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Residual Energy

Residual Spiritual Energy: Understanding physical space and past impressions

First, a short physics lesson: For those of us who work with the paranormal on a daily basis we understand that energy can neither be created, nor destroyed; it can only be transformed from one state to another. This is based on Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity which explains the conservation of energy. Einstein states that energy and mass are the same and are compatible within life forms such as humans. Each state is symbiotic living in coexistence until the body no longer can support life.

When however, the body is no longer viable that energy source still remains. It is allowed to exist in the same space even though the physical body no longer is viable. The energy remains in roughly the same shape and takes no more space than its original form. What does change however is that the atoms convert into light energy. This light energy can be absorbed by its surroundings are remain as a residual impression. If in fact there has been a traumatic cause for death the likelihood that the impression will remain at that site is higher than if the death were from expected cause.

Residual Spiritual Energy

A simplistic way to explain residual spiritual energy is to think about a scratched CD. When it is played and it is working it has all its elements intact. However, when that skip plays it will continue to skip until you change the song. This continuous skip plays the same lyrics and will not change until you manually change the song. When a trauma occurs and there is a death associated with the trauma the energy is absorbed into that specific time and area. The energy can be moved on with the assistance of someone who is spiritually aware, or if another spiritual body comes to the aid of the individual.

When energy seems to be locked into place there can be unexplained phenomena such as, but not limited to: footsteps, heavy breathing, foul smells, or other sensations which are generally unexplainable by mundane reasoning.

How does this kind of thing happen?

The sounds and images are related to traumatic events that took place at the location, causing some sort of disturbance sometimes called a "psychic impression." This is the reason why so many battlefields have become famous for their haunting over the years. In other situations, the impressions were left because of a single act of violence such as a murder, or ongoing physical or sexual abuse. Rooms can act as sponges and absorb energy given off by the offender, or the victim and releasing when someone who is very young or highly sensitive arrives.

Very often though some of these instances do not involve traumatic events they can also occur in something as innocuous as a staircase. The reason for this is just simply the mere action of going up and down the staircase that leaves the energy impression. Often times this energy is that of young children who find staircases irresistible to play on touching the banister and the walls as they run and play. Reputedly, that is why so many haunted staircases exist, because of the number of times people go up and down them and the amount of energy that is expended in doing so.

Residual energy is basically an imprint in time. Sometimes an object will carry the imprint of its owner. I have a client who had obtained a lazy boy chair from her Grand Parents home. She wanted the chair because she loved her grandmother very much and she like to sit in that chair. But shortly after she brought the chair into her home and placed it into her living room things begin to change in her home.

She had noticed that there were more fights occurring in that room than any other living space within her home (especially with her children) and it seemed to really start almost days after the chair was brought into the home in hindsight. She came to me for a Reiki healing, and while I was working on her one of her relatives came to me in spirit wanting her to know that the reason there was so much hostility in the home was because there was a very angry old man who I will call Bob. This angry man was her grandfather and had in his later life he became very bitter and hostile. In his death my client was hoping that he would be released from his mental torment, but for him this would not be the case.

I suggested that she take care of the room with holy oil, a blessed medal of Arc Angel Michael and special crystals placed under the chair until I could get to her home more than an hour away. She has since notified a mutual friend of ours that my suggestions are working and holding off the negative energy.

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