Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Clairvoyant Encounter with the Other Side: Messages from Scott

Messages from Scott: An encounter with the other side

A large part of the work I do is re-connecting loved ones with those who have crossed over. If the client has not had any experience with a medium and they desire to speak with a loved one I explain to them that it’s not like dialing 1-800-the-deceased, but if their loved one makes the decision to create a link back to them I will always do what I can to assist the message.

How does this occur? I see spirits like I see human people except sometimes I only see their faces, or an image like a birth mark or some sort of difference that they want to convey to a loved one. Often I will hear or see names, direct information that involves the death, or events which led up to the passing. Many times too, I will literally feel what happened to their loved one. This ability is called empathic response. If I get information like this it helps the client to understand that yes, I do have their loved one, and they can relax and believe that I know what I am doing.

I will see things very quickly like a movie they are playing in front of me. Many times I describe these images to my client as it is a puzzle that has been thrown up in the air. Some pieces are colored side up while others are face down. When those who have crossed over are trying to pass information to me they will sometimes show things out of context because to them everything is so different. Being a medium and able to sense these messages is a blessing to those who are seeking some sense of closure.

The following story sent in by a client I will call “D” is just one of the thousands of contacts that were made to assist a loved one re-connect.

My name is D. and my husband died almost two years ago. It was very unexpected and painful watching him suffer for ten days after a procedure which should've added decades to his life expectancy. Needless to say I was in shock for a great deal of time and wasn't coping very well. I have two children who desperately needed me and who I love more than anything in the world. I was crying everyday and night waiting for him to come home or give me a sign that he was with me in some way. I lost my faith and couldn't believe that he was taken away from us at such a young age.

One night I was online looking for any kind of support, crying and having what felt like another panic attack when I entered a chat room for a "Reading." I've always believed in the afterlife but never felt like I'd made a connection with any one psychic when I truly needed it. Jackie was incredibly warm, kind and supportive to me. She was able to describe my husband's experience in the hospital and what led to his death. She was also able to describe many specifics about what had been happening in my life afterward pertaining to financial, family and many emotional issues that I was facing every day.

Jackie gave me messages that only he would have known and images that were so real they took my breath away. Besides that reading, she has contacted me just to say hello and give me guidance on everyday issues that my children and I still face on a daily basis. She helps me clarify issues so I can make better choices and when I'm having difficult days near holidays or family events, she reminds me that what I'm feeling is ok and not to let others judge me.

I will always be grateful for her time, guidance and unconditional support Jackie has shown me during the past 23 months. She was truly an angel for me.
D in NY

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