Monday, August 1, 2011

Artie Hoffman of Angels and Answers with Jackie Chin 8-1-11

Artie Hoffman the man who speaks to Angels with Jackie Chin 8-1-11

Artie Hoffman is a well respected Spiritual Advisor that has been counseling people for the last 20 years. His gift of clairvoyance and insights from the angels and spiritual world has been a tremendous blessing for himself and a benefit for thousands he has touched. Being raised within a Jewish family, he doesn't consider himself to be that religious but he is very spiritual and 100% believes in God in the highest good. He believes in angels, he believes in love, he believes in laughter and he believes in second chances.

I have been invited back to Angels and Answers this coming Monday night 8-1-11 Please join us live you can use this link to listen live. Have a question or comment? (248) 545-SOUL (7685). Have a busy life? Come listen to the podcast.

Instructions for Artie Hoffman's show Angels and Answers POD CAST
Please go to look on Monday's schedule for Angels and Answers Artie Hoffman. You need to subscribe to his pod cast and then look for 8-1-2011 there are two links because it is a 2 hour show.

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