Sunday, September 9, 2012

Practical Paranormal & Green Light Paranormal 9-9-12

Join me and my 1st guest Green Light Paranormal Investigations on 9-9-12


At the young age of 3, I realized I had a natural psychic ability. As I grew older, I honed in on my craft and grew it like a muscle. I am the Founder of a Paranormal Research group in my city. I can assist with any questions you have, and provide guidance in your situation; whether it’s love, someone who has passed,or a specific situation. I can assist and guide you with my natural psychic ability, or reading through Tarot or Angel Cards. I am very well known in the community. I am a guest on many shows, appeared on My Ghost Story, a moderator on The North American Psychic and Paranormal Network, and I write a monthly psychic-paranormal newsletter. Don’t let your circumstances nag you any longer, get a reading with me and find light and guidance to overcome your obstacles. Have a reading with a real, world-renowned psychic/medium. There is light after the darkness, I assure you. Many blessings and much love to all!

I offer HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and YOU GET YOUR TIME AND MONEY WORTH…. guaranteed! I am a Para-Psychology Major. I have been a natural psychic since 3 years old when my dead Grandfather visited me. I am an empath… I feed off of energies and souls, which allows me to understand the situation very clearly, then my ability or use of card reading guide me to show a resolution to you. Readings by Psychic Phillip are life changing experiences.

-Host weekly podcast. -Moderator on the North American Psychic and Paranormal Network. -Special Guest on many shows. -Several movie roles. -Appeared on My Ghost Story. -Founded and Created a very successful Paranormal group, GLPI. -Write the Para-Chronicles, a monthly psychic/paranormal newsletter. -Been psychic for over 20 years. -Been reading cards for over 10 years. -Ask anyone of my clients…. satisfaction is guaranteed!!

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