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Does the energy in your home or workplace keep you from feeling at ease?

Do you feel uneasy in your home or work place?
At times the home may fall prey to storing negative energy, unwanted spirits/ghosts and other paranormal occurrences. This usually happens if there has been negative events within the home, such as violence, death, sickness, depression, or imbalance of the land etc. It can also occur due to spirits being drawn to a member of the household, or a spirit haunting a place due to unresolved issues. These events may be known to you, or they may have occurred prior to you living in the house in question. If you feel uncomfortable with the energy of your home, or you have had manifestations that are unwanted, it is advised that you have your home cleansed and blessed to prevent the negative energies from affecting you and your family.

Generally speaking there are two types of imbalance that can happen in a home. The first is the energy of the home being out of balance, and needing restoration. The home can absorb energy, and if the energy present in your home does not feel welcoming and calm, it may well need clearing to regain a sense of harmony. The second imbalance is for the home to be haunted by a spirit or ghost. In this situation there may be ghost or entity residing within the home that is out of place. Ghosts are the spirits of people who have not yet crossed over, and it is advised that they are assisted to do so, rather than to remain in this plane of existence. Most ghosts are not too troublesome, but there are situations where the spirit can have a very detrimental effect on those living within the house.

 Following is a list of some of the types of manifestations that may occur in a house that requires cleansing.

  • A feeling of unease, heavy energy, not feeling comfortable in your home
  • Feeling like you are being watched
  • Seeing things dart past you out of the corner of your eye
  • Feeling like you have been touched or grabbed
  • Hearing strange noises, voices, footsteps etc
  • Seeing strange lights
  • Objects being moved about the house
  • Objects being shaken, broken, flung across the room
  • Strange foul odors
  • Nightmares that are not usual
  • Bad energy affecting those in the house causing arguments, a feeling of being jinxed, or a run of bad luck 
  • Seeing full or part apparitions of spirits/ghosts/entities
  • Extremes in temperature, usually cold
  • Mists or clouds of smoke forming
  • Dramatic change in personality and behavior of someone living within the house
  • Animals that will not go into certain rooms
  • Being physically attacked, held down, strangled etc by spirits/entities
  • Doors slamming, lights blowing out and other violent manifestations
Obviously there is a wide range of possible manifestations that can occur. Some of the feelings may be intuited by you or others in your home, others still may present themselves to you in a very dramatic way. The important thing to remember is that you have the right to feel comfortable in your own home. For whatever the reason that the energy has become imbalanced, it is always a good idea to try to find out why, and to put an end to the disruption. Not all spirits that display manifestations in the home are negative, some are just lost or unable to move on, while others can be very nasty indeed.

If you feel that you would like your home or business cleansed and blessed I am able to do this by appointment. The process involves me coming to your address to sense what is out of balance in your home, followed by a ritualized cleansing. I like to use a mix of candles, incense, oils etc in conjunction with prayer (you are welcome to participate in the cleansing and blessing of you home). During a house blessing I will assess what is out of balance, make contact with any spirits that are within the property, clear the negative energy and help the spirit to cross over, as well as bless the property to ensure the home is protected and peaceful in the future. During the session I may also advise you on how to improve the energy of your home in simple ways, such as placement of objects and layout to encourage the best energy possible in your home. I have successfully performed house blessings and sprit clearings for dozens of families as well as working to improve the energy of retail shops and private business's.

Most house blessings take about an hour to perform, however this time can vary depending on the nature and intensity of the work required.

To begin with, the home or office has the ability to capture and hold low vibration and/or negative energy. Negative energy manifests through low vibration thoughts and ideas and is expressed mentally, physically or verbally. Anger, sadness, resentment, fights and arguments, bad thoughts or memories of events or people, hateful or harsh words spoken, etc in the home or office place can gather to develop negative energy.

Buying a new house? Moving into a new office space? Houses and buildings inherit energy from previous occupants so it’s always a good idea to cleanse the home or building of unwanted energy before even moving the first piece of furniture in.

My goal when clearing out the energy is to get rid of the old, stale negative energy, clear it, kick it out the door and replace it with good, clean clear loving happy energy.

Real Estate Agents and Landlords:

Are you having a hard time selling a particular house or keeping a house occupied with tenants? Does the house hold low vibrations from previous or current residents? Has a death, divorce or foreclosure happened in the home? If you said yes to these things, you may want to consider having the house cleansed of negative energy and blessed creating a more inviting atmosphere for new prospects. To set up an appointment please contact me!

