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Comments about Jackie Chin on BestPsychicDirectory


Jacki was extremely professional, courteous, and helpful. Her reading was very accurate and I would definitely recommend her.
posted on Mar 13, 2011 by Erian Wright

Jackie is one of the best psychics that I have talked to. I had several readings with her and I definitely recommend her. She is very gifted, kind, very compassionate, generous, Accurate and straight to the point. She is amazing and very insightful – besides that she told me things that I have not even mentioned to her. She makes sure that all questions are answered. After a reading with her I feel so much bette. I really thank you Jackie for being there for me and I always love talking with you
posted on May 26, 2011 by Brigitte Jones

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TotemSpeak(blogtalkradio) & Jackie Chin 7-22-2011

Listen to internet radio with Universal Spiritual on Blog Talk Radio

thank you to all the listeners, bloggers, and enlightend beings I appreciate you all.
Many times the host of a show will not structure the content before hand to allow for free flow of ideas and allow spirit to send out messages.  This show very much focused on the importance of Ethics with regard to mediums.  When someone consults with a medium this medium must understand that they are truly involved in life changing choices.  It is imperative that the things a medium says are said without their ego in the way, and for the benefit of the client only.  We are not God, we are merely conduits to showcase information.  It is up to the client whether they want to follow the advice.


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Carol's Story: A Dance into the Metaphysical Light

Carol’s Story: A Dance into the Metaphysical Light

Even after some twenty plus years I am still amazed at how I come about information to assist those in need of answers. One of my most valued mentor’ Betty Eurdman, after I asked the how do I do this question once to many times for her liking said point blank “It’s not important the how! What is important is that you do, and you do it to the best of your ability.”

Being the person I am though I am still seeking answers to the why. I have talked to hundreds of intuitive, energy workers, spiritual healers, and consulted books and teachers of quantum physics. To this I find that it is a measure of different dimensional energies, life experiences, checks and balances. The body is a complex mix of energies in itself. Scientist and Physicians’ are still discovering exactly how the body works.

At the most basic of levels the body responds to physical energy that of the five senses, and what is known as cosmic energy that of the energy of the planet itself along with that of the planetary alignments. Each of these energy systems creates a mesh of information whereby a sensitive can derive a collection of pulses and images.

Receiving information just sort of out of the blue for anyone is included in what I would term psychic events. At some point the physical energy of the individual matches with the cosmic energy to shed light on a subject that has excess output of energy. What I mean by this is when there is an event in someone’s life whereby the situation is highly emotionally charged such as a missing persons, a death, some sort of violent act there is an event horizon. It will cast out a discharge of energy which the receiver (medium, spiritualist, sensitive) can tap into.

Imagine this puzzle (picture of the person’s life) is thrown up 100’s of feet into the air. The event of the puzzle being thrown up into the air pushes the energy upwards, as the pieces begin to fall they brush up against all the energy that is surrounding the puzzle. They begin to go outwards and cause their own pulses. These pulses are electrical energy that bounces of the planet energy, and any animal, human, plant energy that they come in contact with.

After they fall to the ground there are pieces which are face up and those which are face down. This action of allowing the pieces to fall where they may is considered to be a random event which to a sensitive can produce clear and concise information to show them a pathway which would produce the best results. How can this allow a medium to retrieve future event information? Nothing is coincidence. All events are related even the one where the individual makes the effort to seek out a psychic.

Events are but brushstrokes on the canvas we call life; and with that here is Carol’s story.

Hi Jackie

When we spoke, and you told me of your being on a psychic Radio talk show, I was genuinely thrilled for you. And then you told me, that you are writing a book, I said to myself You Go Girl!!

When you also asked me if I would write something to appear in your book, I thought to myself what do I have to lend, to your book?

Guess a good place to start, is to say I have always been fascinated with those who are gifted. It amazes me that people have the ability to tune in to a person’s energy, and read it like one reads a Novel.

I’m no stranger to getting readings, and over time have come to realize in short order those who are real. One day, perhaps my own intuition kicked in, and i approached you online, and decided to get a reading from you. I prefer to get a reading from someone recommended, but my Gut said Give Jackie a try.

So on blind faith, we set up an appointment, First thing i sensed about you, you pull no punches, you say what you see, No sugarcoating from you :).

