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Practical Paranormal Presents: Ghosts and Paper Hearts 9/30/12

Electrician, Father Paranormal Investigator and lead singer of the Band Ghosts and Paper Hearts America's Paranormal Rock group Brendan Shay
Join Pratical Paranormal on ZTALKRADIO.COM 9-11 p.m. EST on September 30th as we rock the house with some amazing inspired music.

Have you ever wondered what we become when we die, or perhaps wonder where our loved ones whom have gone before us Linger? Ghosts are all around us searching ,seeking us out as much as we search them. This was the question once asked by Benny Darkness (Brendan Shay) Vocalist of Ghosts and Paper Hearts.

Avidly involved in the paranormal field Shay , has been researching the after life since he was a child, events and experiences led him down a road that he can not now turn back from. The last five years Shay has been investigating claims of the supernatural for his own interest and for those whom have called for help and answers. That is how this name came about “Ghosts and Paper Hearts” .

It stems from a dream that Shay had one night and it has haunted him ever since. In this dream there was a women in a field with a single dying tree that was covered with white paper hearts. The women haunted him for two years and then one day was no longer seen.

Shay was joined by his best friend, Guitarist and Vocalist M. Careless (Mason Reta) as they began to write songs together one rainy February day in 2010. Shay and Reta where not new to the music scene having played in Bands together for over the last decade. This time it was different, they began taking a darker look at the world as Shay told stories of some of his haunting experiences.

The idea was formed to take some of these stories and put them to song, to write about what he had seen , heard and the stories behind some of the word’s most haunted places. Thus began Ghosts and Paper Hearts Journey. Soon after it’s formation Shay and Reta released a five song demo that caught the interest of a local Drummer Nik Knytemare (Nick Barnhart). Barnhart too was not new to the music scene having played in Akron, Ohio based band “The Brink”. Barnhart living in Columbus, Ohio at the time became the Drummer and backbone of Ghosts, giving a unique sound that Shay and Reta had never heard before.

Soon after they found Spike (Matt Early) on Bass to complete the Haunted ensemble and soon Paper Hearts began their musical journey to spread the voice for the dead.

Since their formation in 2010 Ghosts and Paper Hearts have released a full length album entitled “Consequences of my Downfall” in April of 2010. Also in Spring of 2012 They released an E.P. “Speak with the dead”an appropriate title to go along with it’s first track Digging Graves, which is a perspective of the dead speaking to us that they are listening and wanting to be heard.

Ghosts and Paper Hearts have opened for acts such as The MISFITS, The Ataris, BobaFlex, Adema, Michale Graves. As well as many other outstanding acts. They play all over the mid-west including many paranormal events.. They are the Co-headliners for Scarefest 2012 (Largest Paranormal Horror convention in the US.) In 2012 they also signed to Haunted Entertainment a talent agency for all things paranormal based.

Ghosts and Paper Hearts are a band about the super natural, they have been termed the “Mid-West Ghost Core” with a sound likened to that of AFI, Rise Against and 30 seconds to Mars. They can be found haunting anywhere look for them at a venue near you.

Listen to Ghosts and Paper Hearts      Ghosts & Paper Hearts Music 

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Practical Paranormal Presents:The Hannah House 9-23-12

The Hannah House

Join me Jackie Chin and my 1st Hour guest Joe Garavalia from the Hannah House from 9-10 EST on  ZTALKRADIO LIVE LISTEN & CHAT
The Hannah House is located on the south side of Indianapolis. Our story begins in 1858 when it was built by Alexander Hannah and was considered a 20+ room mansion in its day. Hannah was a prominent figure in the Indianapolis community and was also part of the California gold rush. He married Elizabeth Hannah in1872 when he was 51 years old. It is said Elizabeth miscarried the couple's only child.

