Friday, December 3, 2010

Psychic Dreaming Lucid Awareness: Productive Dream Time

Many times my clients ask how they can become more in tune with their spiritual nature, and able to gain insight into their subconscious. The easiest way to accomplish this is to be able to access their dream time and become aware of when they are dreaming. This process of awareness dreaming is called Lucid dreaming. When you are able to knowingly dream and take in information from a spiritual level you can begin to understand why you are where you are in your life.

These dreams can help you become aware of future event, explain recent past events or help you gain guidance into a matter that you would otherwise feel was hopeless. In order to have a meaningful dream however, you really have to be deeply relaxed and have a desire to open your subconscious to a higher form of vibration.

Nowadays, many people are so stressed out from their daily lives that they find this deep sleep to be very elusive. What I recommend to clients is to have a evening ritual a time about an hour prior to sleep where they shut off their tv’s, and electronic devices, or at least put them on a level that is hushed. A warm bath is ideal, but shower works too.

If this is just not something that you personally can do on a nightly basis then as best you can when you know that you have something you want to work on in dreamtime prepare yourself at least an hour before hand. Relaxing music, scents, temperature of the room are useful methods to calm the body as well.

Another part of relaxing is to involve the sense of smell through the use of herbals. There are a number of herbs that can be placed into a small drawstring pouch and placed in your pillow, or night stand.

 Lavender

 Mint

 Rosemary

 Rose petals

 Lily of the Valley

 Chamomile

 Jasmine

 Pine

 Cloves

 Mint

 Poppy leaves

 St. John’s Wort

 Mistletoe

 Mandrake pieces

All of these herbs have abilities to assist you in opening your subconscious to the psychic realm of lucid dreamtime. Once you decide what combination suits you and have found, or made a small drawstring pouch also color to your choosing fill it with the herbal combination. As you work on your dream pouch think on things which bring you pleasure and if you so desire pray to your guardian angel, or spiritual guide to help you bring peaceful energy into the dream pouch. Also, if you have any amulets that you would like to include before you seal it off do so now. Once the dream pouch is sealed it should not be reopened.

It is also recommend that you create a new dream pouch every few weeks, sooner if you feel the urge to change. Dried herbs although very fragrant in the beginning do tend to loose their pungent scents. This is one of the reasons behind changing out the dream pouch. Another is that as with all things they will absorb energies, and once they become over loaded they no longer serve a useful purpose.

Once you have started your Lucid dreaming process and you awaken it is best to write your experiences down in a dream journal. Don’t worry about not recalling everything in the beginning stages of this type of psychic awareness. What is important is to write as much as you can remember how you were feeling what your body remembers anything that makes sense to you from your dream.

If for some reason you do not have any lucid dreams, or cannot recall what you dreamed about do not worry. This is a process just as any psychic awareness and with time you will recall your dreams.

How to track your results using a Dream Journal

When you have gotten to that point in your sleeping cycles where you can recall your dreams it becomes important to place those thoughts into a Journal of some sort. You can use either one with paper and pen, or an online journal of your choice. It is not important how you track your dream work, but it is important that you do it.

There are a few basic details that are important to start your dream journal these are:

The date

Moon Cycle if you follow such matters

Theme of the dream


People that are in it

What is the environment?

Are you reminded of anything that is a part of your personal history?

PERSONAL REACTIONS What feelings are attached to this dream?

Are you currently in wake time dealing with something that may have triggered this dream?

Is this dream related to any that have gone before?

Do you feel in wake time prompted to do something because of this dream?

Have you gained any information in wake time that was gained in lucid dreaming?

Are there any aspects of this dream that are at this point in time unexplainable?

Upon waking do you recall any body sensations such as having feeling as if your spirit needed to re-enter your body? Are your legs feeling lighter than they should be? Are you feeling any sensation of tingling, warmer than normal or cooler than you should be after a sleep?

No matter what your results are regarding lucid dreaming remember the important part here is to acknowledge that you have decided to try something different, and that you are learning more about what makes you who you are.

Good luck and BEST DREAMS ;-)

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