I had some serious concerns, which i wanted taken seriously. As you read, it became clear right away that you had indeed connected to me, and as the reading flowed I was amazed as to how accurate you are. Only afterwards as a bit of time passed did i get a real sense of your ability to give great detail. I floored Coworkers with details I said were to come and they laughed. And when they came to pass, they asked how did you know? I told them of you.

I have since gotten additional readings from you, you told me to check out the right front brake on the tan car I own, and you were right it needed brakes. How much more on point can you get?

I’m happy to have met you Jackie, and I wish you all the best the Universe has to offer. And may the success you deserve; be yours.

All the best,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to recognize a Psychic Attack

 What is a Psychic Attack?

Very often I am asked if a client has been cursed or is under a psychic attack. I tend to error on the conservative side where this topic is concerned, and I will ask the client a series of questions regarding mental, physical, and spiritual behaviors. I am always of the mindset that as long as you are of sound mind, do not fret about what others think of you, and have a good handle on your spiritual belief system; outside denser energies cannot invade your personal space.

I also realize that energies are changing on the planet, and sometimes because of stress denser energies can intrude into the thought process. This is why it is important to be mindful. In this I mean do not partake in things that are unhealthy in any area of your life. The people whom you choose to associate with, what you eat and read. The most important thing though to help keep you balanced and free from unwanted energies is to use the tools of your spiritual beliefs.

You cannot just pick up a tool that your unfamiliar with and expect it to work for you. You should be trained in what works within your spiritual belief system and stick to those methods. If for some reason you need extra help seek out people whom are trusted, and well versed in assisting those in spiritual need.

Here are some indications that you may have dense energy around your personal space: Do you feel unbalanced as if something is out of sync with the norm? Do you have a hard time focusing on projects, or things that are important to you? Do you feel overly tired when you think on certain issues, or go to certain places? Do you feel a tingling feel at your crown, or third eye when you are not purposely focusing on your spiritual body? These feelings may be equated with stress, sadness, and/or depression. Please make sure to speak with your doctor regarding your physical and mental health. If findings result in no medical rationale behind your systems you may be experiencing psychic energy attacks.

Considering this possibility you may also be experiencing a lot of incidents which are unfavorable. Loved ones may act as if you are not important to them, they may avoid you or talk to you in such a manner that you just don’t know who they are any more. This type of energy can manifest itself in dream time, or while you are awake. If you are feeling like you have a lot of unreasonable fears speak to your doctors, a trusted friend, or a trusted medium.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVER CONSULT ANYONE WHO DEMANDS HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY BY CREATING MORE FEAR IN YOU AND SAYING YOU, OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS ARE CURSED! If the medium/psychic is legit they will work with you on your level and never demand anything from you that will cause you further emotional harm/ or financial damage.

Here is a client story regarding dense energy and personal invasion of a loved ones choice.
I met Jackie about a year ago when things were looking a bit drab in my life. My best friend, Tian, had went back to China after a horrible relationship and was only to be gone a couple of months. The woman he had been involved with, Yuchi, was relentless and tracked him down there. In the meantime, I remained stateside, missing Tian horribly and trying to decide if I should admit to him that the love I had for him was a lot more than just that of a mere friend. Many conversations over the phone only confused matters and Yuchi continued to do everything she could to cause Tian problems even overseas.

Jackie was someone who helped me get some clarity in the worst situation. Her reading was very correct, that Yuchi would not give up easily, and she recommended a little push to help clear her out once and for all. She also let me know that though my love would be returned he was in no shape to be in any relationship and would not be for quite some time. That he was nothing short of a mess.... boy was she right there... but that he would be coming back to the US and to me and to just be patient.

Since that time, whatever she did worked and Yuchi shortly afterward became history- nothing more than a picture in a photo album and a bad dream. Tian returned to the states and shortly after his return moved in with me. Our relationship is still there and has grown to be that of very loving best friends and we would be lost without each other.

Jackie's readings on us have been very much to the point and almost always accurate- only time may be delayed off for a couple of weeks or something trivial like that. I continue to have Jackie look at things for us and recommend her to people when they ask me for someone who reads and is for real. I know I have not been completely full with all the details but some things remain private.

