Thursday, March 4, 2010

What is a Clairvoyant?

I have often been asked what Clairvoyance actually means. The word Clairvoyance is often associated with psychic powers. It is actually a form of extra-sensory perception. The word is derived from two French words: clair: meaning clear and voyance: meaning visibility.
Clairvoyants are people with the ability to gain insight about persons, locations or physical events by seeing beyond the five senses. We have the inquirer ask specific questions that are relative to their current situation. When beginning to work with a client it is important to have those first questions in order to tap into their personal energy or view of the situation. I tell my clients that this is a way to focus on their particular situation. When asked this first set of questions I will look for something I call an event horizon. This is a place in time where there is extreme sadness, anger, peace or desire, and is the precursor to the present event.

During a reading it is also possible to have loved ones who are interested in connecting with the living to pass on information, or to just let someone know they made it over to the other side. There is not always a message sometimes it can be merely an image whereby I pass this on to the client. If there are specific questions for the deceased it is not always possible to get the answers, but the likelihood is good that you will get something. One must remember though that speaking with the deceased is not as easy as dialing 1-800-the-deceased. So keeping that in mind will help during your reading. If there is something of importance they will find a way to let you know.

Having reasonable expectations and, clear concise questions will help your reading flow with ease. If you are skeptical that’s ok, be respectful and patient you may be in for an interesting surprise. As with all my readings if you find that you are dissatisfied say so, and I will immediately refund. I like to be able to sleep at night and know that my days work was done in a proper manner with respect and dignity to your needs.

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