Thursday, March 4, 2010

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

When you learn a new topic it also opens your social range, and allows you to discuss things which you have in common. Is the topic of psychic development for everyone? No, however, it can lead to many interesting paths. Where you obtain your information is extremely important. If you are fortunate enough to have someone in your immediate family to help you through the initial twists and turns of psychic awareness this is most recommended. There are a lot of people out there that claim to have psychic ability; however it is very important before you decide to pick someone to emulate that you first research who they are and what they have done for their community and their clients.

 If they are on the level there will be plenty of information, and perhaps even a method to contact and ask questions directly. There are many different types of psychics and their abilities are just as differing as there are types of spices on the planet. I will give a detailed list directly after this article so that you may find your particular area of interest. For now let’s get into some basis steps of obtaining information from spirit. It takes 21 days to either break a habit or create a new one. In the first 21 days it is recommended that you find a method of quieting your mind.

Just as there are many methods of cooking there are just as many when contemplating peace of mind. You may find that there are some religious aspects that can assist you with finding this peace, or you can try some new angles. Some find that prayer (whatever the religious choice) is comforting and stimulates the peace that is needed. There are those who find walking in a natural setting brings about serenity, and those who find listening to waterfalls, or running water from an indoor fountain seems to lull the mind into a quite bliss. Whatever you are most comfortable with use until you find something more suitable.

At first it is only recommended that you meditate, or pray for about 5-10 minutes if you are not used to doing this for a longer length of time. Everything in moderation so that you do not feel forced, or like you have failed if you have not reached your quiet goal time. That’s right set a goal for quiet time. Goal setting is very important to success, and since you are now taking on the goal of becoming more intoned with your spiritual side this is a perfect time to start setting goals. When you reach that point of serenity then what? Ok, so you have met your goal time for quieting your mind now it’s time for the next step. Becoming aware of what is around you.

Wait a minute I thought I was supposed to be quieting my mind; you want me to become aware of all the noise around me too? Much of the daily noise in your life is at some point white noise, or just simply background information. If you are used to a lot of noise such as children, your work place, social activities etc, then you have also learned to pretty much block out what you really don’t want to pay direct attention too. Allow thoughts to come and go freely as if washing in and out on a tide. You will eventually be able to train your mind to pay attention only to quiet time, and not be bothered by mundane daily activity.

If you feel the need you may focus on a question that you are seeking answers too, a single word or a tone to use as a tool for focusing. You may after a number of short sessions of between 10-20 minutes begin to see images, and perhaps even hear information. All of which is very normal. What do I do with the information once I get it? It is recommended that you keep a journal of your sessions for the entire 3 weeks you are working on your psychic journey.

If you are truly in tune with your ability you will start to see patterns. Ask yourself these questions when making your assessment on your session:

1. How did you feel? Your mind, body, soul impressions about the session.
2. Did you see information, hear it, or have a body impression?
3. What was the exact impression you were given?
4. Did you feel a presence in the room when you received the information?
5. Did you feel any sort of temperature change near you when you received this information?
 6. Was it a strong impression or weak?
7. Did this impression repeat itself 2 or 3 times?
8. Did you feel comfortable receiving the information?
 9. And most importantly do you want to continue doing the sessions?

Once you finish your session and writing in your journal you may want to take a walk in a natural setting, wash your hands in cool water, or take a shower. All of which will help you relax and come back into your daily life effective and informed.

*Authors note: Psychic work is not for everyone, but if you are finding that you are getting answers to questions, or able to help others seek out their own peace of mind then you are truly on your way to psychic development. If you find however, that you are not able to find your niche in the psychic world, do not fret you are born with special abilities, so do your best to find out where your heart sings.

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