Thank you Jackie for always being a light in the dark or a voice of reason when things get crazy, especially in a cross cultural relationship such as the one I am in that has had many twists, turns and complications.

Las Vegas
May 2009

Join TotemSpeak & Jackie Chin 7-22-2011

Come Join Lauren and Jackie as we discuss spiritual matters of the heart, and offer guidance this Friday 22, 2011 live from 9pm-11pm EST here at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/universal-spiritual-connection

About Totem Speak Radio

TotemSpeak Radio is a 2-hour show, part of the Universal Spiritual Connection Network, that engages its guests and listeners to come together to discuss, bounce ideas and receive guidance and healing through spoken words. The host, Lauren Porter, brings guests from all walks of life an spiritual paths to join in sharing wisdom from their experiences, findings and guiding spirits.

Lauren, her guests and her listeners all come to share in the sacred space, allowing our guiding spirits to come forth and speak to us. This is where humanity, speaks. This is where magick, speaks. This is where totems, speak."

To view the Universal Spiritual Network Radio Page (it's where shows like mine are getting broadcasted from) it is here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/universal-spiritual-connection TotemSpeak Radio is every Friday night from 9-11pm EST

Join Dark Moon Rising & Jackie Chin 7-21-2011

This show which was scheduled for 7-21-11 had to be moved to another showtime because of technical difficulties.  Thank you for looking at this page and as soon as I can get another date I will let you know.  Thank you, Jackie

Jackie Chin will be be joining the cast of Dark Moon Rising this Thursday 7-21-11 night Show starts @7PM Central - 5PM Pacific - 8PM EasternAbout DMRR


 Since June of 2010 Dark Moon Rising Radio_TV has provided listeners with numerous unforgettable moments of laughter and amazing guests. From Spiritual Mediums to Filmakers. We have made it our mission to bring you your favorite paranormal types of online entertainment on a weekly basis.

Each local community that DMRR_TV will soon encounter will be an exciting place for you to be able to visit with us from the comfort of your own living room. Either by listening to our live talk radio or livestream shows it is a good place to take time to slow down and take 60-90 minutes for yourself.

Contact us by email at darkmoonrisingradio@gmail.com for more informatio

About Russ and Sandy Wells

DMRR_TV Hosts Sandy & Russ Wells are not a new face in the paranormal research & investigation community. They have been paranormal research & investigation professionals since 1987. Sandy & Russ traveled all over the United States doing paranormal investigations in Colorado, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, etc...They did paranormal investigations independently together for approximately 15 years until 2002 when they became members of the Washington State Ghost Society based in Seattle, WA. where shortly after Sandy became the President of the organization for a short time. After finding that the politics in that group were too numerous they left to form their own team FOG Paranormal Connection.

While having their small team with approximately 6 team members the did many investigations within Washington and Montana. After a move to Montana the decision was made to disband the team in 2008. They took time away from their passion of the paranormal to re-invest some time into family matters until April of 2010 when the decision was made by them that they could no longer ignore the passion they had for history, the paranormal and most of all using their knowledge they had acquired over the years to help their clients better understand their experiences with the paranormal.

The decision to return to the paranormal community was not an easy one in the sense that they wanted to do something different than they had ever done before. So in April they found the Blog Talk Radio Network and began to work towards starting their own live talk radio show. The new show launched in late June 2010 where they have had numerous amounts of guests and devoting the topics to the paranormal, books, history, documentary film makers, and spirituality. A month ago Sandy and Russ decided they wanted to progress their show to a new level so that is how DMRR_TV came on the scene launching date in February 2011.

Their goals are to travel the back roads of what they call Historic Small Town USA to help bring awareness and focus on preserving historic sites, doing paranormal investigations, and helping as many people as they can with their preservation and paranormal needs. Their goals for 2011 is to do as much traveling as possible, spend a lot of time with friends and family, and networking with as many other paranormal teams as they can.

