Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Psychic Children & Imaginary Friends: A Parent’s Guide


As a psychic, and experienced parent, my husband and I both have had to field questions from our children about entities they have seen in both their living space and in public. You see four of our children are extremely aware of energies around them and have often been approached by those who have not yet crossed to the other side.

Some of the questions are about seeing colors around other people, or about stones and crystals and how to make energy balls. However, sometimes their questions turn into concerns when they ask about energy that tends to bother, or scare them.

Children are born curious and want to see, feel; understand what is happening around them. They are innocent and not far from source (that from which all things are created) and are like little beacons of light; full of innocence and very impressionable. It is because of this that they are susceptible to energies here which have been left by others who have gone on before in physical form, and those which have been here since the dawn of time.

As responsible parents we try to protect our children from things that we know to be harmful and teach them how to protect themselves from strangers and what to do when there is an emergency. However, there is not much in the way of information when it comes to our children being scared or harmed by things which are unseen.

For those of us reading this, we have an idea that there are things in everyday life that can cause imbalance in our environment and we are taught how to use tools of the trade to get rid of spirits, ghosts and residual energies. When it comes to our children we don’t necessarily know right off the bat what they are seeing or how they are processing it. Or even how we should handle it when they come to us and say, "Mommy I was not dreaming; I saw a shadow man and it scared me." Let alone if they come to us and say, "Who is that person? I can see right through them and they are talking to me."

How do we as parents discern if they are actually seeing these forms, or if they are imagining them? Doctors have known for decades that children, through a natural process, can develop imaginary friends as a part of healthy psychological development.

There is, however, quite a difference between imaginary playmates and those who have actually lived before. Psychic abilities can manifest in various ways such as: medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, precognitive, empathic, or any combination of the above.

When researching these techniques you may see evidence of your child having psychic abilities rather than a vivid imagination. The best way to find out what is happening with your child is to ask them. Have them describe what they are seeing without asking leading questions.

When the child is interacting with a spirit the description of that entity will be the same no matter what time of day and how much time passes. If it is imaginary these details will change with the whim of the child. The child will give details of their personal likes and dislikes; repeat things that their imaginary friend tells them. If, however, they give information about loved ones that the child could not possibly know, or describe environments that you know for a fact they have no knowledge of, then you need to pay close attention.

Imaginary friends will not exhibit a glow around them and are generally not something that a young child will speak about. If your child talks about the pretty colors around this new friend or about the friend looking different than say a regular person, listen to what they have to say without judgment.

If your child says they are saying words that they don’t understand, dressing different than what would be a contemporary look or are much older than they are, have them draw what they see and do the best that they can in explaining how they feel when this new friend is around.

As a parent, take care to watch when your child appears to be playing with their friend; take note of their attitude when playing, what they do, where they go. Is there a particular place in the child’s environment where they play more, or less? When removed from the environment does the child become more at peace or agitated and aggressive?

Knowing your child is extremely important, that means you have to spend time with the child; really get to know what they like or don’t like; what their temperament is and how they respond to new stimulus. It is almost like psychology 101, but in these days and times energy is moving and blending faster than it ever has before and children are in fact like little sponges soaking it all up.

Children are very creative and they enjoy describing different things they like and how they see their personal environment. Listen to them describe how they relate to this new friend, what is the character of this energy, how is it dressed, how does it talk, what is it trying to convey to the child? Since this new energy has arrived has the demeanor of the child changed. Have they become afraid of the dark? Has their sleeping pattern changed for the better, or worse?

If this behavior continues for more than a few weeks or if you notice that the child is becoming more agitated, having trouble in school, not speaking with regular friends, or becoming reclusive. It is time for action. Hopefully as an aware parent who understands that there are psychics and that they are not abnormal you will have someone you can already turn to with regard to the paranormal.

For those who do not already know someone, please first go by word of mouth before you try a complete stranger. Those who are truly gifted and can help your situation will not take advantage of you, or make the situation worse. If you are having a hard time trying to find someone contact me, and I will do my best to assess your situation.

It is possible that your child is indeed seeing a spirit, and it may be very uneasy for you as a parent to recognize this as fact. The most important thing for you to do is not create fear, or doubt within your child. They need to feel comfortable in talking to you and keeping communications open. It is also important for your child to understand that they are not abnormal, and have a unique ability to see things that many simply do not and above all that they are loved.

The down side to this experience for child if not told that they are wonderfully made, is that they will withdraw, struggle for ways to cope, become depressed, wonder if they are crazy, or try to do something to make it stop. To the child with a parent who rejects these gifts, it tells them that they are unlovable, freakish, and they are being rejected. If you are accepting, patient, compassionate, your child will feel like they are in a safe haven. Positive support, nurturing environment and those willing to listen is the key to a positive direction for your child.

I know for a fact that it was not easy for me to hear when my children started telling me that they too were seeing spirits. I myself wanted to make sure that they were in fact able to do this and what was happening to them as individuals. They are all different, some see auras, others see shapes and feel energy movement. Combined they help each other and I have watched them grow throughout the years developing their God given gifts and becoming amazing people in their own rights.

I am thankful that they can share a major part of who my husband and I are as people and we will do all we can to support them in their gifts and in their lives. There are many wondrous things both seen and unseen it is up to us to unfold all that we are inside have compassion and create peace in those around us always.

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