According to local legend, the Hannah House was utilized as a passage for people on the Underground Railroad. Hannah took strong opposition again slavery and offered those seeking freedom a refuge with food to eat and water to drink. If anyone were to perform work on his behalf, it is said Hannah paid them as he didn't believe in having slaves. One unfortunate night, a group of servants were sleeping in the basement of the home when an oil latern was accidentally tipped over. Its oil soaked the hay covered floor and flames ignited. While some of the courageous men, women, and children burned while they slept, others died of smoke inhalation. When Hannah discovered what happened - and fearing retribution for assisting with the Underground Railroad, he buried the bodies in the basement of the home. In doing so, he not only hid the secret of his participating in the Underground Railroad, but also the identities of those he buried.

Upon Hannah's passing, the home sat vacant for 4 years and was then purchased by the Oehler family. Descendents of the Oehler's remain the sole owners the property today. However, the home is now run by a group of volunteers dedicated toward restoring and preserving this historic landmark. The home is now in the process of obtaining federal 501(c)3 status to qualify as a non-for-profit organization to continue educational and historical signifigance.

To help us keep the house active, we offer the house for events such as weddings, parties, and get-togethers. We provide different events throughout the year to the community such as an Easter Egg Hunt in the spring, Civil War Reenactment in the summer, and host the annual Paranormal Meet and Greet. Our largest fundraiser is the commercial Haunted House during the month of October. We receive the most amount of volunteer support during this event and could not, I survive without the efforts of our amazing volunteers that help pull this off. Of course - we do also offer paranormal overnight investigations for those that are interested.

As for me, I've been in the paranormal field for about 6 years, but have taken more of a "behind the scenes" role as of late. I like to consider myself a "free-lance investigator." I became involved with the Hannah House in 2011after learning volunteers were needed. Since then, I have met some amazing people and enjoy hearing the different stories people share of the house throughout the decades.

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Practical Paranormal Presents: Dave Harkins of The Ozarks Paranormal Society 9-16-12

Dave Harkins

Join my first hour guest Dave Harkins at ZTalkRadio Show Link go to Listen and Chat from 9-10 EST 


I am Dave Harkins, founder and Director of The Ozarks Paranormal Society (T.O.P.S). I have been active in paranormal research for all of my adult life. I have had many different paranormal experiences since childhood and have been actively seeking answers since my early teens. My Grandmother who was a Registered Cherokee Indian was very active in different spiritualist churches in our area, so I was exposed to many occult practices from a very early age. By the age of eight she was teaching me how to read the Tarot and how to do Psychometry. Anything to do with Metaphysics was very fascinating to me which really disturbed my parents to say the least. I soon began ready anything to do with the occult that I could get my hands on including works by Aleister Crowley, Madam Blavatsky, Hans Holtzer and Anton LeVey to mention just a few.

In 1980, some friends and myself started a Metaphysical Occult bookstore in Fresno California, which is still in business today. Through association with the store I encountered many people who were touched by paranormal events in their lives who felt that they had nowhere else to turn. Looking back now there were no paranormal TV programs and the church would have seen them as being crazy it now makes sense to me why they sought us out for help. Through my interest in the occult and the paranormal as well as meeting these people it was only natural for me to investigate many of their claims. So my journey into paranormal investigation began. Since moving to Missouri in 1985 I have investigated many paranormal places and happenings in and around the Ozarks. Several years back I met others in the area that had the same interests in the paranormal as myself. So, in 1997 we started a group called Ozark Mountains Ghost Hunters which was around for many years, but with many of the group moving away I was back to the solo thing for several years. In 2006 after meeting more folks in the area with a strong lure to the paranormal field The Ozarks Paranormal Society (T.O.P.S) was founded.

We have investigated dozens of places over the years, mostly private residences and businesses as well as many more and lesser known historical locations. At the present we are very focused on investigating American Civil War locations here in Missouri and Arkansas and Mississippi.

Most recently we were asked back in August by management of the 1886 Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas to come in and preform an official overnight investigation of the property including the infamous morgue in the basement of the hotel where TAPS caught the apparition of the soldier in front of the locker with the number two on it. We had a very interesting investigation of the property to say the least and have lots of evidence to back up many of our experiences at the location. We are planning another investigation of the hotel to focus on some of the areas that we found to be more active.