Over the last few years Sandy & Russ have been featured in many different kinds of media such as:

The Seattle Times - Seattle WA
• ("Perfectly Paranormal")
The Seattle Post Intelligencer -Seattle, WA
The Everett Herald - Everett, WA (Twice)
• ("Explore Snohomish's Ghostly History in Tour")
• ("Ghost Hunters Go on the Prowl")
The Snohomish County Tribune - Everett, WA
• ("Ghost Town? Ghost Society Sets Up Shop in Snohomish")
The Montana Standard - Butte, MT
• ("Ghost Hunters: Paranormal Investigators Roam Dark, Dank Halls of Butte's Former Dumas Brothel")

Radio Shows:
KIRO FM Radio (Seattle)
PSI FI Radio
The Paranormal Pulse

TV Shows:
The Montel Williams Show
• (Sylvia Browne: Shocking Revelations)
Scan TV: Seattle Paranormal

Misc. Media:
Encyclopedia of Haunted Places: Ghostly Locales Around The World

Wierd Washington by Authors Jeff Balenger & Jeff Davis
PIHA: Historic Hauntings of Washington
Magical Soul by Jeffrey Marks

Sandy & Russ would like to thank you for stopping by their website. They appreciate every person who listens or will be watching their shows.
If you would like to speak with Sandy or Russ about anything paranormal or historically connected that you would like to have their help in saving please contact them anytime at: darkmoonrisingradio@gmail.com

I am soooooooooooo amped to do this show thank you Dark Moon Rising for allowing me this opportunity to speak to your listening and viewing audience.

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A Clairvoyant Encounter with the Other Side: Messages from Scott

Messages from Scott: An encounter with the other side

A large part of the work I do is re-connecting loved ones with those who have crossed over. If the client has not had any experience with a medium and they desire to speak with a loved one I explain to them that it’s not like dialing 1-800-the-deceased, but if their loved one makes the decision to create a link back to them I will always do what I can to assist the message.

How does this occur? I see spirits like I see human people except sometimes I only see their faces, or an image like a birth mark or some sort of difference that they want to convey to a loved one. Often I will hear or see names, direct information that involves the death, or events which led up to the passing. Many times too, I will literally feel what happened to their loved one. This ability is called empathic response. If I get information like this it helps the client to understand that yes, I do have their loved one, and they can relax and believe that I know what I am doing.

I will see things very quickly like a movie they are playing in front of me. Many times I describe these images to my client as it is a puzzle that has been thrown up in the air. Some pieces are colored side up while others are face down. When those who have crossed over are trying to pass information to me they will sometimes show things out of context because to them everything is so different. Being a medium and able to sense these messages is a blessing to those who are seeking some sense of closure.

The following story sent in by a client I will call “D” is just one of the thousands of contacts that were made to assist a loved one re-connect.

My name is D. and my husband died almost two years ago. It was very unexpected and painful watching him suffer for ten days after a procedure which should've added decades to his life expectancy. Needless to say I was in shock for a great deal of time and wasn't coping very well. I have two children who desperately needed me and who I love more than anything in the world. I was crying everyday and night waiting for him to come home or give me a sign that he was with me in some way. I lost my faith and couldn't believe that he was taken away from us at such a young age.

One night I was online looking for any kind of support, crying and having what felt like another panic attack when I entered a chat room for a "Reading." I've always believed in the afterlife but never felt like I'd made a connection with any one psychic when I truly needed it. Jackie was incredibly warm, kind and supportive to me. She was able to describe my husband's experience in the hospital and what led to his death. She was also able to describe many specifics about what had been happening in my life afterward pertaining to financial, family and many emotional issues that I was facing every day.

Jackie gave me messages that only he would have known and images that were so real they took my breath away. Besides that reading, she has contacted me just to say hello and give me guidance on everyday issues that my children and I still face on a daily basis. She helps me clarify issues so I can make better choices and when I'm having difficult days near holidays or family events, she reminds me that what I'm feeling is ok and not to let others judge me.

I will always be grateful for her time, guidance and unconditional support Jackie has shown me during the past 23 months. She was truly an angel for me.
D in NY

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Locating Missing Persons Using Clairvoyance & Pendulums

For the Love of a Child: Emma’s Story

I had been in an on line chat room when I first met “Lisa.” It was around midnight and I was normally not in the room past 11pm. Someone came into the room and asked if I did free readings. I told them my policy was to do free readings for parents/loved ones of missing or deceased children, that the rest of the readings were paid. She was saying that she had never been in a psychic room before had no idea if I was real, or not and was just very upset about her missing niece. What follows herein is her experience regarding the search for Emma.

