simply wanting to remove yourself immediately? 

All these indicators are signs that they may be engaging in things of the demonic.  If you find it necessary to pursue this line of questioning in your own thought process about anyone of your friends then this is your wakeup call to action.  Re-assess your relationship and make conscientious choice to move away.


Demons appear as being helpless, usually as small children, they hide their real purpose.  They use devices to entice their victims, distract from the light and cloud rationality. They drive the individual to ask more probing questions, and draw them deeper into the occult.  They offer enough information to create a bond that seems interpersonal, compassionate, and understanding.  Their one true goal is to capture your attention long enough to distract you into a downward spiral of personal suffering and damnation.

A true story: 

In order to reiterate how simple something so evil could come packaged as helpless, friendly, and needing simply to be loved I will share with you a personal client story of a young lady named “Angela” an adult named “David” and a boy named “Tommy” (names changed to protect the client) in Ohio.

Angela was for a short while dating David who was approximately 4 years older than her.  He treated her pretty well until she decided that she needed to move on with her life. Then David introduced her and her family to Tommy.  The first time Tommy came into Angela’s home he immediately went to Angela’s mother and touched her on the hand then leaned against her.  The mother could not see Tommy, but she felt his affection right away, and to her being very strong maternal minded she engaged and enjoyed his touch. 

Tommy was a spirit that attached himself to David many years ago and David felt that he could control his newfound spiritual “buddy.” David, in his decision to try and manipulate Tommy would project him into the home of Angela when he physically would not be there.  Since Angela’s mother found Tommy to be non-threatening she would engage in conversation with him, and allow him to continue touching her.  The children in the home would see Tommy and engage in his activity in the home until eventually this became the norm.

This pattern continued until Angela decided that David was no longer to her liking. David took offense to this rejection and projected Tommy to the house only this time Tommy would bring fear into the home.  Angela would find scratch marks on her back, hand prints on her neck, and her sisters terrorized in their sleep. 

Angela’s mother was no longer comforted by Tommy’s touch and feared that she may have indeed brought a horrible stranger into her home.  The fear, guilt and confusion created anger she began to engage from fear base, and challenged Tommy to leave her family and home.  Instead Angela’s family ended up leaving their home that night and fleeing to the safety of a family member. A family friend was brought into the situation and she is the one who called me into assisting the family.

During the consult the following day I was asked to access the family from a paranormal perspective. What I found was a family whose inner core was divided on many levels.  I took care of their emotional and spiritual needs by doing energy work, prayer, and simply listening.  

The next day I went to the house where the activity occurred with my husband who explores the forensic side of the paranormal, and is a deeply respected spiritualist with lengthy experience in the removal of dark energy.

Upon initial examination of the home it appeared to be benign without any real signature of anything paranormal. We brought out my tools for further investigation, and another layer began to unfold. The mother was asked to be at the house so that once we began to use the instruments we would only point to where we found activity, and it was her knowledge of her personal space where she would either agree, or disagree.

She was rather taken aback to the results as it proved to her physically that there was indeed something paranormal occurring.  Both my husband and I began the extermination process of the energy little did we know that it would only be the beginning of a very long week. 

After we were finished and our respective instruments no longer registered any activity we left the home satisfied that we had indeed accomplished what we came to do; banish the enemy. 

I was told by Angela’s mother that a priest was on his way to their home to do a house blessing in lines with their religious beliefs, and that he would seal the house off and put the finishing touches to the ordeal.  Things were calmer for a few more days; however the priest never showed up to do the blessing.

Then came round two as sheets were ripped off the middle child’s bed, the littlest child began to sleep walk, and display high fear complications. The mother engaged again, entrusted to the belief that her faith would protect her and rid the spirit from her domain.  What she did not expect was that Tommy was the main reason for the fear entering her once peaceful home.

Again I was called in then told that the priest did not show for the blessing and hysteria was running rampant once again in the home. Again in the middle of the night they had to flee. I asked my husband what I missed, what we did not do, but mainly blamed myself for a short while that I missed something.   

We decided that there may have been a mirror that was not blessed, or some sort of portal that was opened, and never closed off.  See, long before we heard about this family members within the home engaged in the use of a Ouija board.  Initially, when the mother was very young she obtained one and “played with it” her father got a hold of it and threw it out.  One the one hand, it was a good decision, however, once a board is opened if it is not closed off properly it will still essentially remain opened.

This event was further complicated by 4 other openings of similar boards within the property of the home.  It was initially started by the mother, and eventually her own children would become involved in the same activity.  First few times she knowingly participated with them, the last few times she was unaware of their activity.

Complicated by the fact that Tommy was growing in presence and the energy in the home was becoming more threatening, my instinct was to find out what was driving this family apart.  I consulted with the mother privately she began to express sensitive matters between her and her spouse, deep concerns for her children and the insecurities of what the future would bring.  After three hours of at times gut wrenching sadness, pain and frustration finally, a breakthrough.