Back in August of 2011 we were the first team of paranormal researchers to be allowed into Wilson’s Creek Nation Battlefield near Springfield Missouri for an overnight investigation of the battlefield including full access to the Ray House which was used during the battle as a field hospital by both the Union and the Confederate Armies. We were accompanied by an armed ranger who was nice enough to take us into parts of the park that are off limits to the general public.

In October of 2011 we were once again granted access to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield for an overnighter, but this time we were accompanied by a production team from the Travel Channel to film for their upcoming show “Legends Of The Ozarks” Which aired January 21st 2012 and is still being shown regularly on the Travel Channel, most recently as last Friday.

Next month myself and fellow T.O.P.S Team Member, Author Bud Steed and I will be travelling to Mississippi to take part in the Delta Paranormal Project’s fundraiser for MS and St. Jude’s sponsored by SPARS and Truth Seekers Paranormal. Bud will be speaking about his two books and some of the other speakers include Patrick Burns, Marley Harbuck Gibson and Keith Age. We will be participating in investigations of different local locations.

Practical Paranormal Presents: Michael O. Varhola 9-16-12

Michael O. Varhola

Michael O. Varhola is an author, publisher, and lecturer who lives in the Hill Country north of San Antonio and who has authored or co-authored eleven books, including the just-released swords-and-sorcery novel Swords of Kos: Necropolis and two entries in the “America’s Haunted Road Trip” line of travel guides, Ghosthunting Maryland and Ghosthunting Virginia.  He has written for numerous publications, including Dragon magazine, The Unspeakable Oath, and the New York Times, and is an eight-year-veteran of the U.S. Army.  He also has an active online presence, notably through Facebook.

Michael willl be on 2nd hour from 10-11 come show you support of his work and/or learn more about him.  We look forward to hearing from you this Sunday 9-16-12.

Practical Paranormal is on ZTalkRadio from 9-11 EST. All Paranomal Talk all the time ;-) Come get your daily dose of ZZZZZZZZZZZz'sss

Monday, September 10, 2012

Derrick WhiteSkyCloud Spiritual Counselor, Paranormal Investigator & Radio Host

Spiritual Journeys by Derrick Whiteskycloud is a riveting, 205 page book that will take you on an adventure of combined channeled writings, spiritual poetry, illustrations and many fascinating stories.

Want to purchase and/or learn more about Derrick Whiteskycloud?

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Practical Paranormal & Green Light Paranormal 9-9-12

Join me and my 1st guest Green Light Paranormal Investigations on 9-9-12


At the young age of 3, I realized I had a natural psychic ability. As I grew older, I honed in on my craft and grew it like a muscle. I am the Founder of a Paranormal Research group in my city. I can assist with any questions you have, and provide guidance in your situation; whether it’s love, someone who has passed,or a specific situation. I can assist and guide you with my natural psychic ability, or reading through Tarot or Angel Cards. I am very well known in the community. I am a guest on many shows, appeared on My Ghost Story, a moderator on The North American Psychic and Paranormal Network, and I write a monthly psychic-paranormal newsletter. Don’t let your circumstances nag you any longer, get a reading with me and find light and guidance to overcome your obstacles. Have a reading with a real, world-renowned psychic/medium. There is light after the darkness, I assure you. Many blessings and much love to all!

I offer HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and YOU GET YOUR TIME AND MONEY WORTH…. guaranteed! I am a Para-Psychology Major. I have been a natural psychic since 3 years old when my dead Grandfather visited me. I am an empath… I feed off of energies and souls, which allows me to understand the situation very clearly, then my ability or use of card reading guide me to show a resolution to you. Readings by Psychic Phillip are life changing experiences.

-Host weekly podcast. -Moderator on the North American Psychic and Paranormal Network. -Special Guest on many shows. -Several movie roles. -Appeared on My Ghost Story. -Founded and Created a very successful Paranormal group, GLPI. -Write the Para-Chronicles, a monthly psychic/paranormal newsletter. -Been psychic for over 20 years. -Been reading cards for over 10 years. -Ask anyone of my clients…. satisfaction is guaranteed!!

