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A word about gemstones & pendulum's

 Gemstones and Pendulums 101

                                                           how to pick your pendulum

A simple tool used for communicating and gaining guidance from the spiritual world; pendulums can be used to find missing keys, or missing loved ones. Pendulums are one of the easiest psychic tools to use for discovering energy movement within a specific area, or to communicate with subtle psychic energies. When using a pendulum for divination it acts as a sort of antenna that magnifies energy when you ask a question.

A pendulum can be as simply as a piece of cotton attached to a 6 inch string, or as ornate as a diamond point with a polished gemstone. When you decide that you would like to explore the energy of the pendulum the following information on gemstones will help you decide which one you would benefit from the most.

     Many believe that gemstones can receive, contain and even transmit certain energies that you can tap into and even use for healing. Many who work with gemstones in metaphysical fields claim that individuals are often attracted to a certain gemstone. Practitioners believe this kind of instinct is governed by the individual's chi (energy) and serves as a barometer to pick up the kind of energy best suited for the balancing of auras and charkas. Below are some of the most popular gemstones and the common properties associated with each.


  • Blue in color, usually a royal blue hue
  • Some varieties sensitive to UV light and may change colors or fade
  • Calms and enables you to analyze situations and circumstances
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: knowledge sector

Sodalite protects from external negative energy and is a highly grounding stone. If you use computers too much, wear it to shield against damaging effects of the radiation. Sodalite's color symbolizes wisdom and psychic activities. Fosters rational thinking, logic, intelligence, emotional balance, intuition, higher knowledge, clarity, truth and perception. It also soothes and heals the central nervous system. Sodalite clears the mind for deeper and wiser thinking, aids logic along with opening third eye intuition, stabilizes mental processes and aids in the shift from emotional to rational thinking. Use it if you are a person who over reacts emotionally or has panic attacks. Helps to eliminate confusion, change habits and stimulate ones intellect. Physically, it lowers blood pressure and balances the metabolism. Assists in sleep. 


  •  Purple quartz once prized as valuable as diamonds
  •  Enhances spiritual energies to use during meditations
  •  Best area of home for feng shui placement: knowledge, marriage and helpful people sectors

Amethyst is associated with spiritual awareness, meditation, balance, psychic abilities, inner peace, healing and positive transformation. This stone brings an understanding of death and rebirth and aids in past-life recall. Keep it under your pillow to cure insomnia and develop intuitive powers. Also relieves stress and brings calmness in times of grief. Protects against blood diseases, toxic effects of substances, acne, neuralgia and fits. Indispensable for curing alcoholism and diabetes.



  •  Quartz stone available in wide array of colors and patterns
  •  Used as talisman in ancient time for power and to relieve stress
  •  Best area of home for feng shui placement: meditation and relaxation or any area in need of relieving tension
Agate is the stone for self-expression, creativity, health and good fortune. It makes it much easier to open up oneself. Soothes emotions and pain. Sensitizes and attunes senses. Helps to develop powers of eloquence, self-confidence and public-speaking. It is believed to be of special benefit to athletes and to those taking any kind of examination or test – mental or physical. It eases a sore throat and takes away the hoarseness. This stone also works directly with the nervous system to alleviate physical tension and is said to be a treatment of arthritis, skeletal conditions, and as an aid to digestion. General healing, reduces fever, hardens tender gums, gives courage and banishes fear.



  •  Pale yellow to deep smoky yellow
  •  Healing of emotions and finances
  •  Best area of home for feng shui placement: wherever balancing yin and yang energies needed

Topaz is best known for its manifesting properties. Golden topaz in particular is associated with abundance. Golden topaz is also an energizer. Blue topaz stimulates the throat chakra. Champagne topaz can assist the soul in fulfilling the earthy purpose for its incarnation. Clear topaz is a transformative gemstone that can help facilitate karmic clearings and soul healings.



  •  Prominent color red with varying veins of yellow, brown, white, and hematite
  •  Used in dowsing and divination and healing bodywork
  •  Best area of home for feng shui placement: restoring balance of yin and yang chi

Jasper is a wonderful supporting stone. Wear it to gain a positive outlook. Attracts what one needs (not wants). Good for those needing more organizational abilities. Mood elevator, invigorating, stabilizing and helps overcome depression. Improves the sense of smell and soothes the nerves. Useful in overcoming disorders of blood, digestion, stomach, biliousness and bladder trouble.



  • Yellow to golden orange sometimes with dark specks or streaks of iron
  • Treasured Greek stone from fourth to first centuries B.C.
  • Bestows happiness, aids fighting addictions, improves mind
  • Best area of home for feng shui placement: knowledge, family/health and other sectors

Citrine is a stone of success, prosperity and regeneration. Induces confidence and optimism in family and business relationships. Attracts self-worth, activates mental powers, flushes emotional blocks and opens up a new lease of life. If lost in the path of life, trust Citrine to show you the way, rebuild your existence and lead to abundance and happiness. The stone not only helps acquire wealth but maintain it, because it vibrates to prosperity in all its forms. Physically, it aids digestion and eliminates toxins from the endocrine and digestive systems. Helps in diabetes and controlling thyroid, thus keeping your fat in check. Improves poor circulation, tissue regeneration, and fortifies immune system. Also good for those wearing glasses or contacts, as Citrine improves visual ability. Shields against harmful effects of electrical products.



