Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Layman's Guide to Detecting Paranormal Activity

Paranormal activity usually occurs in highly charged areas where there is unsettled energy such as a murder scene, or it can come about years after you move into a seemingly peaceful home. If you are not used to such activity it can scare you and cause confusion. As I am interested in teaching the layman how to co-exist with the paranormal world I will give you a run down on what you can do to clear up the mystery question: Am I experiencing something that can be explained by science and reasoning, or is it paranormal?

These steps are only to be used for a guideline to help the layman understand what sort of activity is occurring and offer possibilities as to how to create a more balanced situation.

1. 1, 2, 3 say cheese: Have your video recording device at the ready. Getting anything you can on an imaging recorder is your first step into credibly obtaining hard evidence that there is something paranormal occurring. Record everything you can for as long as you feel the activity. Having something with a date and time stamp is also important for documenting your experience.

2. Can you hear me now? Digital recordings or EVP’s are another way you can record your experience of the paranormal. If you are hearing voices, or noises when you enter a room or a particular area you will want to capture this on a voice recorder. I have used just a hand held micro recorder to capture EVP’s with much success. If you choose to do this do not under any circumstances provoke the entity. Doing so could create a problem that you really don’t want to deal with and you could find that you are in way over your head. If you have children under the age of 18 in the area have them leave. It is rare, but if you truly do have an entity to deal with you, as a layman, will generally have no idea if it’s friendly, or hostile. Do not take matters into your own hands if you have extreme paranormal activity. CALL A PROFESSIONAL IN YOUR AREA.

3. What is that SMELL? Have you noticed smells that are out of place? For instance, a cigar, or other tobacco, flowers, perfumes, colognes, garbage, sulfur, or any other odd smell that just should not be in the immediate area? Take note of what you are experiencing and if there is a specific time or area where you notice that smell, then write it down. It may have a reasonable explanation, or then again it could be useful in documenting a real paranormal experience.

4. Ticky Tock what time is the CLOCK: Normally when someone says they have experienced a paranormal event, many people automatically think it happened in the middle of the night. In the world of the paranormal there is not necessarily such thing as a time limitation. Their habits, for the most part, will continue on just as they did when they were living. Many times when there is a paranormal event and the entity has not crossed over completely they will continue to repeat the events leading to their death. This energy can build up and bleed over into the mundane world we exist in, and cause those who are aware to experience what they see, hear, or feel as that energy touches their living body.

5. Frosty encounters: Take notice of the temperature in the room, or location where you are when you feel this difference in balance. Is it unusually cold, hot, or humid in only a certain location? After you check to make sure the furnace, air conditioner, and the weather reports for the local area are not the cause of the disturbance document what you see and feel. Note the time of day, weather conditions, conditions of the property and any other qualities that you feel interact with the paranormal activity. Being aware of your surroundings is crucial to reporting accurate findings when dealing with paranormal activity. You have find that there is a reasonable and sound explanation, or you may in fact be experiencing true paranormal activity.

6. Do you see what I see? Two heads are better than one especially in the paranormal world. If you have witness to the encounter then you can match information, or find plausible explanations for what is occurring. I find that if I want to get a second opinion on an event where paranormal activity may be occurring I will have at least two others who can validate the energy, or negate it so that we can make a better assessment and provide accurate information. Also, having other people can give you more of a chance to gather more information. In any type of event good or tragic people see things differently. One may pick up on information where as another seeing the same thing will not. Having at least two other people can help you gather information more accurately, and either gives credence to the event, or a reasonable explanation as to why it is occurring.

7. Ready for GO: Once you have gathered all your evidence and are certain that what you are experiencing is real phenomena then you can take the next step in contacting a paranormal research group in your area who may find interest in your research, and conduct their own regarding your paranormal case. As important as it is to research your case it is as important to research the paranormal group you choose to investigate on your behalf. There are a lot of groups that can be found on the internet and there should be some way to decide if they are a good fit for you.
Paranormal activity occurs every minute of every day are you as aware of your surroundings as you think you are? THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOU TO TAKE NOTICE

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