In our daily lives we all have good days and bad days. Spaces where people are present, whether it is living, working or even just visiting, will collect all sorts of energies, some positive, some negative. In fact every person who visits a space, if even for a brief period, will leave energies behind that will linger. Doing a regular cleansing and purification, preferably every month, will clear these energies that accumulate and make for a much more peaceful and balanced abode.

Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel

How the original Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel was created

One day, after celebrating Mass, the aged Pope Leo XIII was in conference with the Cardinals when suddenly he sank to the floor in a deep swoon. Physicians who hastened to his side could find no trace of his pulse and feared that he had expired. However, after a short interval the Holy Father regained consciousness and exclaimed with great emotion: "Oh, what a horrible picture I have been permitted to see!"

He had been shown a vision of evil spirits who had been released from Hell and their efforts to destroy the Church. But in the midst of the horror the archangel St. Michael appeared and cast Satan and his legions into the abyss of hell. Soon afterwards Pope Leo XIII composed the following prayer to Saint Michael, which is the original version:

Original - Prayer to St. Michael

“O Glorious Prince of the heavenly host, St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the battle and in the terrible warfare that we are waging against the principalities and powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the evil spirits. Come to the aid of man, whom Almighty God created immortal, made in His own image and likeness, and redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of Satan.

“Fight this day the battle of the Lord, together with the holy angels, as already thou hast fought the leader of the proud angels, Lucifer, and his apostate host, who were powerless to resist thee, nor was there place for them any longer in Heaven. That cruel, ancient serpent, who is called the devil or Satan who seduces the whole world, was cast into the abyss with his angels. Behold, this primeval enemy and slayer of men has taken courage. Transformed into an angel of light, he wanders about with all the multitude of wicked spirits, invading the earth in order to blot out the name of God and of His Christ, to seize upon, slay and cast into eternal perdition souls destined for the crown of eternal glory. This wicked dragon pours out, as a most impure flood, the venom of his malice on men of depraved mind and corrupt heart, the spirit of lying, of impiety, of blasphemy, and the pestilent breath of impurity, and of every vice and iniquity.

“These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions. In the Holy Place itself, where the See of Holy Peter and the Chair of Truth has been set up as the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be.

“Arise then, O invincible Prince, bring help against the attacks of the lost spirits to the people of God, and give them the victory. They venerate thee as their protector and patron; in thee holy Church glories as her defense against the malicious power of hell; to thee has God entrusted the souls of men to be established in heavenly beatitude. Oh, pray to the God of peace that He may put Satan under our feet, so far conquered that he may no longer be able to hold men in captivity and harm the Church. Offer our prayers in the sight of the Most High, so that they may quickly find mercy in the sight of the Lord; and vanquishing the dragon, the ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, do thou again make him captive in the abyss, that he may no longer seduce the nations. Amen.

V. Behold the Cross of the Lord; be scattered ye hostile powers.

R. The Lion of the tribe of Judah has conquered the root of David.

V. Let Thy mercies be upon us, O Lord.

R. As we have hoped in Thee.

V. O Lord, hear my prayer.

R. And let my cry come unto Thee.
Let us pray.

O God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we call upon Thy holy Name, and as supplicants, we implore Thy clemency, that by the intercession of Mary, ever Virgin Immaculate and our Mother, and of the glorious St. Michael the Archangel, Thou wouldst deign to help us against Satan and all the other unclean spirits who wander about the world for the injury of the human race and the ruin of souls. Amen.”

Roman Raccolta, July 23, 1898, supplement approved July 31, 1902,
London: Burnes, Oates & Washbourne Ltd., 1935, 12th edition.

Short Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

The well-known short version of this prayer follows in English and Latin. The Pope ordered this prayer to be recited daily after Low Mass in all the churches throughout the Catholic world. However this practice was almost completely swept away in the 1960s by liturgical changes made in the wake of Vatican Council II.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

In the orignal latin:

Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in praelio. Contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur. Tuque princeps militiae caelestis, Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo divina virtute in infernum detrude. Amen.

Please take a moment of your time to read this link

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A word about spirit guides

"The first peace, which is the most important,
is that which comes within the souls of people
when they realize their relationship, their oneness,
with the universe and all its powers,
and when they realize that at the center of the universe
dwells the Great Spirit,
and that this center is really everywhere,
it is within each of us."
~ Black Elk - Oglala Sioux ~

Whenever I start to write an article regarding spiritual matters I give a few minutes to “spirit” and quiet my monkey rambling mind to the peace of pure energy. That same driving force that has created everything including the planet we live on. How fascinating it is at times to think we are hurling through space at approximately 67,108 mph, while we can sit here and write things of which we can only begin to glimpse any knowledge of, but I digress.

