Thursday, July 14, 2011

Locating Missing Persons Using Clairvoyance & Pendulums

For the Love of a Child: Emma’s Story

I had been in an on line chat room when I first met “Lisa.” It was around midnight and I was normally not in the room past 11pm. Someone came into the room and asked if I did free readings. I told them my policy was to do free readings for parents/loved ones of missing or deceased children, that the rest of the readings were paid. She was saying that she had never been in a psychic room before had no idea if I was real, or not and was just very upset about her missing niece. What follows herein is her experience regarding the search for Emma.

I first met Jackie in December 2002. My husband and I had been trying to find my sister, husband, and 8month old, infant niece with no luck. Child Protective Services had contacted us, they had been investigating them, but disappeared and could not be found. From the information they shared with us from the people who had reported them they were very concerned about the well-being of my niece, and now so were we.
We went online to try to find answers, after exhausting the conventional ways we turned to the chat rooms in hopes to find a psychic reader who might be able to help. At the exact time we entered Jackie’s room she was explaining to someone that she did free readings when it involved children, missing or recently deceased. I believe in fate. We immediately IM’d her and began telling her about our niece Emma. Over the next few days and thru IM’s and emails Jackie felt Emma was North East, by water and the letter “D.” We live near the thumb in Michigan and have bodies of water everywhere, but we concentrated on the North East.
We also got a pendulum with Jackie’s advice, and a map of the surrounding area, it began to center over Port Huron, which is North East by about 35 miles from where we live. I grabbed the phone book and began searching for “D,” and came up with Darlington Apartments, which are more like hotel rooms for temporary stays. I called and asked for the several last names they have used and the clerk told me they were there and what room!!
I then contacted Child Protective Services and remained in constant contact with them until they made contact with them. Emma then came to live with us for over a year, as well as her parents in time. That December I not only found my niece but made a lifelong friend in Jackie as well.
What Lisa did not know was that this was my first missing person’s case. I had experience in remote viewing locating items for people who were in search of things like necklaces, and keys. I was overwhelmed and definitely from what I felt then way over my head. I knew I had to do something so I took Lisa’s information and told her to give me some time to help find her niece. What followed was prayer and meditation asking my guides, angels and GOD to shed light on what I needed to do next.

I had knowledge about using pendulums to find missing items and what came next was the ‘idea” to use a map of where they were last known to be living. I wrote to Lisa and asked her to get maps of her state, and driving maps street by street. I asked her if she had anything she could use as a pendulum to hold over the map. She said that she had a gold cross which she held very dear to her heart.

I told her to make small marks on the map of where they were last living. Also, since Lisa lived in the same state I had her mark where she lived as well. Next, I told her that she needed to see if what she was using as a pendulum would respond to her. I did this by having her ask the pendulum to show her yes, and then no. She wrote the direction the pendulum swung on a blank paper so as not to forget and to help her keep track of answers.
As she was doing the things I instructed I would be gathering information using my clairvoyance, and ability to empathically touch Emma through Lisa’s energy. I learned then too that when people meet they leave an imprint on each other’s aura. Since Emma was a baby it was difficult at best to locate her. What I latter found out was that I was seeing the information I was passing on to Lisa through Emma’s eyes; as they would come and go from the dwelling. To hear Lisa tell the story it would seem that not much time had passed, but it took about 2 ½ weeks to locate Emma. I learned so much from this experience, and since then have taught many others to locate loved ones.
It is now July 2011 I am still in touch with Lisa and Emma is now 9 years old. God Bless you Emma you truly have a wonderful Aunt in Lisa.

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