Sunday, January 23, 2011

A case against using spells and magic

Disclaimer* While some people use spells for religious rituals, spells performed the wrong way or with wrong intentions can be problematic.

Psychic spells are a way of focusing and manifesting psychic powers through the use of form, structure, ritual or tradition.

An advanced psychic uses psychic spells as a form of meditation: by going through the motions of the psychic spell, the psychic 'eases into' the mindset from which he or she can achieve the goal of the psychic spell most easily. Psychic spells also serve as 'mind training': by repeating the motions many times the energy pathways within the psychic's mind get clearer and stronger.

A beginner psychic often mistakenly assumes that the form of a psychic spell is the source of its power. Psychic spells only serve as a bridge between the psychic and the desired goal - the source of power is the psychic and psychic spells can only enhance that power.

A master psychic understands that psychic spells are tools and uses them as a form of leverage: the ability to achieve maximal effect with minimal energy. The psychic spells of a master psychic are a fluid motion, extensions of the psychic's consciousness, and are often made up on the spot according to circumstances and potential tools at hand

Over the years I have worked with many clients who have come to me as a last resort seeking answers, change, motivation and other releases from concerns in their lives. Some have even told me that they have been to see spiritualists who use magic to obtain their desires.

On the one hand I do not have a problem with those who occasionally light a white candle to ask for guidance from their spiritual center (God, spirit guides, loved ones crossed over) as a matter of fact I offer this as a suggestion for those who feel like they need to be more spiritually aware.

The white candle signifies bringing balance to self, and the flame signifies the light of God, or guidance from universal consciousness. It is simply a tool to help the self focus on the heart of the matter. Lighting it signifies the desire to make this connection to spirit, and saying a prayer or focusing intent is all that is required.

There are those whoever, who use candles for the sole rationale of obtaining spiritual possession over another person; it is this use of candles where I draw the line and feel the need to stop anyone who is even remotely toying with the idea. It is something that although for the most part won't do anything but deplete you pockets of hard earned cash cause more heart ache then you could even begin to imagine.

Case in point: I had a client back in 2005 who came to me and said she had gone to a spell caster and paid over 800 dollars to have someone become in love with her and leave his current girlfriend. She said that she had tried a number of things before she went to this person all to no avail. The problem? The man she thought she would love till the day she died almost did actually kill her.

As much as I believe that magic cannot do anything to the strong minded, and that if you do not know you have had any work done for you or against you that it can not do anything to you; all that seem to have just went out the door. I found that this man did not know the spell caster was not even in the same state as he was, but his actions began to change and he started to move towards his new desire I will call Maria.

Maria at first was thrilled she thought hey I spent good money and I got amazing results. However, after a number of months went by she realized that this man was really not all that she thought he was in person. Her ideals of what he would be like to have around 24/7 started to become shattered shortly after they became physical.

She did not like his rough approach and felt that she wanted him to leave her alone. He did not approve of her not wanting to be with him anymore, started to stalk her, and about 4 months after they were "together" he took her forcefully, and almost took her life.

Maria ended up moving from the state she loved and family who cared for her to get away from him. Moral of the story if the person you desire does not get you, or is not moving fast enough for you to feel secure; walk away. Do not go to a spell caster you may loose more than your cash and dignity you could lose your life!


  1. Very enlightening well written article of the dangers of using spells to land the object of your affections and what can happen. The right person for you shouldn't need a spell fo fall for you anyway. The magic should be there already without the use of magic! :)

  2. I had no idea there were such things. I thought spells were scams. Anyways, I don't think I would ever try to use spells to get a person to like me. Nice post.

  3. Concise; well written. I had always believed that "spellcasters" were merely so much hokum, smoke and mirrors, than anything real. However, even to a layperson such as myself, this article offers a more believable explanation. Thank you Jackie.



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