Find me on BitWine Psychic Readings

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Practical Paranormal Presents: Core Phenomena Research 9-9-12

Join me and my 2nd guest CORE PHENOMENA RESEARCH on September 9th 2012 ZTALKRADIO.COM from 10-11 EST.

Core Phenomena Research 
from left to right, Liza, Josh, Lani, Bri, Margi, and John

We are a paranormal and supernatural research team located in eastern Pennsylvania, but not limited to that region. Our mission is to assist the owners of private residences and businesses, when requested. Research and data collection are accomplished with modern technological methods. We will present any and all findings to the client in a timely manner. We do not promise to "get rid" of anything, we only attempt to prove that something is present. Utilizing our diverse talents within the team, we then try to assist in attacking the problem at hand. We have done this successfully for 2 decades now operating within different teams across the state and independently. EVERYTHING IS DONE IN A CONFIDENTIAL MANNER.

By conducting our research, we are also trying to prove that we are more than just our "bodies", and that consciousness does transcend death. We understand what it feels like to deal with such things as we've been on the receiving end.

We perform many open public para-tainment venues, especially during the haunting season of August 1st to November 1st, but our main goal is assistance of people and families that need help due to issues beyond their scope of understanding. This is why we like to say that CPR is the "paranormal research team with a heart."

Our members are as diverse as our methods, and all come from different backgrounds. One of the things that set us apart are the combination of science and spirituality. Mainstream science doesn't see this as a necessity, though realistically you can't divorce the two and still come up with complete results. Science is a part of what we label "spirituality", and spirituality has a base in what we call "science." It's all one and the same.

Our name is a bit strange, but is an acronym. C.O.R.E. stands for Coalition Offering Research Ethics". With us, what you see is what you get. No data manipulation and no sensationalism. If we, as researchers, don't push forth the idea of realism within something that's already viewed as a pseudo-science, we'll never start to be taken seriously by mainstream science!

CPR is currently in the process of filming a DVD to be released in 2013 of the research of Skytop Lodge in Canadensis, PA. Skytop is notoriously haunted, and CPR is doing Hallowe'en weekend tours there during Skytop's Spoo-tacular for the 4th year in a row. We are proud to be affiliated with such a lodge and all it's grandeur and beauty! The theme for the DVD was custom-created for us by the incredible gypsy-punk band "This Way to the Egress" online at
John - Case Manager and on-field team leader. Brought up Christian, but a converted wiccan/pagan. Just coming to terms and starting to understand his gift of clairaudience and how it is able to be utilized on cases. John, with the assistance of the team, is currently compiling a book tentatively titled "Haunts of Eastern PA".

Liza - Videographer, historical researcher, founding member, and documentarian. Brought up agnostic, but converted to shamanic wiccan. Liza, alongside of John, have been researching the paranormal together for over 20 years in one aspect or another. They also put out a bi-weekly wiccan faith podcast called "What's With Witches Podcast" available on iTunes and hosted on Podomatic.

Josh - CPR's audio recording and review specialist. Brought up Jewish but now is simply self-termed "open-minded". Josh is also a musician, which gives him the edge with his audio knowledge and program association for his assumed team assignment.

Margi - New age specialist, (works and assists in running a shop in the Poconos called "Planet Earth Gallery", which is a new age shop.) Margi was brough up jewish, but is now open-minded, not unlike her son Josh. Being our beloved team senior, Margi was a child of the 1960's and a flower child.

Brianna - Brought up catholic, and having been through haunting issues of her own, Bri is our team empath. She has had previous experience with another research team as their official "blogger", and has been researching the paranormal for most of her life having such an intimate association to it.

Lani - Lani was brought up protestant, but is open-minded to all we do within the team. Lani works mostly with the IR cam, and review. He and Bri are a couple, and have been through issues in their own home that give them insight to helping others with situations of the same nature.

Paranormal Kicks Cancer September 15, 2012


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