Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to recognize a Psychic Attack

 What is a Psychic Attack?

Very often I am asked if a client has been cursed or is under a psychic attack. I tend to error on the conservative side where this topic is concerned, and I will ask the client a series of questions regarding mental, physical, and spiritual behaviors. I am always of the mindset that as long as you are of sound mind, do not fret about what others think of you, and have a good handle on your spiritual belief system; outside denser energies cannot invade your personal space.

I also realize that energies are changing on the planet, and sometimes because of stress denser energies can intrude into the thought process. This is why it is important to be mindful. In this I mean do not partake in things that are unhealthy in any area of your life. The people whom you choose to associate with, what you eat and read. The most important thing though to help keep you balanced and free from unwanted energies is to use the tools of your spiritual beliefs.

You cannot just pick up a tool that your unfamiliar with and expect it to work for you. You should be trained in what works within your spiritual belief system and stick to those methods. If for some reason you need extra help seek out people whom are trusted, and well versed in assisting those in spiritual need.

Here are some indications that you may have dense energy around your personal space: Do you feel unbalanced as if something is out of sync with the norm? Do you have a hard time focusing on projects, or things that are important to you? Do you feel overly tired when you think on certain issues, or go to certain places? Do you feel a tingling feel at your crown, or third eye when you are not purposely focusing on your spiritual body? These feelings may be equated with stress, sadness, and/or depression. Please make sure to speak with your doctor regarding your physical and mental health. If findings result in no medical rationale behind your systems you may be experiencing psychic energy attacks.

Considering this possibility you may also be experiencing a lot of incidents which are unfavorable. Loved ones may act as if you are not important to them, they may avoid you or talk to you in such a manner that you just don’t know who they are any more. This type of energy can manifest itself in dream time, or while you are awake. If you are feeling like you have a lot of unreasonable fears speak to your doctors, a trusted friend, or a trusted medium.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVER CONSULT ANYONE WHO DEMANDS HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY BY CREATING MORE FEAR IN YOU AND SAYING YOU, OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS ARE CURSED! If the medium/psychic is legit they will work with you on your level and never demand anything from you that will cause you further emotional harm/ or financial damage.

Here is a client story regarding dense energy and personal invasion of a loved ones choice.
I met Jackie about a year ago when things were looking a bit drab in my life. My best friend, Tian, had went back to China after a horrible relationship and was only to be gone a couple of months. The woman he had been involved with, Yuchi, was relentless and tracked him down there. In the meantime, I remained stateside, missing Tian horribly and trying to decide if I should admit to him that the love I had for him was a lot more than just that of a mere friend. Many conversations over the phone only confused matters and Yuchi continued to do everything she could to cause Tian problems even overseas.

Jackie was someone who helped me get some clarity in the worst situation. Her reading was very correct, that Yuchi would not give up easily, and she recommended a little push to help clear her out once and for all. She also let me know that though my love would be returned he was in no shape to be in any relationship and would not be for quite some time. That he was nothing short of a mess.... boy was she right there... but that he would be coming back to the US and to me and to just be patient.

Since that time, whatever she did worked and Yuchi shortly afterward became history- nothing more than a picture in a photo album and a bad dream. Tian returned to the states and shortly after his return moved in with me. Our relationship is still there and has grown to be that of very loving best friends and we would be lost without each other.

Jackie's readings on us have been very much to the point and almost always accurate- only time may be delayed off for a couple of weeks or something trivial like that. I continue to have Jackie look at things for us and recommend her to people when they ask me for someone who reads and is for real. I know I have not been completely full with all the details but some things remain private.

Thank you Jackie for always being a light in the dark or a voice of reason when things get crazy, especially in a cross cultural relationship such as the one I am in that has had many twists, turns and complications.

Las Vegas
May 2009

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