Monday, September 20, 2010

Attract that New Job NOW!

Are you out of work? Try these techniques to attract that new job NOW!! If you are in need of a job and feel like you have lost hope, direction and your self confidence what you might just need to help give you a boost is working on your spiritual energy.

Yes, I am sure you have heard all about the power of now, and you are up to your ears in hearing you need to think positive to bring abundance. Although you may understand that it is important to think positively, it is also important to EXPECT that positive change too. Without that needed expectation all your efforts could be waisted.  In this article I will give you the tools you need to obtain that much needed new job.

Identify the Goal

Jobs are often like relationships and relationships can last for decades or they can fall flat in weeks. You would not just meet up with someone right away and start telling them all your guarded secrets now would you? No, you would be careful to understand who they were first. This is the same technique you need to start out with your new job. Find out all you can about the position you would like to obtain. Learn specifics such as what tasks you would be performing, if you will work with others, or on your own. What sort of skills would you need? Do you need schooling to make a good placement? Most importantly you must be realistic about your qualifications. Make a list of all of these qualifications for your new job. No matter what job it is if it makes you feel good about whom you are then its right for you. Make adjustments where you need to for your list!

Take Intentional Action!

In spiritual practices, energy always flows where the attention goes. This means that in order to get the energy of your new job, you need to make sure you’re being attentive and putting energy into finding it. Spend time every single day looking at classified ads, sending out resumes, talking to people about your search, and thinking good thoughts about the future. Even if you’ve hired a headhunter to find a position for you, still be active in the process by requesting daily updates from them and investigating companies online that your representative has selected for you. Be intentional about finding work- don’t treat it as a process that should find you- we call it ‘job hunting‘ for a reason! If you choose to use prayer as a method for calling forth work, I am right behind you on that one, but consider praying for guidance, empowerment, and wisdom in actively finding the right job- not for having it delivered to your doorstep.

Every Action Has An Equal Reaction… What’s Your Reaction Going To Be?

Who are You?

The truth about why many people have a hard time finding work is that in their core they don’t believe they deserve anything great. It’s imperative that you spend time each day checking your thoughts and beliefs. If you aren’t confident that you deserve the very best job for YOU as an individual- replete with great pay, awesome benefits, amazing co-workers, and sky-high potential for promotion… then we need to talk! Remind yourself consistently that for every person on the planet, a new need is created- and due to that new need, a new job is out there somewhere with your name on it. There is more than enough for all of us, and ‘lack mentality’ is only going to help you attract a seriously lack-luster job!

In a reality filled with infinite possibility- you truly can have whatever you desire!

Interview On The Astral Plane

In meditation, call forth the perfect situation in to your mind once you have what that is clear. Place yourself in the fullness of work and notice all the small details. Have conversations with you boss and ask questions- allowing responses to come through without judgment as truth. If anything funky happens in your visualization that doesn’t feel right for you… take note and take accountability. Go back to your list of qualities and start re-writing. Anything that manifests in this meditative state is either something you’ve consciously asked for- or a fear that’s manifesting. The sections above should help rid yourself of fear and get positive, while clarifying the things you do want to attract!

Spiritual meditation is the wise person’s true magic!

Sending out your Message

Select a stone or other object to serve as a sort of ‘still point energy beacon’ for your goal. Let this item remind you whenever you interact with it about your goals- and give it the power to be a lucky talisman… drawing the right guidance and connections to you like a magnet. Once you land your amazing job- hand it over to someone you love who needs some help finding theirs!

Watch Out… It’s Contagious!

Have a friend who’s got a sweet job? Take them out to dinner or invite them over for tea. The old axiom ‘you are who you associate with’ is very true- and by spending time with people who have the money, connections, lifestyle, attitude, health, spiritual connection, etc. that YOU want you’ll start emulating them and learning subtle secrets to big success!

Live The Dream

If you find yourself sleeping in and lazing about because you aren’t working right now, you’re slowly and silently digging your paradigm into a dark hole. Keep waking up on time for work, making a good breakfast, catching up with the news, and getting yourself ready for a productive and abundant day. If you live in the energy of a positive job- you’ll manifest that job… there’s no way to avoid it!

Don’t hit the snooze button too many times this morning and slept through living a higher state of abundant being!

Hand Me That Box Cutter, Will Ya?

If you’re living in a box about your career- now is the time to break free! Source very well may be telling you that your old belief about the work ‘you must do’ is a lie! Are you sure you’re doing what you want? Is fear and low self-esteem preventing you from approaching the job/career you truly want? Right now, give yourself permission to dream as wildly as possible about what you’d spend your days doing to earn money and participate in society in any way you’d truly love to. Got it? Now go get it!

Opportunity is calling for YOU!

The process leading to your perfect job may have some history… and there may be some more time ahead before it manifests. In the meantime, you are in control of the health of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit in the matter. Continue to do the things you love (even if you have to scale them back due to financial concern). Be creative, try new things, love yourself- and most of all, love healing yourself! Try to enjoy the process of finding work- because it just means a change is needed and you’ve entered a higher state of being! If you find yourself in a depressive or anxiety-ridden state, talk to friends for support or connect with a top-notch mental health provider. Sometimes just venting and getting some feedback makes all the difference in the world. Remember that in you deserving to be abundant in the limitless- you also deserve joy!

Keep moving forward even if it’s one toe at a time keep moving! YOU CAN DO IT~

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  1. I really enjoy this page. I found this section very mind provoking and insperational (I am looking forward to a job change). Sometimes we need a reminder in creating our path.
    Thank you for taking out the time to add such valuable insight.

  2. Nice, Jackie. Positive thinking is a must. I'll let you know when I manifest that job.

  3. Very nice i enjoyed what you wrote, I hope it helps my husband find a job SOON!! I will let ya know thanks for everything>



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