Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is My Child Psychic?

Do you live with a child who is having dreams that seem to take life in waking hours? Does your child tell you about who is calling before the phone rings? Have they ever mentioned loved ones who have crossed over giving them messages or stories from your past? Then you may be experiencing a very normal occurrence of child psychic awareness.

Children from a very young age as early as 2 can often sense energies that seem to baffle adults, and they do not have that need to suppress what they see or feel. However, many times these sensations can be quite scary, and they should be address with kit gloves. If you’re willing to speak with your child about their experience first and foremost do not give them leading questions.

Depending on their age and ability to speak their thoughts clearly allow them to come to you in what ever way they feel most comfortable. Asking leading questions or prying can make them feel like they are a victim, or feel like they are not normal. When they have a question or some information that they want to share it may come out in pictures allow them to have plenty of crayons and paper to express these visions. If they are verbal allow them to talk to you and listen with compassion, ask them how their experience has made them feel, or if they would like to talk to anyone else about it.

Many times they will tell you bits and pieces, and it may not sound or feel right to you, but to them it makes perfect sense. As a responsible parental can do is keep a journal of these events, and be mindful of things that seem to have a pattern. If the child is currently going through some emotional trauma such as divorce, death of a loved one, or medical situation it may be that they are experiencing stress/anxiety and the events will pass once they regain some sort of normalcy.

 Understanding the why of these events is just as important as dealing with the fact that they are happening in the first place. Once it has been established that your child is gaining information from a supernatural source it is important to find someone they are comfortable with to discuss what is happening. You are their first person of choice because they have come to you to share these visions. If you have someone you know that has previous experience in these matters it would be time to ask them if they would step in and assist with any questions the child or you may have.

You may also have a pastor or someone of faith who can help discern your child's information. Another resource which may or may not be readily available to you is a local ghost hunting chapter or paranormal research facility. Before you enlist services from a group first do your own research into their background. Many groups out there are very good, reliable and committed to paranormal investigations and research, but like with all things some are not so enlightened.

If nothing else listen to your child, do no blow them off or make them feel like they are performing. Do not ask them zillions of questions and make them feel like they are a freak. It will damage their personal and spiritual growth. Not everyone will respond well to a psychic child, and so they must be taught to not offer this information to strangers, or those who would seek out to manipulate them. Like anything else they must be shown stranger danger also in the psychic world.

If they are being pestered by a spirit they need to learn that they can say to that unwanted presence to leave them alone. Also, if they are truly gifted it is important to teach them how to protect themselves from unwanted energies, by learning positive energy work, blessings of their faith, and/or spiritual protection. I will be addressing these issues in further writings.

If you have a child who is currently experiencing paranormal activity I would like to hear from you. I have 6 children of my own and 4 of them I know for a fact are psychic kids. As a parent born with clairvoyant ability I have a unique approach to teaching children how to live with the psychic world.

Be Well in All Things, Jackie

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  1. When I was young, I was lucky enough that my mother never discounted my "abilities" so to speak. It's interesting thinking back on these situations, and if it were not for the ones my mom encouraged I would be pretty skeptical to spirituality. I did repress/not feed and nurture my abilities, so unfortunately I have been unable to channel them. I would second Jackie's suggestions in this to please let your children follow what it is that is influencing them. I was even so much as on the same wavelength as my father and we let them be repressed. I do regret and wish that this bond would have been strengthened as I wonder if my connection with my father would be different. I do know, that when it comes down to certain situations as I am older, it isn't so much as I know exactly what is going on and when like when i was younger, it's that sometimes the gut feeling and the exterior guiding forces are so strong I have no way to say no.

    Parents, PLEASE help your children and don't write it off. It seems crazy, but it does happen.



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