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Paranormalist Responsiblities

The Other Side of Being Psychic:
 A paranormalist study into the moral obligations of sending spirits to the other side.

This article in intended to create discussion with regard to the moral obligations of mediums, psychics, parapsychologists, paranormal investigators, in the active sending on of spirits, ghosts or entities to “the other side.”

I have to admit that in all of the 20+ years I have dealt with spiritual entities I have not broached the morality of sending them to the other side. I have done my very best to make sure that if something was bothering a family, and causing a disturbance of their normal daily lives that I would send “it” to a place more fitting for such entities.

Those spirits who seemed to just want to go home after they realized that they were in fact deceased were sent on to where ever they felt they needed to be as well. I have also made sure to use techniques in each case that were acceptable to those who lived, or worked in the dwelling so as not to add to the confusion.

To me is just seems like the right thing to do to help those who need assistance whether living or deceased. The following are some of the reasons why spiritual energy stays Earth bound, and rationales that spiritualists have for sending them on to their next part of existence.

• Spirits (Ghosts) are the spiritual energy of those who are deceased and they may become ‘Earth bound’ in their demise due to trauma, or a deep feeling of things undone.

• The death was traumatic to loved ones, or others who keep grieving and essentially keep the spirit from moving forward.

• The individual had a long history of mental instability, used any variation of the black arts, indulged in speaking to demonic presences, was steeped in drug or alcohol abuse, or denied the presence of God.

• Spiritualist understand that there is energy that can linger after death, and that there are tools and methods to help assist those who truly want to move forward, and against those entities that would choose to cause harm to those who are innocent.

• Spiritualists are aware that there are many dimensions’, the spiritual body exists on another dimensional plane, and that it is necessary to enter into that realm to complete their life cycle.

• Having been called to take on the responsibility of assisting, protecting, and teaching the spiritual entities how to move to their final destination of peace is an awesome undertaking, and should never be treated without due regard.

• Learning techniques, having a broad understanding of religious beliefs, and a genuine fervor for doing what is right without ego are the responsibilities of a spiritualist.

Now that the basis of spiritual energy found on the Earth plane have been described, and the responsibilities of most psychics who feel this draw to assist those who have become stranded have been addressed I would like to discuss some of the situations where those who appear to want to help actually only make matters worse.

There are many shows on cable where you can find a paranormal investigator interested in area stories and “debunking” the myths, or drawing out the spiritual energy from dwellings where there have been poltergeist activity, or other disturbances.

Many psychics and paranormalist appreciate the publicity of the paranormal world, and for the most part do a good job in speaking to the people affected, but what tends to happen because of ratings is the over dramatization of the event, the tendency to freak out at the littlest of noises (as if they did not know that there could b e something that does go bump in the night)? It is difficult to tell where there is real activity, or just the misuse of equipment. Then there are those who shall not be named that call out the demonic to challenge it head on, and perhaps cause tremendous chaos offer few resolutions and then leave. These are the ones who are most troubling and honestly should just stick to watching from the sidelines.

Beyond what spiritual entities are, the responsibilities of a paranormalist, and how spirits can be assisted or taunted, there is another factor to consider when discussing the moral side of sending entities to the other side.

I’m reminded of a situation a few years back at a local powwow in 2008 were everyone involved was very much alive, but bare with me the connection will be made back to spiritual entities soon enough.

It was a beautiful summer day at least mid 80’s and my family was visiting a favorite uncle named Andy, who had a massive handmade Tipi, and some slamming sloppy joe sandwiches. The children and my husband were waiting for me with Andy I had to go back to the van to get some supplies, and while I was on my way back I had noticed a small crowd of about 6 people standing around where there was no exhibit, or activity. What I found when I approached was to my mind simply appalling. These people all Caucasian were video tapping and taking pictures of a Native American man sleeping.

My nature is sometimes rather loud especially when I see something so totally absurd that it needs to be addressed. I immediately yelled “what the hell are you thinking? This man is sleeping he is not an exhibit on display where is your compassion, or even for that matter your common sense?”

The ones who were filming asked me if I knew the man, or what I was so wound out about then proceeded to tell me that this was a free country and that they could do whatever they wanted. I stood my ground and said a bunch of stuff then that I won’t print here, but suffice it to say they left.

Never did find out who the man was it was to me of no importance what was important is that they stopped.

My point in all of this is the draw attention to the fact that even though they are dead they still deserve all the respect they did while they were living. So don’t keep them around like pets, or do anything that would be considered disrespectful if they were in full 3d form. We have as spiritualist a moral obligation to respect life in all forms, and to stand up for those who do not have a physical voice, or body in death.

So how does a paranormalist determine what they are dealing with exactly when it comes to spiritual entities? The answer is relatively simple if you do not have experience in dealing with such matters find someone who can mentor you till you do. Never decide to take on a spiritual send off just because it looks simple on tv, or you read a how to book. Seek out information regarding the space where activity is said to be, and determine what the necessary course of action will be based on your personal experience.

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