Sunday, March 6, 2011

Awakening: The Process of Becoming Psychic

Sometimes it comes in flash quick pictures pieces of a puzzle that don’t quite make sense. Sometimes it’s a smell a whiff of flowers, cologne, cigars. Sometimes it’s buzzing, nausea, or a  whirling feeling. No matter how it occurs it is very likely that spirit is sending a message. In this piece I will offer some insight into how spirit makes its self known to those who are willing to listen.One thing that most people notice right away is their sleep patterns start to change when they are encountering spirit. Many times it can be misconstrued as a symptom of stress, however if you wake up feeling like you have been somewhere else physically, wake up more than a few times per night feeling like you must write something, talk to someone, or have an idea that you just can’t let go of then you probably are experiencing spirit (having a paranormal experience.)

Is the top of your crown (crown chakra) or your third eye charka warm, tingling, or cooler than normal, or does it feels like it is being physically tapped on? If the answer is yes to any of these situations then you are probably experiencing spiritual energy. Normally this will not occur unless you ask your spiritual guides to assist in allowing you to become more intently aware of spiritual activity around you.

It is important to take notes with regard to this activity and change in sleep patterns to give you a basic understanding of how spirit will use your resting time for your benefit. If you find that you are having way to much information given to you (spirit is all energy and does not process information like we do in smaller waves of energy) then you can ask to have smaller sessions, or completely stop them for a while. Although it’s very interesting to those who are new to the vibration of spirit it can be very over whelming so take things in small steps and process them at your rate of comfort. It generally takes 21 days to make or break a pattern although everyone is at their own level it may take less or longer to adjust.

Are you experiencing odd sensations at the crown? Intense itching, tingling, crawling, tapping sensations are all a part of your spiritual body becoming awakened. That soft spot at the very top of your head is where your direct connection to spirit is formed from time you were born until you leave this physical world. It is seen as your spiritual life line not unlike that of an umbilical cord, and the connection to mother and child. It is at this point where spirit will enter into your physical awareness so when it becomes active you will experience a prickly sensation at first then it will evolve with your education. Think on this as information download be aware of your physical space and tell spirit when you have had enough. You will also notice when you are out in public that sometimes you will feel that buzzy feeling this is spirits way of telling you to pay attention. You can be fully satisfied that spirit is paying attention.

Are you emotions seemingly out of control? Do you experience crying jags which come over you unexpectedly? Do others notice that your moods swing widely without cause? Do you feel intense pressure on your chest while experiencing these emotional feelings? There is often an intense emotional roller coaster which stems from the onset of spiritual awareness. Once you have declared that you are not experiencing an emotional meltdown which would require professional guidance from a psychologist and/or a medical doctor you can then move on to a more esoteric level. Spirit does not always take into account human levels of emotion, or the fact that we don’t process things as fast as they do so it can be quite over whelming to go painful memories at a fast rate. Remember you can tell spirit “hey I need more time to process, and they will back off.” The reason why they want you to move through quickly is that once you have rid yourself of your personal burdens which many times can cause physical ailments’ you will have more time to work on spiritual matters.

Are you becoming more sensitive to touch, taste, smell, or light? It is not your imagination, but your spiritual awareness which has changed. Many begin to see auras around living things such as plants, animals and people. This is because your personal vibration has raised so much so that you are truly becoming more sensitive. Colors will appear more vibrant to you and you may also begin to see outlines of geometric shapes. Also your peripheral vision will become more advanced as you will begin to see your guides as perhaps at first misty in color, but later in full form if you so desire.

No matter what happens you are in control of where your spiritual gifts go towards. If you feel at anytime you are seeing things which you would desire not to you can tell spirit “I don’t want to do this anymore.” If you feel that you want to advance more you can ask your guides to show you more things in your dream time, meditation, or other quiet time. It is very important to develop all three sides to your being: Mind, Body and Spirit, and to neglect any of these will eventually cause you to lose sight of why you are really here. You’re a spiritual being experiencing a human existence. It is your purpose to learn as much about compassion, love and understanding of the human species as you possibly can so that one day you will teach others to rise up and walk in peace.

Author Note***As with all things I speak of regarding the paranormal research your own experiences, and if necessary follow up with your doctors to make sure you are of sound mind and body.  Many of these above aspects of spiritual activity can also be equated to emotional dysfunctions so take care to make sure you speak with your doctor if you feel there is something more going on then a spiritual awakening.

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