  • Yellow to red colors, most popular honey brown, cherished gem for jewelry by Greeks and Romans
  •  Brings luck and healing
  •  Best area of home for feng shui placement: health/family and wealth sectors

With an energy like liquid sunshine, amber is the fossilized resin of pine trees. Amber is said to enhance the beauty of the wearer. The ancient Norse called this stone Freya's tears, after that passionate goddess of earth and fire. It is used to tap into the power of the Sun, and is good for success, abundance, healing, vitality and joy. A powerful stone for manifestation, Amber is also used for healing of the physical body. It carries a negative electrical energy charge and therefore is good to draw power and energy into its bearer.


  •  Pale blue, blue-green, dark blue
  •  Assists newlyweds adjusting and revives older marriages
  •  Best area of home for feng shui placement: marriage sector

This lovely gem evokes the sea in both its name and its color. The ancients saw this as a stone of courage and felt that carrying it would help them return safe and prosperous from sea voyages. It aids in compassion, and tolerance, and facilitates communication both with others and with the deeper self.



  •  Range of green colors
  •  Dated uses from 2,000 B.C.
  •  Used as talisman for healing and protection against enemies
  •  Best area of home for feng shui placement: helpful people and health/family sectors

Calming, balancing, and nourishing, emerald helps ease emotional upsets. Emerald is useful during transitional times in your life. It assists understanding changes and new directions taken. It can also be used as a cleanser to rid yourself of any lingering negative energies. It offers bliss and loyalty to its owner. Emerald will help you discern information that comes your way, it is knowing that way. Especially helpful as a tool when facing choices. Enhances focus and reflection during meditation.



  •  Wide range of rainbow colors with varying hues - pink, red, brown most popular colors
  •  Ancient Egyptian favorite gemstone
  •  Energy balancer and romance enhancer
  •  Best area of home for feng shui placement: marriage sector

Garnet is a stone of vital power and energy, and lends vitality and strength. It aids in raising and directing the flow of kundalini energy and increases sensuality. Given as a gift garnet symbolizes true and never-ending love and devotion. Garnet invokes and releases ones creative ability and inner fire.



  • Shiny and silver
  •  Used in Egyptian tombs as ornaments
  •  Protection and grounding
  •  Best area of home for feng shui placement: to balance yin yang any sector

The root "hem/o" means "blood". When ground or cut, this blackish grey metallic stone forms a reddish powder. Hematite forms a reflective shield around the wearer, letting negativity bounce off and return to the sender. The bearer should remember however, that their own negativity will be reflected to them if they are its source. It is therefore a "lesson stone," teaching the aware to release and ground their negativity. It heals and cleanses the blood and improves memory.




  •  Blue often with speck of yellow pyrite or white calcite
  •  Treasured by ancient civilizations of Egypt and Babylon
  •  Used for mental clarity by seers
  •  Best area of home for feng shui placement: knowledge and career sectors

Sacred to the Goddess Isis, this stone was prized by the Ancient Egyptians and holds the energy of a star-studded sky, limitless in its wisdom. Lapis provides mental clarity and objectivity; it assists in awaking the third eye and for tapping into your intuition and strengthen psychic abilities. Lapis is also connected with Jupiter and thus expand intellect, wisdom and leadership qualities as well as helping in legal matters. The stone works as a shield from psychic attack. It is used to relieve insomnia and let go of anxieties.



  •  Pale green to dark green hues
  •  Used for protection and fame
  •  Best area of home for feng shui applications: fame, career, children health/family, marriage sectors

The joyful and friendly energy of this stone helps to make and seal friendships. It clears the heart, releasing ego, jealousy and anger and brining a sense of peace and quiet amusement. For specific chakra work, because it acts to seal the aura, it is suggested that peridot be removed while working on chakras other than the heart and solar plexus.



  •  Color range from blue to green
  •  One of oldest valued gemstones usage dating to 4,000 B.C.
  •  Gem of health and wealth given as gifts
  •  Best area of home for feng shui placement: wealth, health/family and career sectors

Sacred to both Native American and Oriental traditions, this stone helps to connect with spirit and brings the energy of the sky down to earth. It is helpful in expanding awareness while still maintaining practicality. Turquoise moves the wearer toward integration and wholeness. Used on the throat chakra, turquoise promotes communication and the ability to speak honestly, clearly and from the heart, and reminds us of our connection to Earth and Sky. Ancient lore suggests that it also protects against environmental pollutants. In ancient times, turquoise was utilized to gain wealth. Wearing turquoise can speed the healing process. Lore also has it that the stone will change color when the owner is in danger.


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