Thursday, July 22, 2010

A word about spirit guides

"The first peace, which is the most important,
is that which comes within the souls of people
when they realize their relationship, their oneness,
with the universe and all its powers,
and when they realize that at the center of the universe
dwells the Great Spirit,
and that this center is really everywhere,
it is within each of us."
~ Black Elk - Oglala Sioux ~

Whenever I start to write an article regarding spiritual matters I give a few minutes to “spirit” and quiet my monkey rambling mind to the peace of pure energy. That same driving force that has created everything including the planet we live on. How fascinating it is at times to think we are hurling through space at approximately 67,108 mph, while we can sit here and write things of which we can only begin to glimpse any knowledge of, but I digress.

I had a wonderful conversation with an online friend who works in the field of spiritual enlightenment and we talked for a short while on the matter of spirit guides. Within the last year they had lost a dear loved one to a brain hemorrhage. Truly a horrible way to die, but worse there were loved ones here who felt simply lost without the peace of this wonderful man on Earth.

She asked me if it was some sort of karmic reasoning behind his untimely death, if perhaps he did or did not do something he was supposed to and that was why his life was taken. I did my best to console her and remind her that this sort of thing is like a ticking time bomb in a person’s body and there was nothing a doctor could really have done without him being in a hospital with a scanner going checking out something else in his head. They would have had to have had him already in a hospital and even then he may still have died.

The beauty of this man’s spirit came off in the picture that my lady friend sent to me, and it was clear that he was and still is a driving force even now. One of the very last things he had said to her was that he would never leave her. And for quite some time after his death she could still feel him in a very real earth time presence.

Her questions though began when that “feeling” quit; it had been a number of days and she could not feel him on any level. She came to me to help her understand what may have happened to the man who said he would never leave her side.

Many times we can still have a real presence connection to loved ones who have touched our lives and have since passed into the full spiritual side of the body. We are wonderfully and gloriously made; we are mind, body and spirit. We mostly give all of that lip service and do not really fully understand that once we die we evolve into spirit from where we emanated. Once our physical body serves us no longer we can move into a new more complete body of light and energy.

This energy can take form, presence and is very real. When we pass over into this new fuller energy we can move through time and space without any interference. We can see loved ones hear them touch them even; all of which depends on our personal guides who are waiting for us when this crossing over occurs. We learn how to fully embrace love, compassion and if we desire we can stay with those who we love.

This bond here on Earth is extremely powerful nothing destroys love, just as nothing destroys energy. Our loved ones through the power of prayer, and the compassionate act of love can draw their loved ones near at any time. Learning how to reach out only takes a short amount of time, and the willingness to let go of fear, and forgiving the person for dying.

My lady friend was upset and somewhat angry that her best friend in the entire world left her. I had to make her understand that in her desperation to hold onto something; in this case the anger, she was holding herself back from making another connection with him. I told her once she made a real attempt to let that be part of her grieving past, and make a better choice to just simply love she would reconnect.

I would venture to say that everyone has a spirit guide; mostly they are ancestors who have a particular passion for assisting their living line to progress in spiritual awareness; however in saying that there are those guides for which there is no real explanation that they find a particular person and walk with them for a while. You can think of a spiritual guide like this: someone who has a particular expertise in events of the living world, and has the ability to bring out potential in others.

You can recognize your guide in a number of ways. It may be a song that won’t quit playing in your head; it may be a series of numbers, a scent that takes you by surprise like that of tobacco or a perfume essence. It may be a thought that inspires you to take a different road, or make a different decision that turns out to be better for your circumstance.

It is not so much important to know exactly who it is, or how it works what is important is that it happens every day of your life and you probably don’t even realize it. Becoming aware is the first step in understand the importance of your spiritual guide allowing for him or her to show you in the quiet of your mind.

How to call upon your guide:

There are many ways a person can be introduced to their spirit guides; mainly however, the process is all relatively the same. In a quiet space either indoors or in nature tune you focus towards the light inwards that gives you breathe. As you become aware of your spiritual body begin to become aware of your breathing. Breathing in through your nose into your lungs deep as you can breathe in the light (you may color this light any hue you enjoy). As you breathe out from your mouth allow the color to form around your external body. Keep doing this breathing exercise until you’re sure that your body is in a complete colored bubble.

Now that you have extended your spirit you can now touch those guides with your energy and allow them to make themselves present to you. Do not worry that you may attract anything of a negative nature as your internal spirit will not allow anything to harm you during this exercise.

As you feel your energy connecting to your guide ask that they reveal their name within 20-30 seconds you will get a knowing or understanding of their name and gender. Do not be concerned if the name sounds odd, or unfamiliar. As I made mention earlier it is possible for anyone living who has crossed over to reach out and assist someone on the earth plane. Guides also come in all forms both human and animal. For now we will concentrate on the human form.

After you receive the name make the connection by saying it aloud three times. Breathe in deeply through the nose and release with the mouth. Before taking the next breathe say the name of your guide. When you are finished with the exercise write down any impressions you receive, and any thoughts you may have to ask your guide in the next session.

For those who have been introduced into the church with regard to the holy spirit once you have this presence in your life it will NEVER leave you no matter how much you feel like you are alone. You can call upon the Holy Spirit to help guide you through any situation where you feel spiritual guidance is required. If you feel you are afraid and in need of protection you can call upon the Holy Spirit to help banish any evil presence in your home or around you.



Your loved ones can see you, hear you and want to be a part of your living life as long as you place your grief in proper perspective and allow your love to shine through in due time, you too will find this peace and allow them to guide you from the other side.

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  1. I wanted to thank Jackie for her insight on a matter that was opposite everyone's else prediction. She was correct in the outcome and although it wasnt what I wanted to hear she told me in a loving manner & no candy coating
    Thank You



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