I had a wonderful conversation with an online friend who works in the field of spiritual enlightenment and we talked for a short while on the matter of spirit guides. Within the last year they had lost a dear loved one to a brain hemorrhage. Truly a horrible way to die, but worse there were loved ones here who felt simply lost without the peace of this wonderful man on Earth.

She asked me if it was some sort of karmic reasoning behind his untimely death, if perhaps he did or did not do something he was supposed to and that was why his life was taken. I did my best to console her and remind her that this sort of thing is like a ticking time bomb in a person’s body and there was nothing a doctor could really have done without him being in a hospital with a scanner going checking out something else in his head. They would have had to have had him already in a hospital and even then he may still have died.

The beauty of this man’s spirit came off in the picture that my lady friend sent to me, and it was clear that he was and still is a driving force even now. One of the very last things he had said to her was that he would never leave her. And for quite some time after his death she could still feel him in a very real earth time presence.

Her questions though began when that “feeling” quit; it had been a number of days and she could not feel him on any level. She came to me to help her understand what may have happened to the man who said he would never leave her side.

Many times we can still have a real presence connection to loved ones who have touched our lives and have since passed into the full spiritual side of the body. We are wonderfully and gloriously made; we are mind, body and spirit. We mostly give all of that lip service and do not really fully understand that once we die we evolve into spirit from where we emanated. Once our physical body serves us no longer we can move into a new more complete body of light and energy.

This energy can take form, presence and is very real. When we pass over into this new fuller energy we can move through time and space without any interference. We can see loved ones hear them touch them even; all of which depends on our personal guides who are waiting for us when this crossing over occurs. We learn how to fully embrace love, compassion and if we desire we can stay with those who we love.

This bond here on Earth is extremely powerful nothing destroys love, just as nothing destroys energy. Our loved ones through the power of prayer, and the compassionate act of love can draw their loved ones near at any time. Learning how to reach out only takes a short amount of time, and the willingness to let go of fear, and forgiving the person for dying.

My lady friend was upset and somewhat angry that her best friend in the entire world left her. I had to make her understand that in her desperation to hold onto something; in this case the anger, she was holding herself back from making another connection with him. I told her once she made a real attempt to let that be part of her grieving past, and make a better choice to just simply love she would reconnect.

I would venture to say that everyone has a spirit guide; mostly they are ancestors who have a particular passion for assisting their living line to progress in spiritual awareness; however in saying that there are those guides for which there is no real explanation that they find a particular person and walk with them for a while. You can think of a spiritual guide like this: someone who has a particular expertise in events of the living world, and has the ability to bring out potential in others.

You can recognize your guide in a number of ways. It may be a song that won’t quit playing in your head; it may be a series of numbers, a scent that takes you by surprise like that of tobacco or a perfume essence. It may be a thought that inspires you to take a different road, or make a different decision that turns out to be better for your circumstance.

It is not so much important to know exactly who it is, or how it works what is important is that it happens every day of your life and you probably don’t even realize it. Becoming aware is the first step in understand the importance of your spiritual guide allowing for him or her to show you in the quiet of your mind.

How to call upon your guide:

There are many ways a person can be introduced to their spirit guides; mainly however, the process is all relatively the same. In a quiet space either indoors or in nature tune you focus towards the light inwards that gives you breathe. As you become aware of your spiritual body begin to become aware of your breathing. Breathing in through your nose into your lungs deep as you can breathe in the light (you may color this light any hue you enjoy). As you breathe out from your mouth allow the color to form around your external body. Keep doing this breathing exercise until you’re sure that your body is in a complete colored bubble.

Now that you have extended your spirit you can now touch those guides with your energy and allow them to make themselves present to you. Do not worry that you may attract anything of a negative nature as your internal spirit will not allow anything to harm you during this exercise.

As you feel your energy connecting to your guide ask that they reveal their name within 20-30 seconds you will get a knowing or understanding of their name and gender. Do not be concerned if the name sounds odd, or unfamiliar. As I made mention earlier it is possible for anyone living who has crossed over to reach out and assist someone on the earth plane. Guides also come in all forms both human and animal. For now we will concentrate on the human form.

After you receive the name make the connection by saying it aloud three times. Breathe in deeply through the nose and release with the mouth. Before taking the next breathe say the name of your guide. When you are finished with the exercise write down any impressions you receive, and any thoughts you may have to ask your guide in the next session.

