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Bulldog's The Rude Awakening Morning Show & Jackie Chin 12/19/11

Broadcasting from Beautiful Ocean City Maryland it's Bulldog's The Rude Awakening Morning Show

Pod Cast for the show I was on where you hear the results of football results for week 15 you have to click on the link and go to week 19 show.

Football week 15 results and picks for week 16

auction idea
UPDATE: The paper that I wrote the week 15's picks on will be auctioned off in the next week to benefit a local food bank in Ocean City Maryland stay tuned for new updates about how you can find out how to participate in the auction.

UPDATE 12:27:2011
This is what I picked on air for the 16th week: Huston, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Oakland, New England, Jets, Pittsburgh, Washington,Carolina,Baltimore,San Diego,Dallas, Seattle, New Orleans. The Rude Awakening Morning Radio Show has made football fun again for me thanks guys ;-) Giggle I even got to play station manager for about 20 seconds when I asked if we could go to a commercial before I made the picks. No matter how this turns out I had awesome fun. UPDATE: here is how week 16 games played out in the winners circle...Buffalo, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Oakland, New England, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Baltimore, Green Bay and New Orleans.

Psychic's & Football your morning just got SUPER-SIZED!!! 

Bulldog is the General Manger of Irie Radio, Inc. as well as the creator and host of The Rude Awakening Show. He has no prior experience of management or radio broadcasting and it is obvious to both his listeners and staff. He obtained the management position when he beat station owner, Leighton Moore, in a game of backgammon.
Prior to moving to the Eastern Shore, Bulldog lived in Chicago, St. Maarten, Houston, Guantanamo Bay and 18 months at the Miami Correctional Center. He has traveled extensively and once took a vow of celibacy for several hours while touring with the Benedictine Monk Choir throughout Korea. He has been to all seven continents and currently has a P.O. Box address in Antarctica where he spends time during the summer months.
Bulldog is a collector of Precious Moments figurines, WWII shoelaces, Yankee Doodle candles and broken Christmas ornaments. He spends most weekends minding his booth at local flea markets and is a regular at Amish festivals. He likes roller coasters, long walks on the beach, banjo music and watching infomercials.

How it all began:  I was asked to do the picks for week of the 15th all in good 
fun so I said sure I will give it a go.  I had not watched a football game in at least 3 years and I have not had TV in my home for at least 5 months now (that's a whole nuther story though.) I figured heck's this should be all good humor fun. If you were listening to the show though when I first was on I had an amazingly difficult time picking up anything even remotely about the hosts or the guests.  I suppose they were expecting me to just trail down the prime rose path of doom and go bust completely.  I am thrilled to say I managed to pull it out of the bag and hit a home run the following are picks and I also list the results.  Currently this is Monday 11:05 am EST so the evening game has not been played yet.
This is the group of football games that I picked for Bulldog's Rude Awakening Morning Show on December 15th 2011:
Here is the line up I told them... Tampa, Buffalo, Seattle, Indy, Kansas, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Washington,Huston,Oakland,New England,Jets, Arizona, San Diego, San Francisco. If you follow football at all I would like your opinion of how I picked cause I have not watched a football game in well, years.
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Here are the winners so far as of Sunday 19th 2011: Seattle, Indy, Kansas, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Washington, New England, Arizona, San Diego. There is one more game Monday Night I picked San Fransisco to win ;-)  
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We have Lee from Malibu's with the Surf Report, the very mystical Jackie Chin checks back in with us, actor Tom Sullivan joins us, we will have the WINNER of CBS' "Survivor", and A WHOLE LOT MORE!

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