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Carol's Story: A Dance into the Metaphysical Light

Carol’s Story: A Dance into the Metaphysical Light

Even after some twenty plus years I am still amazed at how I come about information to assist those in need of answers. One of my most valued mentor’ Betty Eurdman, after I asked the how do I do this question once to many times for her liking said point blank “It’s not important the how! What is important is that you do, and you do it to the best of your ability.”

Being the person I am though I am still seeking answers to the why. I have talked to hundreds of intuitive, energy workers, spiritual healers, and consulted books and teachers of quantum physics. To this I find that it is a measure of different dimensional energies, life experiences, checks and balances. The body is a complex mix of energies in itself. Scientist and Physicians’ are still discovering exactly how the body works.

At the most basic of levels the body responds to physical energy that of the five senses, and what is known as cosmic energy that of the energy of the planet itself along with that of the planetary alignments. Each of these energy systems creates a mesh of information whereby a sensitive can derive a collection of pulses and images.

Receiving information just sort of out of the blue for anyone is included in what I would term psychic events. At some point the physical energy of the individual matches with the cosmic energy to shed light on a subject that has excess output of energy. What I mean by this is when there is an event in someone’s life whereby the situation is highly emotionally charged such as a missing persons, a death, some sort of violent act there is an event horizon. It will cast out a discharge of energy which the receiver (medium, spiritualist, sensitive) can tap into.

Imagine this puzzle (picture of the person’s life) is thrown up 100’s of feet into the air. The event of the puzzle being thrown up into the air pushes the energy upwards, as the pieces begin to fall they brush up against all the energy that is surrounding the puzzle. They begin to go outwards and cause their own pulses. These pulses are electrical energy that bounces of the planet energy, and any animal, human, plant energy that they come in contact with.

After they fall to the ground there are pieces which are face up and those which are face down. This action of allowing the pieces to fall where they may is considered to be a random event which to a sensitive can produce clear and concise information to show them a pathway which would produce the best results. How can this allow a medium to retrieve future event information? Nothing is coincidence. All events are related even the one where the individual makes the effort to seek out a psychic.

Events are but brushstrokes on the canvas we call life; and with that here is Carol’s story.

Hi Jackie

When we spoke, and you told me of your being on a psychic Radio talk show, I was genuinely thrilled for you. And then you told me, that you are writing a book, I said to myself You Go Girl!!

When you also asked me if I would write something to appear in your book, I thought to myself what do I have to lend, to your book?

Guess a good place to start, is to say I have always been fascinated with those who are gifted. It amazes me that people have the ability to tune in to a person’s energy, and read it like one reads a Novel.

I’m no stranger to getting readings, and over time have come to realize in short order those who are real. One day, perhaps my own intuition kicked in, and i approached you online, and decided to get a reading from you. I prefer to get a reading from someone recommended, but my Gut said Give Jackie a try.

So on blind faith, we set up an appointment, First thing i sensed about you, you pull no punches, you say what you see, No sugarcoating from you :).

I had some serious concerns, which i wanted taken seriously. As you read, it became clear right away that you had indeed connected to me, and as the reading flowed I was amazed as to how accurate you are. Only afterwards as a bit of time passed did i get a real sense of your ability to give great detail. I floored Coworkers with details I said were to come and they laughed. And when they came to pass, they asked how did you know? I told them of you.

I have since gotten additional readings from you, you told me to check out the right front brake on the tan car I own, and you were right it needed brakes. How much more on point can you get?

I’m happy to have met you Jackie, and I wish you all the best the Universe has to offer. And may the success you deserve; be yours.

All the best,

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