For those who have been introduced into the church with regard to the holy spirit once you have this presence in your life it will NEVER leave you no matter how much you feel like you are alone. You can call upon the Holy Spirit to help guide you through any situation where you feel spiritual guidance is required. If you feel you are afraid and in need of protection you can call upon the Holy Spirit to help banish any evil presence in your home or around you.



Your loved ones can see you, hear you and want to be a part of your living life as long as you place your grief in proper perspective and allow your love to shine through in due time, you too will find this peace and allow them to guide you from the other side.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hope for the future

A human can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope.

It is possible that all your life you have been told the things you could never do. You're not good enough, strong enough, and talented enough; you're the wrong height, weight, color, social class. You will never amount to anything beyond these small four little walls so you might as well face it. These are horrible wrong utterances made many times by family members, or social peers because they lacked the ability to see beyond their meaningless lives. If you continue to listen you can trap yourself into a personal hell that goes well beyond this life. The decision to do nothing is sometimes just as bad if not worse than doing something. Many times clients will say if I don't do anything and just wait to see what happens next then perhaps I will find happiness. What I say here is that if you choose to let someone do your thinking for you then you have already lost.

Why would someone let another make their personal choice decisions for them? It is based on what they have experienced as younger people. They watch their parents, their friends, social media, and worse the television and decide that what they are seeing IS the way it’s supposed to be. What does it mean to go against the grain and start to think for yourself? It means freedom, it might not seem like you're doing much, but once you open your mind to the possibility that things can change, that you deserve to see where your personal life road map can take you, and it’s amazing.

I have talked to many clients who were at a crossroad trying to decide what they should do, or if they should do anything at all. Some were very young just starting out on their adult life, but having a long period of time being told you can't, because you're just not good enough. Hearing things like that makes me want to go against my Buddhist teachings and find the person(s) responsible for taking their hope away, and do something not very socially acceptable.

Too many times we run into people who have just given up on themselves, and there is no way that they want anyone around them to be happy, or successful. It makes them feel useless, tired and worthless so they prefer to keep themselves surrounded by superficial things, and place a mask on their face to keep from showing the world that they really are hurting inside; they just don’t know how to do anything else.

When you are faced with insurmountable odds, and no one to give you an emotional boost what do you do? Usually when someone comes to me for a reading I and they tell me that they have so much stuff on their minds they just don’t know what to do; I ask them a question that they don’t generally expect. I say what type of pie do you like if they say they don’t like pie I say fine then what sort of cake do you like. Once the answer is given I can then proceed to show them how they can break down their situation into small chunks.

So I am asking you the reader are you at a crossroad? What is your favorite pie, cake? Myself I love Mocha java triple chocolate cake. Now, just pretend for a moment that you went to your favorite specialty store bought the best ingredients for your desert; then came home and carefully and lovingly prepared the batter, then baked it to perfection. Of course you let it cool and then finish it off however, you like it. Tell me something, would you then go about sitting down and gorging yourself on the entire desert, or take a slice and be satisfied?

Most would answer when asked either out of modesty or just simple reaction that they would take a slice. Now then why would you try to take all your personal troubles and try to eat all of them mentally or emotionally at one time?

There is no way that anyone not even the best shrink in the world can take all of life’s situations and make them all work all at once. What I tell the client next is to prioritize what is honestly troubling them, list it on paper this process makes it concrete. Sure they are already thinking in their head they know what the problems are, but until they see them in some sort of physical manner it’s still just stuck in their head causing more stress. I have them make three lists to prioritize their current situation: things that are most pending, things that have moderate stress, and finally what they find only mildly annoying. Once this is done then we can take things into perspective and move through what is really the cause of their stress.

Methodically taking each situation and breaking it down so that it becomes less traumatic has many benefits. It shows the client that they can take control of their life, and it gives them confidence to do it by themselves when they don’t have me around. And the eventual goal is for them to not need my services anymore.

Yeah I did say that. My way of working with clients is not like most. I want people to move beyond needing someone to show them that they can do whatever it is to be successful. It has in a lot of times created a lack of income in my life, but when I can talk to someone and they can tell me they are happy, peaceful and confident I am thankful that they were able to do it on their own.

This world is a huge place and there is always someone somewhere that is gonna need a hand up to help them see how to re-gain their peace of mind, or learn how to obtain it in the first place. How blessed I am to be able to be there for them to bring them out of the dark into the light.

You're blessed simply because you breathe


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