Remember, dark energy feeds on fear, sorrow, depression, guilt and the lack of spiritual knowledge that you ARE in charge of your personal energy, and can kick some serious spiritual butt when the NEED arises. Empowering this family giving back their personal and spiritual power assessing their needs this family began the healing process. 
That night there was a great sense of accomplishment and a real sense of forward movement. The scary things that seem to have control were now losing ground.  The priest had made another appointment to come to the home and this time he actually showed up blessed the house, left holy water and salt to make more since the bottle is never to remain less than half full.

There was peace quietness that had not been there for weeks, all was calm and right with their world then Thursday evening came to be, and their world was again rocked.  You see because it was important to keep things balanced in their home this required them to keep all things that were of the occult out.  Anyone who walked in this manner was not to be brought into the home, no movies, no contact with any material seen or unseen was to be engaged.

Although Angela made it as clear as she could to her mother that she no longer wanted contact with David there was just one more hurdle that her mother wanted to cross before she made it final in her mind.  Angela had prepared for months before all of this chaos in the house for her homecoming. It was a huge expense of time, and money and it became the only thing that Angela’s mother would pay direct attention to, which would eventually cause the final fury and eradication of Tommy and his minions. 

Upon arrival at the doorstep of Angela’s home her mother knew that there was something not right.  Although David looked dressed for the occasion, and Angela was beautiful in her gown something was not quite right.  She invited David into the home and went to the kitchen to finish what she was doing, and then she started to get that familiar feeling of being watched.

She asked David if he had anyone with him and his response was something that left her feeling cold, but not helpless.  He said “Yeah, only my drama making buddy.”  Angela was becoming more and more agitated began to beg her mother to not force her to go with him, but her mothers told her get into the truck, and just go already that she would be just fine.

Angela did as she was told and experienced nothing but misery, and a strong desire to just go back home.  Meanwhile her mother was dealing with Tommy and he had brought friends who were taunting her and again causing major chaos.  Again the family had to flee to the family safe home after Angela arrived back home.  

The final round:

When I got the last call from Angela’s mom I was to say the least... surprised.  My husband and I did everything at least I thought at the time to finish the job.  Before I started to talk to the mother I asked my husband what would cause this to happen again?  He said Occam’s Razor applies here (which is that the answer to the question, is the simplest one which accommodates all the facts.) either there is a dead body under the house, or they let someone into the home that had negative energy.

I had already explained to Angela’s mother that once everyone’s energy was brought to balance and the house was cleared that as long as there was nothing done within the home, and no one brought any unbalanced energies into the home it would stay peaceful.  She was under the impression that once I did my work, and the priest came to do the blessing it was not something she would ever have to worry about again.

Unfortunately she did not understand that this only works if you don’t open the door willingly and let them in. David was allowed back into the home, and he brought Tommy with him.  Seeing that what was done was done and understanding that there was no unringing of this bell, I told her that I would come out one more time, and do what I could with the help of my guides, angels and the gifts that were given to me by God to reinforce what we had done a few nights previously.

This time I brought a sacred mixture of salt and white sage to not only work with in the home, but to seal off the entire property.  What this does is to ensure that nothing of the demonic will cross its path.  Inside the home for the most part it was clear until we arrived in her bedroom.  I used a pendulum to detect the unwanted energy, found that it was apparent on the foot of the bed itself, and also in the closet.  I used prayer, and holy water to bless the bed and bring it to balance.   

I then addressed the energy in the closet as I prayed in the language of the Holy Spirit. It is a language that was bestowed on me when I was in my early teens after I became born in the spirit.  I prayed for a while then made the sign of the cross and I used a Danburite crystal to soak up the energy.  Danburite acts as either an amplifier or a sponge and can emit or soak up unbalanced energy. 

Danburite stimulates spiritual awareness & activates the crown chakra, the energy center at the top of the head. It is said to be a stone which connects with the realm of angels, and to be useful in communicating with them. Danburite helps to expand and enhance one's field of awareness, bringing greater clarity and sensitivity. Has a positive influence upon the brain, enhancing concentration and memory. Greatly supports the nervous system. Uplifting, yet calming. It also assists in patience, endurance and strength, encourages the vitality and longevity of the body and when used in conjunction with Green Calcite (used in trapping unwanted spiritual entities) acts like a spiritual sponge.

Once the closet was cleared Angela’s mom felt dark energy behind her and grabbing her arm tightly. She did not indicate what side it was on, but I pointed and she nodded yes, I grabbed a handful of the sacred salt mixture and told her when I say move, you do it.  Upon her moving I threw the salt so that it scattered in the energies direction.  I then gathered up the residual energy into the Danburite and the room was finally clear.

She mentioned that she felt lighter as if an enormous weight had been lifted from her body.  “Praise God finally” I said you have been cleansed your home is cleansed and you are free. 

I then went about the task of surrounding the property with the sacred salt mixture, and spoke with the family did a bit of tweaking on their energy levels, reinforced the necessity of prayer and communication and called it case closed.


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