I first met Jackie in December 2002. My husband and I had been trying to find my sister, husband, and 8month old, infant niece with no luck. Child Protective Services had contacted us, they had been investigating them, but disappeared and could not be found. From the information they shared with us from the people who had reported them they were very concerned about the well-being of my niece, and now so were we.
We went online to try to find answers, after exhausting the conventional ways we turned to the chat rooms in hopes to find a psychic reader who might be able to help. At the exact time we entered Jackie’s room she was explaining to someone that she did free readings when it involved children, missing or recently deceased. I believe in fate. We immediately IM’d her and began telling her about our niece Emma. Over the next few days and thru IM’s and emails Jackie felt Emma was North East, by water and the letter “D.” We live near the thumb in Michigan and have bodies of water everywhere, but we concentrated on the North East.
We also got a pendulum with Jackie’s advice, and a map of the surrounding area, it began to center over Port Huron, which is North East by about 35 miles from where we live. I grabbed the phone book and began searching for “D,” and came up with Darlington Apartments, which are more like hotel rooms for temporary stays. I called and asked for the several last names they have used and the clerk told me they were there and what room!!
I then contacted Child Protective Services and remained in constant contact with them until they made contact with them. Emma then came to live with us for over a year, as well as her parents in time. That December I not only found my niece but made a lifelong friend in Jackie as well.
What Lisa did not know was that this was my first missing person’s case. I had experience in remote viewing locating items for people who were in search of things like necklaces, and keys. I was overwhelmed and definitely from what I felt then way over my head. I knew I had to do something so I took Lisa’s information and told her to give me some time to help find her niece. What followed was prayer and meditation asking my guides, angels and GOD to shed light on what I needed to do next.

I had knowledge about using pendulums to find missing items and what came next was the ‘idea” to use a map of where they were last known to be living. I wrote to Lisa and asked her to get maps of her state, and driving maps street by street. I asked her if she had anything she could use as a pendulum to hold over the map. She said that she had a gold cross which she held very dear to her heart.

I told her to make small marks on the map of where they were last living. Also, since Lisa lived in the same state I had her mark where she lived as well. Next, I told her that she needed to see if what she was using as a pendulum would respond to her. I did this by having her ask the pendulum to show her yes, and then no. She wrote the direction the pendulum swung on a blank paper so as not to forget and to help her keep track of answers.
As she was doing the things I instructed I would be gathering information using my clairvoyance, and ability to empathically touch Emma through Lisa’s energy. I learned then too that when people meet they leave an imprint on each other’s aura. Since Emma was a baby it was difficult at best to locate her. What I latter found out was that I was seeing the information I was passing on to Lisa through Emma’s eyes; as they would come and go from the dwelling. To hear Lisa tell the story it would seem that not much time had passed, but it took about 2 ½ weeks to locate Emma. I learned so much from this experience, and since then have taught many others to locate loved ones.
It is now July 2011 I am still in touch with Lisa and Emma is now 9 years old. God Bless you Emma you truly have a wonderful Aunt in Lisa.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What are Empathic Energies?

Empathic energy is a knowing discerned by a psychic in response to energies either necessary or unwanted in order to understand the current information surrounding a paranormal event. This sensation is generally addressed in the psychic’s physical body and can disrupt their flow of concentration and or personal energy. Taking on the energies of an object, person’s living or deceased, or an environment should be looked upon with great regard. If the psychic is trained in the matters of energy displacement they can alleviate the unwanted sensations easily. However, to the novice it may appear that it is interesting, enticing, and can lead them astray.

Not all empathic energy is deemed from a denser base (demonic, possession oriented.) It can be gentle like that of a loved one passed. The energy can produce in any area of the 5 physical sensations taste, sight, touch, hearing and smell. It can be very peaceful and give you a gentle feeling of comfort, or it can honestly scare you so bad that you run for your life. It is important when doing paranormal research to always have someone with you in case you encounter this type of activity.

It is important for anyone who works in the field of paranormal energies to educate themselves on all processes of receiving information. It is not enough to simply recognize the ability, just like aspirin it can either help you, or physically hurt you. Educating yourself on how your aura fields works, what EMF transmissions do to create a pull on personal energy, and what tools you have at your disposal regarding spiritual warfare are all aspects of being a responsible psychic/medium.

