Friday, April 29, 2011

Gail Kushner Her Psychic Search

I am pleased to tell you that my lady friend Gail Kushner is hard at work on her book regarding her personal psychic search. She has interviewed over 20 psychics myself included, and has a interesting blog on what its like for these psychics to experience life in the every day.

Here is a bit about Gail's view point:

"I am talking to psychics, intuitive's, readers and healers, to discover and share their stories. I want to find out what people with psychic abilities tap into and how they are able to access information. I want to know how psychics feel about their unique abilities. Are these abilities considered gifts or burdens? How did the psychics know they were psychic? Does this talent run in families? Where does the information come from?

I am also talking to clients, and potential clients, to find out what people expect when they come for a reading. I would like to find out whether or not psychic readings have helped clients live better, richer lives.

I am interested in helping people find out how to get the most from a reading. Clients may be interested in ways to find the reader who meets their needs, and psychics may be able to use information from clients to make their readings even more successful. Let's work together to see different viewpoints and bridge the gaps between the public, the clients and the readers.

To make all of this information available, I am blogging about the answers the psychics provided during their interviews. You can find this information on the 2008, 2009, and 2010 blogs on this site. These pages are full of information and insights so please check them out.

Are you interested in being involved? I want to hear your story! Send an e-mail to me at My Psychic Search can be your psychic search too!

Below is her recent posting to her blog with a personal view point from myself included.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Best Psychic Directory

I am thrilled to annouce that my site was choosen to be listed at   It is a very perstigeous web directory and I invite you to check out my page by simply typing Jackie Chin into the search engine. 

Be well in all things,


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