All things are made up of energy, and if someone is taught how to go beyond the limitations of the physical senses; they then realize that everything is multi-dimensional. They come to realize that all energy is simply layered upon itself and is only perceived by that person’s level of personal experience. Each person can go through an experience their outcome what they take from it will always be different simply because of their perspective. The energy left behind is what the psychic experiences and can be associated with the deceased’s spiritual D.N.A.

Every human has its own D.N.A. signature which envelopes the physical, mental, and spiritual body. As the individual experiences life its aura (energy body) collects tiny pieces of every individual it has ever met. Think on this as tiny thumb prints left behind. If the experience is pleasant then an image will be gathered of happiness. If however, the experience was disruptive, or disturbing then the image will be one of sadness or pain.

Now that you have an understanding of how empathic energies work; I am going to show by way of example how you can be affected by someone so completely that you may find it upsetting. There was a client who recently came to me I whom I shall call Denise. Denise met someone who she felt even before she said a word to him instantly connected to her. This feeling was so completely encompassing that she believed it was her destiny to be with him.

Mark (not real name) was a married man who by his actions became very uncomfortable with his marriage and decided that he was interested in trying for something different. Not long after meeting Denise they began having a relationship. Once things became physical Denise felt that there was such an enormous connection that perhaps it was meant for Mark to be with her, and for him to leave his past behind. She felt that he could “wake up” and have a good healthy relationship with her and she was determined to make it work.

However, as things often turn out in such matters Denise was finding that Mark was pulling away from her instead of towards her. No matter what she would say to him, what she would do he still would not commit. During all of this time her empathic state was such that she could feel when he was upset, happy, hurting physically, knew where he was in location to her, and after realizing that he was not going to turn around his life, she decided to pull back from him.

Denise, a Reiki Master, made it known to Mark that if he did not clean up his act, quit abusing himself mentally, and recreationally, that she would leave. She did this in a well thought out letter stating everything that was on her mind. She would also do reiki sends to him at least 3-4 times a day. This kept the empathic ties to him, and at first she did not mind because she felt at least if nothing else she could still feel him.

Moving forward in time Denise was now at a point where she wanted to pull away even more, but her confusion was now more towards how she would be able to disconnect from him since there was such strong energy ties to him. I told her first and foremost she needed to quit sending energy to him so many times a day. If she wanted to send to him 2-3 times a week was the most that she could. Also, to get a picture of him with a small tea light (burns 4 hours) light the candle (this connects your prayer request to spirit) hold the picture of him between her hands and say a prayer that ask for his spirit to realize his full potential. This must be done without personal gain, free from personal desire, hopes or dreams.

This ritual releases his spiritual energy from her, sets her mind free, and lets her regain her personal power to make different choices and allow new energy to come to her in the forms she requests. Sometimes in life although energies feel as if they are necessary to have in your life they must be looked at with eyes wide open and without the heart involved.

If you find that you are in need of releasing living, or spiritual energy contact me and I will do what I can to help you.

God bless you Denise and Mark too. May you find your personal power and peace in everything you do.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Artie Hoffman & Jackie Chin 7-11-11

Artie Hoffman the man who speaks to Angels

Artie Hoffman is a well respected Spiritual Advisor that has been counseling people for the last 20 years. His gift of clairvoyance and insights from the angels and spiritual world has been a tremendous blessing for himself and a benefit for thousands he has touched. Being raised within a Jewish family, he doesn't consider himself to be that religious but he is very spiritual and 100% believes in God in the highest good. He believes in angels, he believes in love, he believes in laughter and he believes in second chances. 

I have been invited back to Angels and Answers this coming Monday night 7-11-11 Please join us live you can use this link http://sky.radio.com/ to listen live. Have a question or comment?  (248) 545-SOUL (7685).   Have a busy life? Come listen to the podcast. 

Instructions for Artie Hoffman's show Angels and Answers POD CAST

Please go to http://newskyradio.com/ click on the show's link look on Monday's schedule for Angels and Answers Artie Hoffman. You need to subscribe to his pod cast and then look for 7-11-2011 there are two links because it is a 2 hour show.
Articles listed on my site about Angels



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